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  1. bowdog

    Garage Door FS

    It is a Wayne Dalton door and hardware package.
  2. bowdog

    Garage Door FS

    I will check today and get back with you shortly.
  3. bowdog

    RIP wht_scorpion

    Wow very sorry to hear this...RIP Rich!
  4. bowdog

    Contractor in Columbus area

    I don't usually do residential but for you I would definitely look at it...Give me a call this evening and we can chat. If you don't still have my number then PM me and I will send it to you.
  5. bowdog

    Garage Door FS

    Yes definitely bullshit! I ordered it through 84 Lumber who in turn ordered it from Wayne Dalton who has a warehouse in Cincinnati. They claim special order and Wayne Dalton will not take back. the special order part is BS because that is a common size. And as far as Facebook I am not really sure, I am not on Facebook.
  6. bowdog

    Garage Door FS

    I have a brand new white raised panel garage door that is 16' wide by 7' tall for sale. Hardware is for a straight up install. $700 OBO comes with literally everything you need to mount and have operational. I bought this for a pole barn that I built, i ordered a 16'x8' but they sent me this. I had to buy another one and the bastards wouldn't give me the $989 I spent back in full and wanted to give me a credit for future purchase so i told them to get F'ed and just kept it. Hindsight I probably should have just taken the credit but pride got the best of me so someone buy this!
  7. bowdog

    2019 Gap Trip.

    This is probably the scariest post i have seen on this forum!!
  8. Damnit What...you just cost me money by looking at that damn website! 😳
  9. Congrats! that is one sexy machine.
  10. bowdog

    KTM Demo Truck to Visit Columbus

    sweet! this is right up the road from me.
  11. bowdog

    The 50 Fastest Speeding Tickets in Texas in 2018

    I call bullshit on some of these...a 2008 Chevy Silverado and a Ford Focus at over 130MPH?!? 😳 not without some serious mods!
  12. bowdog

    2019 Supercross Season

    It is a great time...For a 1st timer though I would strongly recommend Red Bud in Michigan 4th of July weekend. It's an outdoor race and one of the best party's you will ever go too. plus there is non pro racing Friday and Saturday nights on their smaller track.
  13. bowdog

    2019 Supercross Season

    Yup watching as well...I will be at the Indianapolis races again this year.
  14. bowdog

    Anyone have a Remington Versa Max

    lol definitely interested in your price so text me...I want the Duck hunter camo one.