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  1. What the hell is going on around here?!?
  2. Congrats man! nice looking machine.
  3. I will be putting the Riders Discount Triumph 675 up for sale next week or two...let me know if anyone here or that you know of is interested. Would love to see it stay local...with a 4 year old i have no time to use so it needs to go to someone that will. Trades and or cash welcome.
  4. lol no kidding! Greg were you a dealer at one point or something? I mean who the hell buys 6 hot pink soft cases?!? 🤣
  5. I can't personally speak for them on a motorcycle but I do have them on one of my quads and they are by far worth the money in my opinion.
  6. bowdog

    2018 Goldwing

    Awesome news on the baby man! how far along is Tim??
  7. I will throw another recommendation in for Ryan...He has always treated me right and his prices are very competitive.
  8. bowdog

    GROM ADV Build

    I have been thinking of parting with mine...let me sleep on it and I will let you know tomorrow if I am going to be selling or not.
  9. What a run by Josh over the weekend...Great racing!
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