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  1. bowdog

    Snap on tools and misc stuff

    Are we good? I spoke with Casper and we would like both...Did he send you my address?
  2. bowdog

    Snap on tools and misc stuff

    Interested in the drum mags
  3. bowdog

    My Ride Today

    Glad to hear you are ok!
  4. bowdog

    Wife & I joined a Gang

  5. bowdog

    Wife & I joined a Gang

    How much? Any pictures so i can see what I am buying, and am I allowed to test ride if I have cash in hand?!?
  6. bowdog

    Wife & I joined a Gang

    Have you guys done any mods yet? Trying to decide if the Power commander, O2 and intake are worth the money or not...reviews are very mixed with some saying it does nothing for them as far as speed is concerned, and others saying it gets another 10mph out of them.
  7. bowdog

    What i did in guns.

    I am a huge gun advocate but in my opinion this is all bad! Anyone with a 3D printer should not be allowed to make a gun.
  8. I just drove passed a motorcycle accident on E Broad heading towards Wagoner road, Black adventure type bike that looked like it was hit pretty hard. Rider was up and walking, hope it wasn't anyone on here.
  9. bowdog

    1968 Honda 350 Scrambler

    I have no idea why but I kind of wants this.
  10. bowdog

    Educate me on Pole Barns

    YUP! On the commercial side that I do I am actually turning down jobs right now...I have over a years worth of work signed in right now and can't find any more qualified carpenters.
  11. bowdog

    Educate me on Pole Barns

    I can definitely see that...the one I am doing is 32x40 with interior ceiling height off 16'
  12. bowdog

    Educate me on Pole Barns

    Not my typical trade but I have had a guy asking me to build a 30X40 for him for a while and I finally caved...I am currently building one so I can add to this if I come up with any difficulties. As of now it has been pretty smooth. I have $12,415 in all of the materials...that is including everything from screws, man doors, trusses etc.
  13. bowdog

    2012 Triumph Daytona 675R

    Welp this thread just went to shit
  14. bowdog

    Should I bitch at ODOT?

    I would too...that is ridiculous!