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  1. CBBaron

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Slick mount B-mac. That looks much better than the ones cantilevering the box out behind the rear tire. OTH that is a fugly looking box, especially on such a slick looking machine. The Vstrom is atleast similarly fugly
  2. CBBaron

    FTR1200 Released

    17" wheels and a 180 rear would not fit the look. I would hope that a styling variation with 17s would be planned for the future. Would seem to help amortize a basically new platform if it sells.
  3. CBBaron

    AEP recreation park near McConnellsvile ?

    Learned something new, I was supposed to have a permit to ride the roads in AEP. I was exploring back roads down south last spring and ended up in this area. I only guessed it was AEP lands because I had heard of the AEP lands and the terrain was very different than the surrounding area. There appeared to be many roads and 2 track with various levels of maintenance. It really wasnt clear what was a road and what was a path that might go nowhere. I need to print a permit and go back there again, preferably with someone as there was no cell service and some area were quite remote.
  4. CBBaron

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Flushed coolant and replaced with Engine Ice. And replaced the exhaust I broke off a couple bolts on the stock muffler when cleaning the spark arrestor so I used that excuse to replace the system with an FMF Q4 full exhaust. It is definitely lighter and looks better. Will give it a ride today to see how it sounds and if I can notice a power difference.
  5. CBBaron

    New Harleys...no, really.

    I knew I had seen that bike before Looks and awful lot like the HD "street fighter" Interesting that Ducati making a cruiser and HD making a sportbike end up at the same place
  6. CBBaron

    Prime Day Motor Oil Deal

    unlikely, last time I was down that way was last week in May. And I was wearing an MX jersey and helmet (yellow ofcourse)
  7. CBBaron

    Prime Day Motor Oil Deal

    I got me some. That is 3 oil changes for the DRZ
  8. I'm just shocked there is a review of any of these machines. I think the last one I saw in a magazine was in print at least a decade ago. There is something to be said for the theme of the article, thats why I'm riding my DRZ. It kind of splits the difference between these and the euro dirtbike models.
  9. CBBaron

    What did you do to your bicycle today?

    After a 66 mile gravel ride this weekend I tore down the drive train. The chainring was missing a couple teeth and the rest of the narrow wide ring was all very narrow. Might explain dropping the chain many times during the ride. Since the BB was also very gritty and the crankset was described as vintage by the chainring manufacturer, I decided to replace the whole crankset. New SRAM GX 30tooth on its way.
  10. CBBaron

    07 DRZ400

    False news. Some Euro dealer listed the CRF250L hp on the CRF450L. Honda says in the 40s, they won't list hp specs on a dirt bike. The DRZ is basically unchanged since early 2000s. The good news is OEM and aftermarket parts are easy to find. The bad news is its heavy and/or underpowered compared to the more premium dual sports. However it is inexpensive and easy to work on. Justin you should ride it. There are some great places to ride a dual sport near you. It alot of fun exploring the back roads in that area. That price is barely a down payment on a KTM or CRF450.
  11. CBBaron

    What did you do to your bicycle today?

    LOL, if I bought new I was buying a Stache, but reviews are pretty good on the Fuze and this one came up for a great price. Gotta love guys who go through new bikes every year or 2. They make for some great deals Bicycles or motorcycles.
  12. CBBaron

    Trans-am trail du sport

    The TAT is fairly challenging on a motorcycle that will be really tough, though probably not as bad as the Tour Divide Water in the west will be an issue. I know there are stretches which require a 200 mile range for fuel out there. As long as they don't hit mud in Oklahoma or snow in the mountain passes they should be OK. I think OK will be brutal on a bicycle. I currently plan to ride the western half of the TAT next year,
  13. CBBaron

    What did you do to your bicycle today?

    Not crashing, Is that a first for you I decided I was riding the trails enough it was time to get an actual MTB. Got this for a great price from a local on facebook.
  14. CBBaron

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Shinko 244 in the front and Shinko 700 on the rear. I set them both up tubeless. I had no problem with the street tires tubeless on these rims but they were a better fit for the width of the rim. We shall see this week on the Shinkos
  15. CBBaron

    What did you do to your bike today?

    That's what the bike has. I swapped the Pilot Power RS tires, for something hopefully a little more off road worthy. ? If I find myself doing enough off road I will look for some 21/18 wheels. Before the change.