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  1. Anybody play Foosball?

    That deer has gotten big, she will be tasty soon!
  2. unfortunately with the amount of work i have going right now i am out...See you guys on the 25th at PIRC if you are there.
  3. I have been waiting to hear the whole story...Lot of rumors out there, I can only assume it was drug related.
  4. Random Thoughts thread

    good luck man!!
  5. 2017 Wayne thread

    Also, if any of them are 4 wheel drive or just like to get in the mud there is a mud bog at Williams Campground (by the camp Ohio connector) Saturday that i think starts at 2 and then a couple bands playing there that night.
  6. 2017 Wayne thread

    I don't see why it wouldn't unless the rain really comes in and swamps the trails, if so some of the hills may be a little slick but you should be ok.
  7. 2017 Wayne thread

    @400exc Where are you guys camping?
  8. 1916 Harley Davidson and huge classic car auction

    Whats the reserve on it?
  9. 1916 Harley Davidson and huge classic car auction

    haha the 73 Mustang is what I was eying! that green Nova looks pretty sharp as well.
  10. 1916 Harley Davidson and huge classic car auction

    I wish!! I bet a couple of those go for over $100k...
  11. 1916 Harley Davidson and huge classic car auction

    wow, there are more than a few cars in there that I would absolutely love to have!
  12. 2017 Wayne thread

    I will be down there this weekend, let me know if you guys go and we will meet up for a ride.
  13. Can you send me your cliff notes when you are done? this will be just like high-school.