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  1. Woman's shoes, skirt, long hair....girl, guy, manikin or whatever.....
  2. ^^^^^^^What's with the girl hanging from the overpass?
  3. ^^^^^^^ Thanks for posting that.....👍
  4. Strangely, for the first time in about 4 or 5 years all the bike work is all caught up.
  5. Yes! Fuck Winter, Fuck Winter, Fuck Winter!!!!😡
  6. Dude, we should meet up at some point, I'm over in Centerville.
  7. I wouldn't mind one as a 4th or 5th bike, and I know I would go customizing on it. It's screaming for wire wheels. That all said as a ride to put miles on, no thanks.....
  8. Good to know....adding it to the list...Partzilla, RonAyers, Rocky Mountain, ProCaliber, ServiceHonda......
  9. Great thread and wow, awesome photos! Also wondering about your ST1300......debating about getting one.....
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