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  1. I'm selling my 2008 Vesrah GSXR 1000 Superbike, it is located near Milwaukee, WI. The motor is fresh and has only been broken in on the Vesrah dyno. I live 25 minutes away from Mark so he has done all of the engine and electronics work for this bike along with much of the maintenance and it was completely prepped by him and Tony with the only exception being the Ohlins suspension that was set up by Mike Fitzgerald (Thermosman). This bike was dyno'd at the Road America AMA round and we were informed by the dyno tech that our bike was putting out more power than some of the factory bikes. Mark is able to achieve these kind of numbers without sacrificing the longevity of the motor. Highlights: Engine – Hand ported (184 hp on Factory Pro Dyno) Yosh Kit Generator ($2500 kit part) Galespeed Type R lightweight wheels (White) Brembo Rotors Brembo Calipers Brembo RCS master cylinder Ohlins 25's prepped and maintained by Mike Fitzgerald Ohlins TTX prepped and maintained by Mike Fitzgerald EM-Pro with Kit Shifter Bazzaz Z-FI Fuel Control Unit with Traction Control •Chassis built by Tony Pogue •Vesrah Brake SRJL or SRJLXX •SS Brake lines •Graves Full Titanium exhaust •DID Erv3 chain •Vortex sprockets •Woodcraft Clipons •Woodcraft Rear Sets •Armour Bodies Bodywork with custom vinyl wrap (tank is yellow in photos but it is wrapped now) •Cylinder head milled and Serdi Valve job •Vesrah .45 Cylinder Head Gasket •Vesrah Clutch, with custom slipper adjustment and reaction springs I also have tons of spares for the bike, too much to list here but I can compile a list if you have interest in purchasing. Buyer will receive custom wrap (design of their choosing) $1350 value This is a bike that is well set up and as such it obviously is going to be more money than other GSXR 1000's, but you get what you pay for. Here is pricing with options: $14,000 as listed $12,500 without the Brembo rotors and calipers $11,000 without the Brembo rotors, calipers and Galespeed wheels $9750 without the Brembo rotors, calipers, Galespeed wheels and yosh kit generator Pics will be coming in the next day or two Please PM me for more information.
  2. You are correct sir. Here is a link to sign up https://www.nesba.com/demo/
  3. Yamaha Motor Corporation and Northeast Sportbike Association (NESBA) have teamed up again to bring you this year's Sportbike Demo Program. This program is designed to give prospective Yamaha customers a chance to test ride the best sport bikes in the market. The demo rides will be held in conjunction with select NESBA track day events Who is eligible? Any motorcycle licensed prospective customer who visits a participating Yamaha dealership. What motorcycles are being used? We will have YZF-R1, YZF-R6, FZ1, FZ6, WR250X, WR450(SuperMoto) and FZ6R. When? Putnam Park Mt. Meridian , IN October 16-17, 2010 How do I sign up? All you or the customer need to do is sign up online. If you want to sign up by phone please provide us with the following information (space is limited): 1. Name, address, phone and e-mail 2. Indicate you will be at Putnam 3. Motorcycle they would like to test ride 4. Motorcycle driver license number How much time will I get on the bike? Each rider will get approximately 15 minutes on the track. What do I need? Rider Requirements: 1.Helmet, undamaged, full-face DOT, SNELL, or European standard approved, with eye protection. No flip-up helmets allowed. 2.Leather or textile riding suits (i.e., Cordura, Kevlar, or Aerostich-type). Two-piece suits must zip together; full circumference is required. 3.Motorcycle license 4.Sturdy over-the-ankle leather boots 5.Leather gauntlet-type gloves 6.Back protector (strongly recommended) 7.Loaner leathers are available on a first-come, first-served basis and size permitting. 8.1.To arrive at trackside at least 30 mins prior to their session to attend the required Rider/Track Familiarization Meeting and gear safety inspection. 9.Sign a waiver release and hold harmless agreement
