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  1. I kinda think i will keep it
  2. Maybe a price drop to $1,300 will generate interest?
  3. I will leave this ad up for another few days. In hindsite, I might just hang on to this bike since I have owned it for so long, 22 years. Still planning doing autocross, so I will have balance the free time, nice weather, “what vehicle to drive” deal
  4. Well, thank you for asking co-worker
  5. Max, getting out for a awhile. Planning on building a Miata for autocross. SO, the room will help, plus dont want to see the bike sit. Suzi needs to get out and run Bad, thank you. I have all receipts for anything done. I did most of the work myself. Other work was performed by Perry Paugh at Dougherthys motorcycle in Bedford.
  6. Mello Dude, thank you 2talltim, message sent with my cell number
  7. I haven't been around in awhile, or ridden much lately.. So, here we are. Selling my 1982 Suzuki GS 850 L, $,1600 22,500 miles Vance and Hines 4 into 1 header, carbs rejetted, New battery June 2018 Run, rides like it should. I have owned this motorcycle for the last 22 years and has been on many group rides from this forum. Located south of Cleveland, Ohio in Bedford
  8. When I rebuild a barn find 1976 Puch Maxi E50, I bought most of my parts from a place in Michigan called 1977 Mopeds.
  9. scottb

    Mid-O Nascar...

    I would guess the reoccuring costs are about $20,000 - 30,000 per weekend, assuming you do not wreck / damage the cars. Roger and his brother Bobby owns the company on the side of the car WCIparts. I would say this is a serious hobby for them. They do it because they can. After each race, the engine gets torn down, inspect and replace bearing, valve springs, wheel bearings, brake pads. Just for set up and practice at each track, you have a cabinet full of springs and shocks and gears to get the fastest speed you can at each track. Then, the silly stuff like spark plugs, oil changes, rear end fluid. You have entry fees, tires at $1200 a set of four, a crew to pay, food, hotels, fuel for the $300,000 Renagade car hauler with a double decker trailer.Figure about 6 miles per gallon. Inside the trailer, you have a rolling work shop. A few spare engines, transmissions, rear end, rims, control arms. Other than a frame and roll cage, there are enough spare parts to build a second car. IF you are traveling away from the shop, you need to have anything you would need should it fail or get damaged with you, track side. Plus, there is a complete second "back up" car inside the trailer too. If you wreck the car, other than sheet metal damage, you have earned a trip back to North Carolina to NASCAR to have the car re-certified. It is fun for me when I am on the pit crew, just trying to make our car the best it can be with what we have to work with.
  10. scottb

    Mid-O Nascar...

    The other dodge was my wife's cousin, Roger Reuse, car number 74 Roger normally races late model race cars all over the south. They are from Birmingham Alabama, This year, that second car on paper was owned / leased to Mike Harmon racing. They were still out there racing, having fun, but no way do they have deep enough pockets to get a top 5 or top 10 against the Hendick's, elliot's and Penske's. race team. A four year old Dodge is affordable enough to get you in the game at a kinda high level.
  11. Check out http://www.weldingtipsandtricks.com/, good site and the guy speaks in terms a beginner can understand. I just attended a week long intro welding class at Lincoln Electric. It was a basic class with exposure to mig, stick, tig and plasma cutting. It was a mix of about 2 hours classroom and the rest of the day in the weld booth. Depends on what you plan to work on and the type of base material. I really liked the tig, It took me about three hours of welding beads to get the rhythm of moving the tig torch, filler material rod and the cadence of the actually making the weld. Oh, plus with tig, you have the foot pedal that control the amperage. If you end up touching the tungsten to the filler rod, or the base material, you need to grind the tungsten on a grinder wheel that is dedicated to only tungsten. It is very tricky to keep a 1/16 distance of the tungsten to the base metal. Once you get a good under standing of the basics, you will be able to weld by the sight of the puddle and the sound of the weld. the American Welding society has set up the Welding Procedure Specifications for just about every type of weld, material and position. It will spell out the basic settings for amps, volts, amount of gas, location the first weld, second pass and more welds if needed. Also, the quality of the wire / rods used will also affect the outcome of the weld.
  12. I did not see what was behind it. No rain and warm temps. I am in th car this trip.
  13. I am currently in Cherokee,NC. This is at the other end o Maggie valley. I visited the wheels through Time museum today. Also watched the wall of death thrill show. It was cool seeing the girl ride the go cart on the walls. I ride a 1982 GS 850 GL.
  14. scottb


    Ask him if his bandana he wears is SNELL or at least DOT approved. I understand people change and so does the type of riding they want to do. If he wants to stay " local" for a ride that is fine, but I am not into a bar crawl on a bike.
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