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  1. I believe the Honda XR100/CRF100 and CRF125 and Suzuki DR-Z125 are comparable to the TTR and KLX There are also a couple chinese pit bike brands like SSR and pitster that might be an option. That size seems to be pretty popular as they are still cheap mini bikes but are big enough for adults to ride. Check out OMRL (Ohio mini racing league) if you want to see adults racing these types of bikes on gocart tracks 😆 Ofcourse that probably means they are even harder to find these days 🙁
  2. I guess I didnt get the joke. Still think you have to be obtuse to misinterpret it 🤷‍♂️
  3. My 4H club did that at the county fair a few times. City folk love that kind of stuff 😀
  4. Just watched the hi-lights on Utube this morning. Looked like a pretty competitive race then the rain started and everything was up ended. It was interesting watching some of the riders on rain tires slice through the pack on slicks on the last lap. Still slicks won the race so I'm not sure it was a good decision.
  5. Yea, that was an impressive misread of the original post. Given Bubba is not riding the track, I'm pretty sure he doesn't care about the pavement 😆
  6. Heated gloves are warmer and more comfortable but heated grips are sooooo convenient. Heated grips are a requirement for me now on any bike.
  7. If this is a good deal compared to online prices thats insane. I bought and sold my for less than that when I first started riding, and that seems like forever ago. I guess they hold their value. Great machines. GLWS
  8. I'm guessing they were "racing". The biker got super lucky.
  9. CJ74, your not helping your argument. Most of the conservative members of this forum, including myself, think your an idiot. Just because some conspiracy nut on FB post a meme does not make it true. Masks reduce the spread of respiratory infections, covid, common cold, flu, doesnt matter. Better masks are more effective but any masks help. Same as wearing a bandana reduces the dust you inhale but wearing better masks reduces it more or eliminates it. If both the asymptomatic person shedding the virus and person that could be infected are wearing masks it reduces the chance much more than one alone. However I do think the risks with this disease are overblown and shutting down the economy was an overreaction with a bigger impact than Covid by itself will have. That does not mean Covid is not a highly infective disease with a greater chance of death than the usual season virus, just that it not as bad as the media is making it out.
  10. Im going to guess the Cleveland IMS is no more IMS was already struggling and looking at reducing, lack of large venue in the area will likely kill it locally.
  11. I didnt really notice Biden signs until after the conventions. Trump signs were numerous before that. It seems many of the signs, especially Trump ones, are very large and in many cases "creative". I'm not as pessimistic as vf1000 but I think its going to be ugly leading up to and likely after the election. If Trump wins riots will be worse. If Biden wins ammo and gun hoarding will go into overdrive. This election may see an even bigger divide between rural and urban in the voting.
  12. Nice DRZ 😀 Mine has been abused a little more. 😆 Welcome to OR
  13. Why a Grom and not something like a TW200 or DR200 etc.? I mean I get the cool factor of an adventurized Grom but from a practical perspective and small dual sport is going to be better on dirt and pavement. That said if you do an ADV Grom build keep us posted, I will definitely be following.
  14. Looks like you got all the parts necessary for respect at the Starbucks. 🤣 So are you going to get it dirty? I'm amazed what people spend to allow their very expensive very large motorcycles survive and off road trip. My buddy and his dad that did part of the TAT with me last year had all the goodies on their GSAs. I'm pretty sure they spent alot more for the extras than I did for my bike new and the upgrades I did. With the right rider the bikes are very capable but it is not cheap taking them off road.
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