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  1. drew95gt

    Back after 4 year hiatus....

    Used to be pretty active on here but life (aka kids) kinda took me off of two wheels for a while. Just wanted to reintroduce myself and say that I am glad to be back on OR and glad to be back on two wheels as I picked up a '99 Honda VFR. Looking forward to getting back into riding and talking with you guys! ~Drew
  2. drew95gt

    Nws Officer Shoots Dog

    Having extensive experience with Rotties (owned one and my ex g/f had two that I was around all the time), I would venture to say that if that dog was truly out to take down the cop...he would have. Rotties are very protective by nature which makes me see this as the dog coming to the aid of his master, not some vicious attack by an out of control animal. The dog didn't understand what was going on, he just saw three guys coming after his owner...I hope that if anything happened like that to me that my dog would have my back as well. IMO, the owner is just as much at fault for not securing his pup as the cop is for using deadly force...so I guess they are both assholes.
  3. drew95gt

    Used Car Shopping Sucks

    Part of the problem is when you look in the foreign SUV market they tend to hold their value for a good while...i.e Toyota, Honda...etc. Shop domestic..or even Korean. The newer Hyundai SUV's are nice with great styling, good gas mileage, and good warranty. The newer domestics have come a long way as well in terms of build quality and value, but they don't hold resale as well so if you flip cars often you will take a hit on trade in. I was in the market for a used SUV recently as well, and I found that for what I was looking for buying new made sense. I ended up picking up a 2013 Dodge Journey (the post re-design model) and have been very satisfied with the vehicle...but I may be a bit biased as I have always been a closet Mopar fan. Good luck with your vehicle search!!
  4. drew95gt

    Xbox One.....

    The one nice thing about consoles, at least from my brief experience with PC gaming, is that the number of hackers and cheaters tends to be FAR less than on PC. Each game may be different I guess, but it stands to reason that the more tightly controlled architecture (both hardware and OS) tends to make it harder for hackers to exploit and easier for people to catch those using these exploits.
  5. drew95gt

    WANTED: Ninja 250

    The 250's are awesome bikes...I would love to have another one. I had the older style (2004) and honestly the only thing I didn't like about it was the styling. I think I would be perfectly content with a 2008+ 250 or a new 300. They are so light and fun on the twisty back roads.
  6. drew95gt

    Who repped Magz??

    People give Magz a hard time, but unless you have actually met him (I have) you have no idea what he is really like. He is the one that introduced me to OR after I met him through a mutual friend at a party here in Marysville. He is actually a good guy...even if I don't agree with a lot of his political rantings and gun control arguments lol.
  7. drew95gt

    My endevour to stop smoking

    I smoked a pack a day for about 15 years and I quit cold turkey. It was tough..especially after meals or when having a few beers with friends because I really enjoyed a cigarette at those times. I just made up my mind to quit and did it. Haven't touched one in years and can't stand the smell of them now...makes me gag. My wife is still a "social" smoker and I can smell it on her if she goes out in the garage to have a smoke, but like I said it kinda grosses me out and definitely doesn't make me crave one. I still enjoy some Copenhagen snuff from time to time, but I can go without no problem. That was actually one way that helped me get over the nicotine cravings was dipping occasionally. At the time I didn't like the taste of snuff that much so I would only do it when I was jonesing for some nicotine...which broke me of the habit of having a cigarette in my mouth all of the time. The E-Cig may work for you because that was the hardest part for me about quitting was not physically holding the cigarette...just a habit thing.
  8. drew95gt

    Boston Marathon bombing

    Much safer in Mexico with the cartels, crooked cops, and roadside bandits. Canada is better...worse weather but better everything else.
  9. drew95gt

    Congrats to Mfs81

    Nice bike...love the new styling. I can't say enough great things about my 650, they are darn near perfect street bikes.
  10. As long as you are careful and aware of the power of a 600 you should be ok. That being said, I started in a Ninja 250 and am glad that I did...I actually kinda miss the bike.
  11. drew95gt

    itunes question

    Try performing a sync with your iPhone/iPad/iPod whatever it is that you play the music on and see if it will let you select the hidden albums from the music section then. Other than that, I would check on iCloud. For the illegally downloaded stuff, you should be able to retrieve that music from the original .zip files under the music or downloads section of windows explorer. And I know this doesn't help now, but in the future consider buying an inexpensive external hdd to store your music on and update it every month or so...it's cheap insurance when you have a lot of time and money invested in your music/movies.
  12. drew95gt

    60 seconds of salary, visualized

    Answer this question and you are getting close to solving the fundamental problem with this country. I would be willing to bet that the majority of Kobe's cash flow comes via endorsements and advertising as opposed to putting a ball through a hoop.
  13. drew95gt

    Weight loss/Workout Thread 2013

    Lots of motivation here, great job to all of you that lost weight. I started packing on weight in college and went from a 34 waist jeans to a 42. At my heaviest I was around 310 but I'm down to around 290 now just by cutting out soda and mild diet changes. I have been looking for a workout that I enjoy and will stick with. My schedule working 12 hour 3rd shift is a huge deal I have to overcome as well as a hectic family life with 3 little ones. I know those are just excuses and I have to make the time to make the change. Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress here, it is very motivational to see others succeed in their goals that are similar to my own.
  14. drew95gt

    Maybe????Coming to U.S.A

    Sweet bike. I would gladly give up my Ninja for one of those.
  15. drew95gt

    Careful out there

    Good post and good ideas to practice. The only one I don't do regularly is #1 because these idiots around here drive 10-15 mph over the speed limit on a regular basis on the highways...which may be fine if you are in a tan minivan, but 15+mph over on a bright red sportbike makes you a cop magnet.