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  1. bowdog

    New Honda CBR

    that's a sexy Honda
  2. bowdog

    AR-15 $380

    Todd, text me a price please.
  3. bowdog

    Check it out OR!!

    looks like it's been widened out a few times 😳
  4. bowdog

    AR-15 $380

    Which one? I have an Uncle looking for one cheap.
  5. bowdog

    Mental Health Weekend

    be safe Timmay and have fun bud!
  6. bowdog

    Ring Doorbell for sale

    Sold, Mods can lock this up.
  7. bowdog

    Not another DRZ 400!

    Todd you should buy this thing before I am tempted too...If i bring another bike in the garage i may be getting a divorce!
  8. bowdog

    Ring Doorbell for sale

    it's yours bud, I live in Pickerington and my office is in Gahanna but I am all over the city almost daily checking on my guys. just let me know what works for you.
  9. bowdog

    Ring Doorbell for sale

    this is the Ring 1 bud.
  10. bowdog

    Ring Doorbell for sale

    I believe it is the Ring 2...I have to head to a golf outing shortly and after that I am heading to camp for the weekend but I will definitely check when back and let you know.
  11. bowdog

    Ring Doorbell for sale

    yeah...I could mount it to the brick but it would take some grinding that I am not willing to do and the wires would also be exposed to where i would have to place it so then i would have to wrap them and I would hate the way it looked at that point. And I do not want to not mount it to power because then I would have to remove it and charge it once a week.
  12. bowdog

    Ring Doorbell for sale

    I have a brand new in the box ring door bell for sale, I bought it for my house but with the way my brick comes into the front door it is not going to work. $75 to OR bubbys.
  13. bowdog

    What did you do to your bike today?

    His cheap ass isn't buying it, he was just hoping to come and use whenever he needed
  14. bowdog

    14 Street Triple R

    you may want to put your name in now if you want a spot at Buckeye next year, I just bought a new boat a couple months ago and tried to do this. as of June there was a 17 person waiting list for yearly spots. Also just got back from a trip to Cumberland lake, if you have never been i highly recommend checking it out! we liked it so much i put in a purchase offer for 5 acres with lake view last week in Russel county.
  15. Send me your address Bubba, I will take care of this problem for you! 😃