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  1. The new guy.

    Welcome! Give the site until May before you make a judgement...
  2. Considering Android

    The Android fan boys are just pissed because they didn't convert you with the typical sell...
  3. Back On Two Wheels

    Welcome back!
  4. New to the group

  5. Day Ride Sat. Sep30 10:45am-

    Your faster than most on the storm let alone the Z... fat and slow LOL
  6. bike 2001 zrx1200r

    This is true, many had hard surfacing issues and pitted to the point of not being good. Still see the Yoshimura grind from time to time, which were pretty much the same as ZZR.
  7. bike 2001 zrx1200r

    Is the motor stock, or does it have ZZR cams and the prerequisite 6 speed?
  8. bike 2001 zrx1200r

    Lots of ZRXOA influence in that post! She is too pretty to part, but there are many nice ZRX's out there that ran on their side a second too long... that motor will be gone in a flash!
  9. The new bike, be gone CBR, Welcome my new(ish) Suzuki

    Now thats a term I haven't heard since my banana seat three speed with springer fork!
  10. FZ1 - new to me

    No need for the FCE of you flash.
  11. Recommendation for a supersport

    If you like the way a supersport looks and all of the sport they offer, maybe consider adding bar risers which would help alleviate wrist and back soreness.
  12. FZ1 - new to me

    If you are considering flashing the ECU, Ivans Performance is as good as it gets. http://www.ivansperformanceproducts.com/
  13. Instant Up Canopy Sale-Dicks Sporting Goods

    Quest is just Dick's house name for an EzUp unit. Quality is great... they even say EzUp on them.
  14. Clutch question

    Sometimes the pressure/vacuum relief in the fuel cap gets clogged and will not allow the tank to equalize. Might be something to checkout... when it starts to stutter, stop and open your fuel cap. Do you here an inrush of air? That would be vacuum lock. A full tank would make this show up quicker than a low level. Just one more thing to check off.