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  1. 2018 DR-Z400SM - The dark knight arises

    Been to the store once. Spent a good bit of coin on some riding gear and drooled over a bunch of bikes, some I can't even see at IMS (Beta). They have some real good deals and the store is alot of fun to browse.
  2. Trials Riding?

    From what I understand it is pretty easy to plate a bike in OH. Though a trials bike might not qualify because of lack of seat. I would have to carry gas to ride that to work myself
  3. home buying tips

    Not true, banks will lend you money for a house based on the appraised value. So you can't roll major upgrades into your primary mortgage. However you maybe able to take a construction loan to do improvements, since that loan is not secured by actual property it is usually at a higher rate. When you finish the work, you get it reappraised and refinance both loans (primary and construction) into a new primary mortgage. Ofcourse if you can self finance the construction you will save yourself alot of money. Like suggested, if you buy a house you can move into in a decent neighborhood that needs upgrades you can make yourself a nice investment. Fix it up yourself a room at a time while living there and you can make a good profit. If you are willing/able to take the time and effort.
  4. Trials Riding?

    I assume this means @smccrory has a new bike. I was also looking at trials to improve my off road skills but I was not ready to buy that quick
  5. 2018 DR-Z400SM - The dark knight arises

    Nice!!! Those are a whole different category of bike from the DRZ. Atleast 50# lighter and 50% more power. However I wouldnt want to put the 7500miles/year I do on the DRZ on a bike like that.
  6. 2018 DR-Z400SM - The dark knight arises

    Well they did post up as "new" a bike unchanged in 15 years.
  7. 2018 DR-Z400SM - The dark knight arises

    They also cost way more and except the 690 are much heavier on maintenance. If you ride regularly there is nothing wrong with a well sorted carb (stock is pretty lean). I do drool over KTMs and Huskys, but my skill level doesn't justify the extra purchase, maintenance and repair costs.
  8. 2018 DR-Z400SM - The dark knight arises

    There hasn't been anything new about the DRZ, other than colors and graphics, since they introduced the SM model in 2005. Still love my DRZ but it is a 1999 design. Ofcourse that means parts and accessories are very easy to find.
  9. Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    I'm just the opposite, but that may be more due to my bike than my mental state. All day riding twisties just makes me want more, a few hours of interstate and I start getting to the point I am making mental mistakes. But the DRZ doesnt really do fast and is very light, so riding twisties is easy. The same features makes slab a torture. I havn't made the spring trip yet but have ridden down and back. Riding back was a miserable 500+ miles of 4 lane However if you can take 2 days from NEO (1 day from SWO) the back roads can be fun. @Danimal if I end up going on this trip I may ask join your group, the DRZ should be right at home with your DRs.
  10. Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    Yea, my max is about 175, however riding the fat bike in the snow I can average over 140bpm on an hour plus ride. Bicycling through snow can be a real challenge
  11. Online stores for MX helmets

    PM Riders Discount on this site. The prices are usually even better than listed on their website. As for websites you can browse to see what is available and the expected prices, Revzilla has one of the best sites IMO. Rocky Mountain is not bad and has similar content.
  12. NEO Dinner

    I will likely attend.
  13. Cross your fingers bourbon drinkers.

    Nice setup. Looks real serious. So what is the stainless steel contraption in this picture? I don't recognize that step.