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  1. whaler

    72 in a 55.....

    Got a warning in Dalton once... maybe the same guy? attitude and courtesy make a difference.
  2. whaler

    bike WTB 600 Class Bike

    Tried to steer him to an SV, but his hatred of v-twin sound was unwavering.
  3. May be better to meet at 7 and in road by 7:30. gives room for gas up in Malta and head to meet spot.
  4. whaler

    bike WTB 600 Class Bike

    Thanks for the lead... We ended up finding a nice YZF600R that is clean and unmolested.
  5. whaler

    bike WTB 600 Class Bike

    Son has become board with the 250 and looking to step up. Looking for 600 like the following types of bikes. Insurance needs to be reasonable. Yamaha FZ6, FZ6S, YZF600R Honda CBR F3, F4, F4i please keep a look out, or if you having something decent collecting dust in the garage let me know. he is working with a budget of $2200.00
  6. whaler

    NE-Ohio Bike Mechanic?

    I can take a look and discuss in more detail. PM sent
  7. whaler

    Oh the irony.

    Problem with Germany is, every time they are left to themselves they try to conquer the world.
  8. whaler

    New here Columbus

  9. whaler

    Need to meet some fellow riders

    Welcome... you found the right place!
  10. whaler

    bike 03 bandit 1200 feeler

    Now you have to ride it!
  11. whaler

    4th annual NEO driveway shitshow

    I will bring in a crockpot.
  12. whaler

    Wtf is this

    They have one on display and demo at COTA in Austin. Very interesting up close. Basically an FZ09 (MT09) with crazy front end!
  13. whaler

    2018 Motogp COTA (Austin TX) Race

    Salt lick was on our short list
  14. whaler

    4th annual NEO driveway shitshow

    You can help with meat... lets split it up, game for whatever