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  1. I used to love riding at night, as others have said though it would be City riding and not so much out in the country.
  2. Check out up state NY and the Adirondack Mountains.
  3. haha I agree! been tough getting to the track as I have a now 3 year old...that may have to change very soon though as i am getting the bug back bad!!
  4. I hate that I just caught up on this thread because now I am missing getting out more than ever!
  5. I have nothing constructive to add to your post, but why in the hell did they decide to put the zipper on the outside?!? that seems very silly to me from such a strong company.
  6. welcome to the shit show!
  7. I know right where this is...Very nice lot, I do not believe it has septic as they are saying but the local contractor down there will put one in for you if it does not for $4,500. Close enough to the water that you can enjoy the view and you are probably a 5 minute golf cart/side by side ride to the marina. We currently keep our boat in Wolf Creek Marina which would be your closest option and we definitely like it there. Another huge plus if you are a drinker is that this end of the lake is wet, so they sell drinks at all the local lake restaurants. You get down towards Grider Hill and that area and it is a dry.
  8. I would be more than happy to speak to you about any thoughts or questions you have...We absolutely love it down there. One thing I can tell you right now is if you are seriously thinking about it I would pull the trigger sooner than later. We have seen things start to get out of control price wise just in the last year. For example a guy I know purchased 7 acres with water front two years ago for $100K and just sold 3 of those acres off last month for $100k. Our little unknown gem is starting to get not so unknown.
  9. Awesome! I have a place in Nancy Ky on Lake Cumberland...I have currently only boated down there but plan to get the bike down soon as I have seen some awesome roads over the last year down there. If you get a chance check out the area, some great lodge type camping there with good roads and awesome hospitality!
  10. Someone needs to buy this thing, every time I come to this thread i get more tempted.
  11. HUH let me know...when i tried to get the one for my old truck they had to scan. the new one of course came with the card in the manual.
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