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  1. Hi newbie rider..... Please take to heart..... The classic saying on being a new rider--- You first get a full bucket of luck and an empty bucket for skill. When you start out, you are mostly using up the luck bucket. Your job is to fill up the skill bucket before the luck bucket runs out. Best wishes and welcome to riding. - Practice as much as you can, and find a more experienced buddy to ride with and ask lots of questions..
  2. Cant believe anyone is still using a K & N oil filter with the spot welded nut on the ends!
  3. Keeping the crap, selling the Pit Bull....
  4. But I like my other crap, Pit Bull is in the way.... see? total dumbass.... 😁
  5. I bought this Pit Bull stand in a weak moment - "wow, that's cool" But I'm a dumbass, I have used it exactly zero times. I have other jacks and stands that I seem to goto for whatever the job is. Selling for $110. Shipping is out, I am willing to drive a reasonable distance from Dayton to meet up. (Maybe kick in 10 bucks for gas)
  6. Probably its a gotta be there situation, if you were closer, I would take a look. Have you put a multimeter on your battery and check volts at idle and 5000 rpm? There's plenty of maybe's....
  7. Well, the answer is probably "yes" to all, I do lust for a clean green 500/550. The thing that got the gears in my brain going is that I happened to bump into an older gent who was a Honda dealer in the 60s & 70s. - Um.. OMG, my head is def still spinning from that.
  8. Yeah, I get that, but there has to be a old Honda junkies group hang out paper/blog/forum or other thing someplace. Been doing the Google thing but maybe someone would know better and point out a direction... Kinda like a what if a barn find situation.........
  9. I'm researching typical pricing of '70s Honda's - twins and fours, the whole range produced. Can you suggest some good resources for fair prices, bikes in various conditions - assuming someone would buy, do some or major resto work and then sell to make a few bucks.
  10. Are you a new rider or have a few seasons experience?
  11. CNN and Fox are heads and tails of the same coin........
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