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  1. flyboy1011

    Paracord Bracelets

    That's the original purpose behind them, that you can undo them and use the cord if needed. Isn't there like 10-12 feet of cord in one bracelet? A lot of military guys wear these things...although the Air Force just sent out an e-mail saying they're not approved to wear in uniform
  2. flyboy1011

    A few things for sale...

    They're nice shoes...I've only worn them maybe 5 times. Still need broken in.
  3. flyboy1011

    A few things for sale...

    desperation bump....Still have boots and charger...will take whatever for them...time to start Christmas shopping
  4. You almost took the door off of my jeep with your bus yesterday, MA'AM!

  5. flyboy1011

    A few things for sale...

    bumpity...jackets gone
  6. flyboy1011

    A few things for sale...

    bump...stands are sold
  7. flyboy1011

    A few things for sale...

    morning bump...PMs sent
  8. flyboy1011

    A few things for sale...

    Ah good call. I knew I would forget something...the boots are 10s
  9. flyboy1011

    A few things for sale...

    Got the bike out of here so I've got this stuff laying around that I'd like to get out of the house...Everything is in great condition. I'm pretty flexible...Get at me with any questions DMP S-Spec Stands front and rear..SOLD Icon Motorhead Leather Jacket(M)...SOLD Yuasa SmartShot trickle charger...$35.00 Vega Merge Boots. Size 10(worn like 3 times)...$60.00
  10. flyboy1011

    Cheap beer?

    good ole Natty or Stones for the party scene... any great lakes or magic hat is always good when I'm feeling a little rich, or pretty much any IPA...or when I'm feeling really classy I'll go down to Bodega and get me an $8 Pint of Stone Vertical Epic mmmm tasty beers. Is it the weekend yet?
  11. flyboy1011

    '94 cbr f2 - $1,600

    Bump...i need to pay bills
  12. flyboy1011

    Tattoo Shop Recommendations?

    +1 on High St. Tattoo...Jay did mine
  13. flyboy1011

    03 Buell Blast F/S

    bump. someone buy this so mine gets sold
  14. flyboy1011

    '94 cbr f2 - $1,600

    I hope hes not the guy that called me last night asking if id take $800....lol
  15. flyboy1011

    '94 cbr f2 - $1,600

    PM sent.