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  1. bowdog

    Need a new home for our cat

    Out of the office now but will definitely reply to all of these as soon as I have time and will explain more...she is about 8 years old and had always had her free range except for when my dog wants to chase her but that goes both ways meaning if he is not paying attention to her she will entaginize my dog. My son has never hit, stepped on or anything to her. Seemed she has taken an attitude to him though. As said will explain more when I get to computer but I need to find a new home for her and willing to pay for anything she needs.
  2. bowdog

    Need a new home for our cat

    This is the first animal that I have ever given up in my life but it has to happen...Long story short my 2 year old son has found a liking to our cat and she is not amused by him in the least. I didn't think it would be a big deal and that it would pass but it has not and unfortunately she did swat at him the other day. She is a great cat but has all of her claws so if she gets him (especially in the face) it could be bad. So unfortunately i need to re home her. Ideally I would like to see he go to someone single with no other pets. I will buy all new litter box and anything else that she/you will need to give her a loving home. She has always been an indoor cat with full roam of the house and I know I am going to get flamed for this but If i cannot find her a good home soon I will have to euthanize her. I cannot bare to take her to a shelter to live out her remaining life in a 4'x4' cage! If you are interested or know someone that would be please get a hold of me for more details. Thanks
  3. bowdog

    Wailing Wayne Adventure Event

    Looks cool, I may stop in to watch.
  4. bowdog

    Country Jam Tickets For Sale

    Really busy right now so i have been in and out of the office...If you decide you want them PM or text me for quickest response.
  5. bowdog

    Country Jam Tickets For Sale

    They cover you for the whole weekend...August 30th, 31st and September 1st.
  6. bowdog

    Country Jam Tickets For Sale

    Its at Legend Valley in Thornville.
  7. bowdog

    Country Jam Tickets For Sale

    I have two 3 day passes for country jam that I will not be using...$100 a piece.
  8. bowdog

    So I did a thing..guess the thing.

    Congrats Bubby!!!
  9. bowdog

    Snap on tools and misc stuff

    Are we good? I spoke with Casper and we would like both...Did he send you my address?
  10. bowdog

    Snap on tools and misc stuff

    Interested in the drum mags
  11. bowdog

    My Ride Today

    Glad to hear you are ok!
  12. bowdog

    Wife & I joined a Gang

  13. bowdog

    Wife & I joined a Gang

    How much? Any pictures so i can see what I am buying, and am I allowed to test ride if I have cash in hand?!?