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  1. @Pauly wow! So glad you two are safe. Amazing how fast things change.
  2. Not mine... it’s Brooks’s bike.
  3. Specifically... OEM rear suspension dog bone and linkage. OEM muffler or decent Slip-On Son just bought a really clean low mileage R6 and it’s been lowered, OEM parts not available. Also has an FMF Slip-On that looks like dog shit and sound about the same. figure with all the track bikes there may be some parts laying around. PM/Call/Text if you have something and we can work the details. Brian (330)321-6866
  4. whaler

    GM LS Tuners

    This what I was thinking, but wasn’t sure if he was still around.
  5. Looking for a shop that knows GM LS motors inside and out. My dad wants to add a pro charger to his 2002 Trans Am and needs someone who really gets it to install and tune. Any input is greatly appreciated!
  6. Agreed FB Market Place is by far the best way to reach people. Items that would take weeks or longer on CL go same day on FBMP.
  7. Good luck! Now you have a reason to really use those panniers... road trips to meet old friends is good for the soul. We will miss you!
  8. Reason you sold? The Road 5’ have intrigued me. Was never a huge fan of the Road 3/4 as they would typically cup badly on the front and performance dropped off steadily after about 50% tread.
  9. Ivan’s performance finally finished the FJR1300 Gen 2 ECU (2006-2012) flash. Installed Sunday and have made a few shakedown rides... Wow it’s a different bike! Not sure how Yamaha let this bike hit the market with such shitty fueling, and then let it ride for 6 years. Highly recommended, makes it fuel like a carbureted motor.
  10. The link below was provided by my cousin (PhD Pharmacology, FDA) and his wife (PhD Microbiology, CDC) they were professors at USC before moving to Washington a couple years ago. I trust him to provide truthful and reasonable information. His message was spot on with @NinjaDoc message. Watch if you have the patience... https://special.croi.capitalreach.com/
  11. Interested to see this play out. the adventure/tour/sport bike seems like the perfect balance.
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