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  1. CBBaron


    Yep, Its keeping me sane as there have been few times this winter I could get on 2 wheels otherwise. It is surprisingly motivating for me this winter. I usually hate working out inside but I have been on 3 or 4 times a week since the new year. Still if it isn't a mud mess or below 0, I prefer to ride outside.
  2. CBBaron

    OR Bluetooth communication choice

    I own a Sena 10R but have not been impressed. The App crashes everytime I try to connect to the device and it took a couple days on the last trip before we were able to figure out the correct button sequence to connect a 3-way intercom. Even then only 1 of the 3 of us knew how to do it and he wasn't really sure what he was doing. Based on reviews and my current limited experience I would probably get a Scala next time.
  3. CBBaron

    What did you do to your bicycle today?

    When you are dealing with those less common sizes always check the ISO bead diameter. I learned that when I had a BikeE recumbent with ISO 305 (16") and ISO 406 (20") wheels. For some reason both 305 and 349 are both 16" and 305 and 351 are both 20" 🤯
  4. CBBaron

    Roadapple Roubaix 2018 (3/3/18)

    Maybe.... I've been zwifting in the basement this winter and might actually be up for it physically. The old single speed should be sufficient for this ride. No real hills that try to kill you.
  5. CBBaron

    2019 Supercross Season

    I must be the only one that likes watching the mudfests. I would like to go to a supercross or motocross event sometime. Maybe Mount Morris would be a good choice. I always prefer to ride rather than drive. I can't make the Detroit Supercross this year and Indianapolis would require an overnight.
  6. CBBaron

    Looks like KTM is getting 24k from me

    Isn't this basically an Orange version of the 701 supermoto that been available state side for the last couple years? I'm surprised you didn't lust after one of those. I know I have but unlike you my riding skills can't justify the upgrade over the DRZ.
  7. CBBaron

    Pricing Announced for KTM 790 Adventure

    Agreed, unfortunately that is also competitive with similar bikes from BMW, Triumph, KTM, and Honda. Fully adjustable suspension and all those fancy electronics appear to be expensive. Given the choice this is the one I am most interested in, but I have a hard time justifying that kind of price for a bike. I guess I'll either wait a few years or look for a used African Twin.
  8. CBBaron

    IMS Show Saturday, Jan 28 2019

    I'm going at some point this weekend. Probably Friday evening.
  9. CBBaron

    What did you do to your bike today?

    That describes me and the MABDR exactly. The MABDR is scenic with easy gravel and rural pavement roads. Probably >50% pavement. There are 2 short challenge sections that were not a problem on the DRZ with 17" Shinko 244s. My friends on GSAs had more of a challenge but only 1 minor off. Some of the gravel, especially in the north half was really fast. Plenty of nice camp grounds in the national and state forests and parks. It was fun and a good shake down for my camping and packing. The hundred mile range on the DRZ was sufficient, though I did have plan a few short detours for gas and never pass one marked on the tracks. From what I have read the western BDRs are much more challenging. The nice thing is both the start and end of the MABDR is within a days ride of Ohio.
  10. CBBaron

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Maybe partly. I'm just much, much slower to realize my ADV goals. A buddy of mine did the first half of the TAT last year. This fall I joined him for MABDR and realized 17" wheels were not ideal off-road and I needed a better range. So that motivated me to get the new tank and spare wheelset, though I had been planning to do so for a while. Like the DR650 the DRZ400 is just way too easy to farkle. 😁
  11. CBBaron

    What did you do to your bicycle today?

    Bought my last used bike off facebook. The marketplace is not bad. You can also look for local bicycle and buy/sell/trade groups. Craigslist probably has better deals, but usually many more "too good to be true" deals . Definitely requires a little more effort to find the wheat in the chaff.
  12. CBBaron

    What did you do to your bike today?

    I have a dirt bike now 😁 At least sort of Picked up a set of used dirt wheels with nearly new sprocket and rotors. Spooned on some new D606s and took her out to the farm for some fun in the mud. The 21/18 knobbies are definitely much better offroad than trying to run knobbies on the stock 17s. The wheels included a chain sized to fit the larger sprocket so now I can swap between dirt and pave setup with minimal hassle. The sumo setup is still alot more fun on pavement.:D Also just got a 4gal tank delivered. That should be the last thing I need to make a good TAT vehicle. Hopefully next fall!
  13. CBBaron

    Hardtail vs Full Suspension

    You wont go wrong with either assuming they are in good shape. Make sure you get the right size. That said some people prefer the quicker handling and lighter weight of a slightly smaller frame while others prefer a little more comfort and relaxed handling of a slightly larger frame. I'm between a L and XL and prefer an XL, but riding a rented L has not felt wrong either.
  14. CBBaron

    Hardtail vs Full Suspension

    If you can afford it and don't mind the extra maintence modern full suspension bikes are better pretty much every where. That said I ride a Spec Fuse (similar to the Roscoe) and it does everything I want it to do on local trails. Riding off road the biggest thing I would suggest is get out of the seat. That is true for full sus or hard tail. The full does make it easier to ride up rough trails in the saddle but going down its always better to be standing an allow the bike to move under you. Also play with tire pressures. It probably works better with a lower pressure than you expect. Especially for plus bikes. I've ended up at 12psi front and 18 rear on my 3" High Rollers. The stock Ground Controls required a couple more psi. A good low pressure gauge helped to dial in the best pressure.
  15. CBBaron

    700x32 tire recommendations

    Gatorskins are a good tire for what you say you want. Durable long lasting and puncture resistant. I ran them for a few years commuting and a coworker has done the same. Both of ours are/were the 28mm version. I think the Schwalbes were a little better in the wet but I had them on a different bike in wider width.