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  1. Crossbow Repair Recommendations?

    I have a drill press if that's all you need? Feel free to hit me up and come by my shop any day to use drill press.
  2. Crossbow Repair Recommendations?

    for local I would try Fisherman's Warehouse first, they are more of a Mom and Pop shop that would help you over the larger box stores.
  3. Time To Set Up The Trail Cam!

    All I am seeing during day light right now is does and small Bucks, have a couple decent bucks but they are only moving late night early morning.
  4. 3 Days and counting...

    Rest up and heal fast Joe
  5. 2017 Wayne thread

    I will be there tomorrow through Sunday, going to get some seat time on my new Grizzly Saturday and do some exploring of some off beaten trails. If anyone is going to be down there and wants to hook up Saturday let me know.
  6. Trigger cranks

    I have to fully agree with Todd on this one, people like us that go through the background checks, long waiting periods etc are not the problem here and guns are not either...Mental health and terrorists are the problem. Until we can figure out how to fix that problem then we will always have issues in this country. The crazy's are not obtaining these firearms and accessories legally. Give me tougher background checks and mental health evaluations before you start telling me that guns are the problem.
  7. Need some help with an ATC70

    Awesome purchase, this was what I learned to ride on when I was young. He is going to love it!
  8. Random Thoughts thread

    I have a feeling this was a drug dealer robbery gone wrong, shame kids were involved in it all.
  9. bike Malaguti 50cc Scooter/Pit bike

    That thing looks bad ass! never been a scooter person but this thing is a blast terrorizing the neighborhood with...
  10. bike Malaguti 50cc Scooter/Pit bike

    Need some tires for this beast and hoping some of you computer searching savvy people can find me a deal, cant believe Rollo sold me such a high priced machine with dry rotted tires! 110/90/R12 130/90/R12
  11. ROAR 2017 / Not so Epic Fall Ride

    I wont be able to make this one...I am leaving on the 14th for a week to go bear hunting.
  12. Casper and I had one of them at Putnum last month and towards the end of the day it got very sketchy! People were literally stuffing their front wheel in to get around her, I understand the fact its novice and everyone should be able to ride but for someone like that they should put a coach with them full time for safety.
  13. bike Malaguti 50cc Scooter/Pit bike

    @whatThanks man! @TimTheAzn we will do a track day together soon and I will let you ride this Italian rocket!!
  14. bike Malaguti 50cc Scooter/Pit bike

    I still lurk pretty heavy just in case a gun or something like this comes up for sale...
  15. bike Malaguti 50cc Scooter/Pit bike

    great, I work to 4 as well but can come after work tonight...I live in the Pickerington area and work in Gahanna area. Pm your address and I will come and grab tonight after work.