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  1. pedal faster 😀 ... but not on the walking path. hybrids/comfort bikes often have MTB type gearing which is great for climbing steep hills or challenging off road terrain but it pretty easy to spin out on flat smooth roads if you are fit. Spinning faster is the easy option. If you are going to be doing more and longer road rides then get a road bike.
  2. I'm guessing wrong Bainbridge 🤣
  3. Loved the Baron I had for several years. That is a wicked fast bike on flat roads. I was particularly fond of it when I did the Hancock Horizontal Hundred in Findlay. I didn't even noticed the head and side winds that the uprights were struggling against. I most ride MTB or gravel these days or I would take it off your hands. GLWS.
  4. @NinjaDoc can you comment on if the health systems are overloaded with COVID-19 patients. I feel that in Ohio it really hasn't had much of an impact and there is still plenty of capacity. I know places like NYC and New Jersey the hospitals are at capacity and if you did have an off that required care you would 1. be taking resources needed to care for COVID-19 patients and 2. increasing your exposure to the disease. In Ohio it seems that would be much less of an issue.
  5. The masks are much more effective at protecting others from a possibly infected mask wearer. Gloves for the casual user really doesn't do much. Like mentioned above, I have reduced the number of trips to the store, but when I need stuff I go. I can and do work from home and we have for the most part remained home. But really that is the point of all of these restrictions, it is not to stop the spread of this virus but to slow the spread but reducing the mobility and number of contacts of most of the population. This keeps the demand on the health care resources below the availability. I'm more worried about the severe economic impact of the lock down than I am of the disease. My family is most likely going to be OK, but there are going to be many who are really going really impacted by this. The foreclosures, bankruptcies and business closures is going to be a severe drain on the economy for a long time.
  6. For milk the ultra-pasteurized stuff, usually organic in 1/2 gallon cardboard carton, has a refrigerated shelf life of 60-90 days. A little expensive if you use alot but prices at Costco is reasonable for families like mine that use about 1gal/week. However we are just using reasonable precautions and doing once weekly grocery runs.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saguaro I think that is a pretty average specimen. The grow over 40ft tall according to the link. They do grow very slowly so that one is probably over 100years old.
  8. It temporary. Grocery stock turns over quite quickly so shelves will start to fill up over the next couple weeks as the pipeline continues to operate. The stores themselves dont keep much stock so a sudden increase in demand will reduce the available supply short term. I would expect that and food born illness would be detected about the same as normal when the afflicted visit the ER.
  9. https://www.revzilla.com/common-tread/cheap-thrills-better-skills-the-fun-and-benefits-of-mini-road-racing A good article on OMRL and several quotes by @what I still havn't made it down to a race but will some day.
  10. All depends on how much battery and how much leg There are many variables but if you expect the electrics to do most of the work you are not going to get much more than 20miles. Most claimed ranges are for eco mode where the rider provides > 50% of the power.
  11. Winter maintence Remove suspension to have it rebuilt and relube the pivots. Next valve checks.
  12. From this link http://forestry.ohiodnr.gov/perry#tabc3 Due to soil conditions in Ohio most trails Moto or bike are closed until late spring. Wayne I believe opens Memorial Day weekend.
  13. Ninja 400 is not equivalent to a Grom. Ninja is a real bike, Grom is a toy. That said I still want a Grom or Z125 😁
  14. It interesting some people are very brand loyal. My parents have only ever driven GM. On the other hand we currently have 3 vehicles, one German, one Japanese and one American, 2 of those are brands we have not owned previously. 🤷‍♂️
  15. 1, anything more is an over weight turd 😂
  16. @TimTheAzn doesnt get it....the only way to ADV is with a full set of lockable Aluminum Panniers, loaded with every conceivable camping convenience and a tool kit to rebuild everything on the bike except the part that will actually fail. 😂
  17. And those that know usually just say "GSA", the rest of the description is redundant 🤣 My coworker who rides a GSA thinks the same thing...until he was asking for help picking it up
  18. After his mods and luggage Dan's DR650 is not really light anymore. Maybe lighter than a GSA but that is not saying much I'm hoping to do the KAT next summer but will be riding a DRZ400, I do plan on riding the "hard" sections, so there is that.
  19. Have you watched ice racing before? Some of those racers have more grip than a MotoGP bike. 😳 Ofcourse when your tires look like this....
  20. I love early adopters, they pay the premium to pay for the R&D to make the tech mainstream. I'm suggesting I'm not really an early adopter either. The tech is now mature enough to be good options in some cases and viable options in many. And I think both those groups continue to grow in the next few years. Should you get and EV? it depends... Ofcourse the same answer applies to a pickup truck, sports car, etc. I guess you could say I very happy with my decision. Last year when the Model 3 first came out I thought much the same as you, but after some research I realized and EV was a reasonable choice for my use.
  21. A few years ago definitely true, thats why I paid %40 of new for a low mileage EV. However that is changing. Current gen vehicles now have functional ranges and features with much less premium over ICE. Model 3, bolt and latest gen Leaf are holding value comparable to other vehicles in their segments. Batteries and drivetrains are proving to run high mileage with low maintenance costs which helps hold value. So while tech will continue to evolve the EV costs are less of a factor in the vehicle costs. I think you will see a strong resale market. Just avoid those first gen Leafs and California compliance cars, those were underpowered and battery pack monitoring was insufficient. As for infrastructure, for second car use its not much of an issue. I've owned my EV for 6 months and 7000 miles and used a public charger 3 times and have yet to use a DC charger. As main stream I can see it being important to have support. Unlike Beta/VHS though it is fairly easy to support the 2 standards for DC charging and most sites do. Level 2 has just 1 standard. Tesla is proprietary which is a concern as they are a large portion of the EVs. I'm not sure how that will play out. It maybe an Apple vs PC type thing, where both coexist. 1 keeps it easy for customers but you are kind of locked in, the other is open standards but may be less convenient to use. Currently in OH the stations are sparse but standards based chargers far outnumber Tesla.
  22. I think you are pessimistic. As the second vehicle used primarily for commute and errands they have been viable for several years already, if you have a home where you can install a charger. Just purchased a used BMW i3 this summer that fits that use and I am loving it. As a primary vehicle cars like the Model 3 are viable now though the infrastructure is barely there outside of EU and Cal. With 300 mile range thats 4 hrs on the highway. Many people seldom take trips that long, for those that do its less convenient on the trips but doable. For the rest of the time EVs are more convenient, as you dont stop to fuel, there's less maintenance and it costs less per mile. Plus quieter and often quicker. Cost parity is still a few years aways away but that i looking like less than 10 as Tesla's truck is very comparable to F150 despite it being ugly as sin. And its changing rapidly. In the last 18 months our office has went from 0 to 4 EVs in the parking lot (about 60 employees). That is in very EV unfriendly Ohio. States like PA, and CO are seeing much more.
  23. Missed the window also as I'm seldom on the computer on the weekend. But I have definitely been following your post here and on ADVrider and wish you the best on your travel. Great of time to set this up. I know you will make good use of the resources. Keep up the blog, we are all enjoying your travels immensely.
  24. I prefer Roku. Amazon, Google and Apple all seem to allow other content currently but that has not always been the case. As Roku is independent they seem to do the best to support any service. Any of the basic streaming devices are cheap and sufficient for what you need. Looks for black friday deals and get something cheap.
  25. The Jeep owner only wishes it was foam. The cage around a plastic container on a pallet is a pretty common way to haul bulk liquids. It has basically replaced the steel barrel in may cases.
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