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  1. Need help! Need Vehicle/Trailer help this Sat

    If something falls through I have a couple of 2014 cargo vans that I use for work...You are more than welcome to use one the only downside is you would have to come to Columbus to pick up and return.
  2. Didn't mean to imply you were rich if that is the way you took it...Was implying I would have to be in order to cover all the day to day bills, take care of my wife and 14 month old son etc for me to do something like this at this time...I am 35 so hopefully someday my responsibilities will be at a level that I can make something like this happen. Till then I am going to follow this thread and live vicariously through you!
  3. Awesome that you have a potential partner lined up...If I was rich and could take a year off of work I would do this in a heartbeat!
  4. bike FOR SALE : 2008 Yamaha R6

    Hey where did you get the Bowman stickers made? lol i need some of those.
  5. Man that sounds like a once in a lifetime trip!!
  6. Time To Set Up The Trail Cam!

    lol that's a funny looking shotgun barrel in your picture
  7. running from the man

    you got to give it to them those boys can ride!
  8. Smoker's Get In Here

    been eying one of these for about 6 months...Is it everything the reviews says it is?
  9. Oh Mackey-Ford...

    Alum Creek has some public hunting as well, I used to kill a deer or two there every year...Have not hunted there in probably 8 years though so I don't know if anything has changed but it never used to be crowded at all.
  10. Time To Set Up The Trail Cam!

    Thank you VERY much! I will start doing some research now in hopes to set something up with you for the beginning of next years season.
  11. Time To Set Up The Trail Cam!

    That looks awesome, It would just be myself and hopefully my father.
  12. Time To Set Up The Trail Cam!

    absolutely beautiful! wouldn't be able to come out this year but if you are serious I would definitely love to set up a trip for next year...any hotels or something similar close to you?
  13. Time To Set Up The Trail Cam!

    ^^^ haha would love to do a Colorado hunting trip! let me know when i can come out.
  14. Time To Set Up The Trail Cam!

    no luck here either, seen tons of small bucks but nothing bigger than a 6 point.