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  1. Nevermind not selling, probably trading for something.
  2. Hob13


  3. I'm pretty sure everyone knows what a pos kanatuna looks like, it's that but really ugly. But I'll postem if you wantem.
  4. It runs and rides, needs some work, half street fightered. still have plastics. It needs a chain, fork seals and a rear shock, other than that it's in pretty good mechanical shape. new front breaks 1 season on the rear tire. let me know if you're interested.
  5. All I could find out was it was a black sport bike, and it hit a car. http://www2.nbc4i.com/news/2010/aug/11/3/fatal-motorcycle-crash-i-70wb-ar-187184/
  6. I had to go get a new phone much touch screen stop liking the bad touch's.

  7. We did meet this morning. Funny you came up and gave the, are you on OR question. Get your parts?

  8. whats up? I think we met this morning.

  9. word. I dont like pataskala to many cops with nothing to do. but if you go to far south it gets very gravelly in places and my piece of shit kanatuna doesnt like that at all.

  10. ryan... Radio Flyer on the board

  11. not bad...kinda windy...we rode out there and then went and road around pataskala area for awhile...nothing too great around here, but it was nice just to get out

  12. who's the dude you were rollin with?

  13. How was the ride out? that ass hat with the trailer almost knocked me with the fucking thing. but after i passed him it was pretty much smooth sailing.

  14. nice running into you today man

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