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  1. whaler

    Central/ Northeast riders!

    Welcome! Just North if you in Medina. We roll through Wooster almost every ride. Typically we meet at Minit Mart at the 83/250 intersection just south of Wooster. 83 is a great route to SEO.
  2. whaler


  3. whaler

    New* Columbus Oh

  4. whaler

    My new screen name

  5. whaler

    Checking in

  6. whaler


    Welcome! CT70 is a cool bike.
  7. whaler

    Looking at a 1996 FZR 1000 - opinions

    I want a good platform to make an OW01 clone.in the day, Yamaha FZR’s were my favorite bike... looks and all. OW01 was unobtanium and FZR1000 is a great platform for a clone.
  8. whaler

    Looking at a 1996 FZR 1000 - opinions

    Great bike for the time... of you don’t want to mess with it, let me know, looking for one of these to restore.
  9. whaler

    Matte helmets

    Have a matte black Shoei and it’s not harder to clean than any other helmet I have owned, gloss or otherwise.
  10. whaler

    Tire install?

    I certainly will not argue your points... the low wage has removed the older experienced mechanics and there is no way to pass the experience to younger mechanics. This is a problem in many trades, even if pay is good. I have known many great motorcycle mechanics over the years, but most if not all have retired or left the industry because of pay. The vacuum has been filled by people who should not work on anything, let alone a motorcycle. There are still good mechanics out there, but it’s far and few between... as evidence by the horrible work people bring to me and I have to fix. The amount of tires mounted backwards is mind boggling!
  11. whaler

    part Continental Motions

    Almost new Continental Motion ST tires. approximately 500 miles or less Front 120/60-17 Rear 160/60-17 $75.00 OBO
  12. whaler

    Nathan Ford Memorial Ride

    On my calendar...
  13. whaler

    New to OR. Hey everyone!

    Welcome! You have come to the right place...
  14. whaler

    Tire install?

    Have never waited more than 3 days for any Japanese big three, with the exception of an older bike with a back ordered part. Even then it was a week. Bought brake caliper rebuild kit for an 83 Yamaha Seca 900 and had them in 3 days. the real problem is shops run too lean and the quality of technician is not what it once was.
  15. whaler

    Tire install?

    Absolutely... PM sent