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  1. Lol @ Ducati owners!

    Surprised Volkswagen is looking at selling Ducati so quickly... its only been 3-5 years since they acquired Ducati and they have dumped a bunch of cash into racing and new models. The investment appears to have paid off with regard to racing and brand growth. Maybe this is the result of VG's emissions scandal and they need the cash? HD would ruin them just as they did MV Augusta and Buell.
  2. New from Cleveland, Ohio

    Welcome! as you may have noticed this place is full of asshats and keyboard warriors... but it is a great place and mostly great people.
  3. They will match any advertised price from a reputable online store.
  4. Pay attention to your chain

    Never use a clip type master link on a street bike over 250cc! I have seen to many clips fail on the street. Purchase the proper rivet tool. Many have lost bikes, skin, and life when a chain comes undone.
  5. Pay attention to your chain

    The tell tale sign is all over your bike! The outside of the chain can look great, but the light coating of rust dust on everything means the chain is done. Glad you did not go down... sucks about the damage, but that can be replaced. If you ever see a light rust color all over your swingarm or rear rim, replace the chain or this will happen.
  6. New from Hilliard/Near Chillicothe

  7. Billy396

  8. Dan I feel you on the planning takes away from the adventure. I have grown weary of using any electronics, or planning absolute routes when riding. When I first started motorcycling, all of the fun was in the adventure and exploration. We are too connected at our jobs and every other aspect of our lives to be connected when trying to enjoy something that is supposed to be a break from our daily grind. good on you!
  9. Electrical problem

    Where are you located, I could take a look for you. I am located in Medina.
  10. New Guy

    Welcome! originally from Bath township so I know Celina and the lake well. Not much in the way of curves in your area.
  11. Nicky Hayden Bicycle Accident

    This... Michael Schumacher exemplifies this statement.
  12. Kodi BeIN Sports questions

    What channel is the American bein using sports devil?
  13. Cinci area

  14. Awesome! I have taken all three of my kids on long 300+ mile rides. Amazing how spending that much time not really talking, but experiencing the same sensations will strengthen your relationship and gives them perspective about you.
  15. April 15; NEO garage gangbang and circle jerk

    Looks like rain is moving out, may be cloudy and a bit windy.