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  1. OMRL Round 1 this weekend

    Agree, Circleville is a better deal ... if you are close. I can ride to PIRC in just over an hour so that works out to a better value than a 3 hour freeway slog for me
  2. OMRL Round 1 this weekend

    Looks like they have a round at Adkins and PIRC which are much closer. I have been on the PIRC kart track with my sumo. Lots of fun. Would be better with others, the place was deserted. But $30 to run as much as you want from 8-12 on the weekend seems like a good deal to me.
  3. Gavin heading to Round 1 Road Atlanta

    I was watching the Sat races on YouTube last night and saw Gavin bouncing between 4 to 6 then suddenly plummeting through the standings as the video was covering the front of the race. Glad to hear it was a motor issue and not a crash. It was pretty obvious that the R3's did not have the same power as the KTM and Kawi. What coverage they did have of the pack seemed that Gavin would gain spots in the tight section then give them back up in the long straights. Josh's story was quite something. Not only was the accomplishments amazing so was his apparent attitude. Seemed he took the situation in stride and made the best of it without getting upset about things outside his control. I'm sure the team was much more hectic than it seemed but it sure looked under control given the situation.
  4. Gavin heading to Round 1 Road Atlanta

    The instagram link appears broken. I did find gavinanthony76 on instagram.
  5. NEO Dinner Monday April 2 @ 6:30PM @ Rick Roush

    I'm up for this.
  6. I'm still trying to figure out the "straight and flat" ???
  7. Lets discuss oil filters...

    Been using Wix since the filters are about half the price of OEM and include the o-rings I need, where those are separate items on OEM.
  8. My Battle with K&N

    Safety wire to prevent it from screwing off while riding. Required by most race tracks. Is it just me or does it appear in the video that the bolt is pressing against the filter nut? I dont think that is possible in most MC applications.
  9. I think the GSs have proven pretty reliable, maybe more so than Danimals DR. However I agree with you and what the DR seems like a much more intelligent choice. On a trip like this it is almost inevitable that something will break, a simpler bike will be more easily fixed, cheaply, quickly and with local resources. If you do need specific parts it helps if it is a common vehicle in the local countries. And riding a bike 150 to 200 lbs less than the behemoths it will save energy when picking it up and make off the beaten path locations more achievable. Ride your ride Dan. If you need to change your plans, change them. I'm sure you will go with the flow and have a great adventure whatever happens. If everything goes according to plan, is it really an adventure?
  10. Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    We have an attached unheated garage and I found a small electric heater provided just enough warmth to work out there when the outside temps were above 20. I was able to do valve checks and repack the suspension bearings. In many ways it is much better than in the summer where the enclosed area can be very hot and stuffy. Still it easy to put it off if you know you wont be doing many miles in the next few weeks
  11. Newbie Rider looking for Riding Partners

    Logically the freeway is safer than most other types of riding, but emotionally you are moving at very high speeds with no protection where it seems a small mistake could send you tumbling. I'm still not as comfortable on the highways, but that is mostly because of my bike. The GSXR is still going slow at 75. Speaking of GSXR, that is not an easy bike to learn on safely. A 650 or less twin will have a riding position that makes it much easier to ride, especially in slow speed maneuvers. Take it easy and be extra cautious.
  12. Roadapple Roubaix 2018 (3/3/18)

    I'm out of town this year and wont make it. The conditions should make for a faster ride. My small chain ring became a block of ice before Middlefield last winter. Good luck and have fun.
  13. Great having dinner with you also. It was 55F, it wasnt really a hardship riding the bike, except cleaning the salt off of it afterwards. Plus I was forced into it by car troubles. I'm sure you will see worse some days on you big trip. I look forward to following you on your adventures and seeing Sunny when she is complete. Quite the build you have going on.
  14. It will be more like 5:30 for me. If that sounds good see you there. It is just far enough away my gear should be dripping by the time I get there tonight.
  15. Dan, I'm on the bike today and work nearby, I'm up for a dinner before a wet ride home. What time do you plan to be there?