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  1. Do not transfer your OCD... those tires will not make any difference at that pace or style of riding. Tim said it best... leave it alone and let him enjoy riding without worrying about all the stupid shit that ruins riding.
  2. Just be warned... You will spend the rest of your life running down the feeling you get that first year of riding! Enjoy it, be safe, and have fun.

    What is up with Hilliard and thieves?
  4. Prayers your way Jerry! have had the opportunity to ride a couple times and IP said it best.
  5. Has anyone lived in TN?

    My cousin lived in Huntsville for about 10 years and loved it. Of course it's a couple hours south of where you are looking but not too far. The weather is great most of the year, Nashville, and the motor scene is quite healthy. Visited every year he lived there for Barber weekend and would go up to Nashville for good food and entertainment. Have always felt anywhere south of Nashville and North of Birmingham would be a great place to live. take a road trip and explore... don't use GPS!
  6. Advice on SEO route

    I had to take Derek on this ride of shame couple years ago... pink shirt and all!
  7. Advice on SEO route

    This is a better route than 56!
  8. bike WANTED: Looking for my first street bike

    This is the right time of year to purchase! Wait until the beginning of September and save the extra 500 and you will have no problem finding a great bike in good shape. Have patience and look every free moment. Kawasaki EX500, SV650, ZX600E, YZF600R, and many other great bikes. I can understand not wanting the 250-300 class. If you have rode in the past and have decent skills a 250 will become boring quickly. The only thing I could say... if you do go the 250-300 route, you can use the fall to learn and make your money back in the spring. Only down side is larger bikes will be up in price. Just use the winter to add an extra 1k to the budget and take your pick. 3k will buy a lot of bike.
  9. New Rider

  10. New Rider

    Your first and only grass trip resulted in a crashed SM... just saying
  11. Advice on SEO route

    It's closed at the 56, 356 intersection. Appears they are completely reconstructing the road and intersection, which is a good thing. When heading east it's closed 4 miles past 278. When heading west from Athens it's closed right at 356 and traffic is maintained from 56 to 356. You can take 356 south to 50 and run over to 278 and head back to 56.
  12. Barber Museum

    It's great place! If you are into motorcycles, there is no better collection on earth. The track is like a country club.
  13. Advice on SEO route

    Just a heads up, 56 is closed just past 278.
  14. OR - We need to talk.

    I think this had to do with the squid shit show a couple weeks ago. Stunters don't do well in curves or groups.
  15. Tank slapper, what to do?

    Doc did you ever have your suspension properly setup? Tank slappers on modern bikes usually point toward improper front setup or bad bike geometry because of incorrect or excessive sag (front or back). Steering input is also a major factor as stated above.