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  1. whaler

    Mid-O Cert - WTB

    I have one, but my son will not be able to use because of football. It was passed to me free and I will gladly pass along.
  2. whaler

    Iron Legacy MC

  3. whaler


  4. whaler

    SE Ohio ride 7.28.2018

    We were at the Malta gas station as you rode by... the only Shadow of the day.
  5. whaler

    SE Ohio ride 7.28.2018

  6. whaler

    Tire Replacement on '87 ZX750R

    Where are you located? there are a couple members who do tires and treat them as if they are priceless.
  7. whaler

    I'm the new guy

    Welcome! lots of great people who love motorcycles here.
  8. whaler

    How many FJRs on here?

    Have both... FZ for twisty fun and FJR for everything else!
  9. whaler

    Unicorn Found

    Nice find!
  10. whaler

    SE Ohio ride 7.28.2018

    We rode many of the same roads today, a little over 400 miles at the end of the day.
  11. whaler

    Central/ Northeast riders!

    Any time... we will keep you in the loop.
  12. whaler

    Central/ Northeast riders!

    Welcome! Just North if you in Medina. We roll through Wooster almost every ride. Typically we meet at Minit Mart at the 83/250 intersection just south of Wooster. 83 is a great route to SEO.
  13. whaler


  14. whaler

    New* Columbus Oh

  15. whaler

    My new screen name