  4. 7/31/10 Putnam Skill Enhancement Day B Mt. Meridian, IN 8/1/2010 Putnam Skill Enhancement Day I Mt. Meridian , IN 8/5/2010 Pacific Kent, WA 8/12/2010 NJMP-Thunderbolt CAP - Charity Track Day Millville, NJ 8/12/2010 VIR - North Alton, VA 8/14/2010 BeaveRun Skill Enhancement Day - B Wampum, PA 8/15/2010 BeaveRun Skill Enhancement Day - I Wampum, PA 8/14/2010 Putnam Mt. Meridian, IN 8/15/2010 Putnam Mt. Meridian, IN 8/15/2010 Summit - Jefferson Summit Point, WV 8/16/2010 Summit - Main Summit Point, WV 8/21/2010 VIR - South Alton, VA 8/22/2010 VIR - South Alton, VA 8/23/2010 VIR - North Alton, VA 8/25/2010 Pacific Kent, WA 8/28/2010 Barber Birmingham, AL 8/29/2010 Barber Birmingham, AL 8/28/2010 Oregon Raceway Park Grass Valley 8/29/2010 Oregon Raceway Park Grass Valley 8/30/2010 NJMP-Lightning Millville, NJ
  5. If this isn't cool to post...could a mod delete this? Thought I would post this up and share with the Ohio Riders, it's a awesome deal from a NESBA sponsor. Buy a set of Vortex rearsets from the Trackday Store and get Vortex clipons ($150 Value) for FREE! Buy them because you need them or buy them to have as backups...whatever your reason is, you just can't go wrong with this deal. Not only do you get a smokin deal on Vortex rearsets and clipons but you also get 38 Trackday Reward Points. Don't know what Trackday Reward Points are? Find out about them here --> http://trackdaystore.3dcartstores.com/A-Guide-for-Trackday-Reward-Points_p_3029.html Getting this deal couldn't be easier... 1. Create an account in The Trackday Store - http://trackdaystore.3dcartstores.com/myaccount.asp 2. Choose your Vortex Rearsets 3. Choose your Vortex Clipons Don't know what size clipon? Use the Application Chart --> http://trackdaystore.3dcartstores.com/Clipons_c_287.html 4. In the checkout process use the coupon code "freeclipons" 5. Spread the word, you just got a great deal from the Trackday Store! Don't worry if you don't see your rearsets listed...if Vortex makes it, we can get it. Small Print: One Free set of clipons per rearset ordered. The coupon code is limited.
  6. WOW...what a great turn out from OR!! You guys showed up in force and took over the middle of the paddock, it was very cool to see so many OR riders at a NESBA day. Having the weather cooperate (for most of the weekend) was a huge bonus as well! Thanks to all that came out for the day, we appreciate you spending the day/weekend with us at Putnam and we hope to see you back on August 14th and 15th.
  7. No...my number is 262-391-7744 Give me a call tonight and I will get you hooked up. It's $125 for each day...no NESBA membership required for this special event for Ohio Riders
  8. I'm going to be staying at the Cloverdale RV park Friday and Saturday night...be in a Wolfpack 5th wheel
  9. Sorry about that....Whats your number? I will give you a call tonight **EDIT** Tracked down your VM....just left you a message.
  10. You won't have a problem getting the instruction your looking for. In addition to the beginner meetings, NESBA has a ton of excellent controller riders that will help you throughout the day. I'm sure you will not be disappointed if you attend on the 13th.
  11. I was at Blackhawk for the CCS races on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. No worries though...we got ya taken care of.
  12. LOL....FAR SUPERIOR? Come on Nick...lets be honest. I'm sure you've noticed the brand new bathroom and showers constructed by Kohler a few years ago...or maybe the new tech shed or maybe the new concrete walkways that were put in. 3-4 hours closer? Were you planning on walking the last 50 miles? From Columbus, BHF is an hour and 45 minutes beyond ACC and you don't have to deal with the construction hell like you do getting into ACC....you also don't have to pay to get into Blackhawk. Judging by the attendance numbers, many of the people in this area don't mind the extra drive. Nick...for the record...I'm not a fan of ACC and skipped both events that NESBA had there last year. South and Full just don't do anything for me...North is about the only track I would consider riding at ACC.
  13. I LOVE Blackhawk....it's one of my favorite tracks. I would highly recommend you checking it out. Here is a video of me following Nate Kern last year on the (at that time) New BMW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3N2N-p-lQiM
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