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  1. Congrats man, welcome back!
  2. Motorcycling is in your blood, it's part of who you are...get out there and take a stroll bud, you don't have to drag your knee through the corners of the back roads or anything but get some of that wind and clear your mind it will definitely be good for you in the long run.
  3. Wow man very glad you guys are still here with us!
  4. Wait CRP is shut down?!?!? where is everyone mini racing this year??
  5. I will keep my eye out for those, I will have to bring the boy out for some spectating.
  6. I hear the new Corvette's are great for this type of thing...Just add bike rack to the T tops and you are good to go, easily removable as well!
  7. Looks like an awesome thing you guys have going there Ron!
  8. Fast Tracks holds a lot of summer events and even has beginner classes and open practices. Briar Cliff is also a great set up for beginners as they have a beginner track, keep him off of the pro track though as there are a lot of the jumps that he would need to clear and some very fast riders that are not expecting to turn a corner or come over a jump and have a new guy in the line.
  9. bowdog

    My mom

    very sorry to hear this!
  10. Looking to hear from some of you with experience in higher end optics...I am heading to Colorado next year for an Elk hunt. most likely shooting in the ranges of 150-300yrds but want to comfortably shoot 500 free standing before I go. I will either be shooting my 30-06, 6.5-300 Weatherby or my .257 Weatherby. I want something that I do not have to worry about fog ups, shitty glass, etc. Price is not a real concern but I don't want to spend $3,000 on a Zeiss if there is a comparable option for less the cost. Yes I know 150-300 yards is not a very far shot but after hiking a mountain and only having 30 seconds to get on target and make the shot while breathing hard is a different story. Don't want to be worried about optic and rifle at that point in the game.
  11. I do a lot of duck hunting and goose hunting, along with deer and some other things. Unfortunately the only public areas that I know of are around the Alum Creek area and some different areas around the Sciota.
  12. What the hell is going on around here?!?
  13. I heard the same thing, modems are junk and if you buy your own it fixes the problem.
  14. Congrats man! nice looking machine.
  15. I will be putting the Riders Discount Triumph 675 up for sale next week or two...let me know if anyone here or that you know of is interested. Would love to see it stay local...with a 4 year old i have no time to use so it needs to go to someone that will. Trades and or cash welcome.
  16. lol no kidding! Greg were you a dealer at one point or something? I mean who the hell buys 6 hot pink soft cases?!? 🤣
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