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  1. bowdog

    14 Street Triple R

    you may want to put your name in now if you want a spot at Buckeye next year, I just bought a new boat a couple months ago and tried to do this. as of June there was a 17 person waiting list for yearly spots. Also just got back from a trip to Cumberland lake, if you have never been i highly recommend checking it out! we liked it so much i put in a purchase offer for 5 acres with lake view last week in Russel county.
  2. Send me your address Bubba, I will take care of this problem for you! 😃
  3. Sounds like to me that we are about to have another "i need peni" thread.
  4. Hey let's get this done!
  5. I knew my ears were ringing...yup PM me details about pick up please.
  6. bowdog

    New to site. Trail/ dual sport

    Under his name where it says bikes bubby
  7. bowdog

    New to site. Trail/ dual sport

    Brute Force 750 and a Beta 350rr-s duh!!
  8. bowdog

    New to site. Trail/ dual sport

    Welcome, a few of us ride down at Wayne. Keep your eye out for a Wayne thread and feel free to join us.
  9. bowdog

    Vote for Sunny! In the finals!

    done...good luck!
  10. bowdog

    CRG Hindsight Bar End Mirror

    Can you send me a price for bar end mirrors for my Grom?
  11. bowdog


    Congrats! I didn't see shit on Monday.
  12. bowdog

    I’m back lol

    Sorry to hear about the debacle but welcome back bubby! Sweet new ride!! Hope to see you this summer in the dirt as well.
  13. bowdog

    Anyone invest in precious metals?

    I as well have done this...I also have a shit ton in a stock called OPK that I am betting to hit the $5 maybe even $10 a share range in the next few years.
  14. bowdog

    ORDN stickers?

    No I don't have the facebooks.
  15. bowdog

    ORDN stickers?

    Any chance your buddy wants to make me some company stickers? I need new ones for my guys hard hats and would also like some small American flag ones for my guys hard hats. Obviously will pay him and shit.