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  1. I just rode 1000 miles on my FZ1 to the deals gap and back over the weekend and I must say I am in love with my Corbin seat. I did not have any pain whatsoever, not my a$$ and not my back. With the stock seat, I was done after 2 hours...it is not the cushion of the Corbin, but rather the way the seat "cups" your butt! :-) I paid $284 and it was worth every damn penny!!!
  2. When I moved to the US 4 years ago, I ran into a lot of people that told me they were German but when I changed the language, they were like, "oh I don't speak the language". So that is when I found out that "I am German" and "I am German" do not mean the same thing over here. :-) QuikAccord, if that is your heritage, it would be cool to speak it and go visit Germany.
  3. I am german, if you have any more questions ask me. I know the online translations kind of suck but with some imagination you can make out what it means. If you have questions about this, let me know I can translate it so it makes sense. :-) Ich bin Deutsche, falls Du noch Fragen hast, frag mich einfach. Die Online Uebersetzung sind nicht so toll aber mit ein bisschen Einfallsreichtum kann man sich denken was es bedeutet. Falls Du trotzdem noch Fragen hierzu hast, sag Bescheid und ich uebersetze es richtig. :-) LG Melli
  4. Good thing women are the ones who give birth....lol...
  5. Geez, I keep looking for the "like" button here....I must be too addicted to Facebook..lol
  6. buildit...it is not the lowlifes I am concerned with, it is the people that HAVE worked all their lifes, that got laid off, people in between jobs etc, that won't qualify for Caresource, but can't afford any other type of insurance. People don't see the whole picture, the people that don't want to work ALL HAVE CARESOURCE already. President OBAMA is trying to help the people that deserve the help, the people in between. Get it right people!!!
  7. Scruit, you are speaking from my heart. I have never had anything to worry about in Germany. (Before you all start, the military stationed us here, that is why we're here) When I was sick, I went to the doctor, I got treated, I got better. Never had to pay a dime, no copay, no deductible, nothing. THAT IS WHAT INSURANCE IS FOR! DUH! I don't get this capitalistic way of living. And yes, change is so hard. I admit it, I am democratic at heart, because of the country I come from. I do understand what the president is trying to do. Another thing I cannot stand here is they way they campaign. It disgusts me! It is lame and the low blow commercials on either side make me wanna puke! They just look ridiculous in my eyes. The way the Repukes were doing jokes about the president is just sad. He is your elected official of this country. How are children supposed to learn respect, if the majority of the adults cannot respect authority???? THis year is the first year I can vote in this country, but I might choose not to. That is something that is different in Germany also, you cannot publicly ruin ones reputation. It is not allowed. All they do is tell the public what they will change and how they will do it. (something you don't hear here either)
  8. People do die because of insurance companies freedom, because Insurance companies won't insure you if you have pre-existing conditions, if they do, the deductible is $5000 a year and the premiums are insane, something nobody can afford. In Germany insurance companies have to abide by guidelines and are NOT allowed to turn you away for a pre-existing condition. I work in healthcare and it pains me to see sick people, poor and middle class or people that lost their job and their health insurance and they can't afford their $100 inhaler to enable them to breath, or they can't go see the doctor because they can't afford it. So these sick people will eventually succumb to their chronic diseases and in NO country should this happen. The USA is the one of the worst in healthcare in the western world amongst other things.
  9. Hey I was there...never seen the pic...Thanks for posting...Yep, it was a crazy ride! But oh so much fun!!! :metal: Mel
  10. That's 45 min where I from. Been on the track w/ my motorcycle!!! It is an awesome track!!!
  11. http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/908483/211205979-490607598/motorcycle-leg-bag-A-stars-packages-waist-and-legs-thighs-Knight-bag-waterproof-pocket-motorcycle.html that's what my hubby uses. I want one. lol
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