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  1. bowdog

    I’m back lol

    Sorry to hear about the debacle but welcome back bubby! Sweet new ride!! Hope to see you this summer in the dirt as well.
  2. bowdog

    Anyone invest in precious metals?

    I as well have done this...I also have a shit ton in a stock called OPK that I am betting to hit the $5 maybe even $10 a share range in the next few years.
  3. bowdog

    ORDN stickers?

    No I don't have the facebooks.
  4. bowdog

    ORDN stickers?

    Any chance your buddy wants to make me some company stickers? I need new ones for my guys hard hats and would also like some small American flag ones for my guys hard hats. Obviously will pay him and shit.
  5. bowdog

    OK, let's talk turkey...LOL

    Season opens April 2st, smash one that morning and cook him up!
  6. bowdog

    Picked up a tiny bike today.

    nice..they are addicting! Congrats!
  7. bowdog

    What i did in guns.

    Nice looking pistol
  8. bowdog

    Dyno Brian or anyone else

    Parts are starting to come in.
  9. bowdog

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Rode the Grom last night for the first time in a while, put a whopping 44 miles on her!!
  10. bowdog

    max powers FZ1 needs loving home

    I can change this if it is interfering with your motorcycle time bubby!!
  11. bowdog

    max powers FZ1 needs loving home

    I can attest to how anal this Bubby is with his stuff...whoever buys this bike will not be disappointed!
  12. bowdog

    Dyno Brian or anyone else

    Ok exhaust is ordered, now just need to find tuner. If you see anything come up in the next few days you think will be good shoot me a text.
  13. bowdog

    Dyno Brian or anyone else

    lol good point, calling you now!
  14. bowdog

    Dyno Brian or anyone else

    It's the auto agent 2.0 that I am looking at.
  15. bowdog

    Dyno Brian or anyone else

    Ok I am on their website and I have the exhaust in my cart...The EZLynk tuner i see from them is on sale for $1,124, is that all i need or will i need to buy additional shit?