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  1. mello dude

    Looking for moonlighting CNC mill machinist guy

  2. mello dude

    Cooked wiring???

    Fix it!
  3. Looking for CNC guy for some occasional small milling small batch work. I have had a couple guys do this as "off duty" work so the cost wasnt hateful. Would like to do the same again..... Part is 6061 T6 Aluminum. I have prints and example to show... PM for interest plz, and mbe we can talk about a quote. - I have a small CAD work job too... AutoCAD or whatever you got...
  4. mello dude

    Chain lube myth

    ^^^^^^ Whoa, I bet that makes it a royal bitch to ride in the twistys...
  5. mello dude

    Chain lube myth

    Tire manufacturers make round tires? Mbe I should get some of those....
  6. mello dude

    Shorai Motorcycle Batteries

    I do know that.. .but typically its a waste of bucks.... they dont discharge sitting still.
  7. mello dude

    Shorai Motorcycle Batteries

    Just some 2 cents on these from a geek foole.. .... - I have been using a LiFePO4 type of battery for 5 years in my VFR and I do like it. Very good cranking power and zero maintenance. (I just bought my 2nd one for these season, so 5 years on the first) -- - I think the mistake people tend to do with these is to treat them like a LeadAcid or AGM. --They are a different animal. (Would you feed dog food to a cat?)--- In a normal lifetime, the LiFePO4 never need charging unless you screw up and discharge it. Also your bike charging system needs to be in top shape. Come winter, my routine is to disconnect and bring it in the house, set on my desk, You do need to pull it inside for winter. ...For grins I measure voltage... 13.23v for October.... 13.20v for March. Do not put them on a tender.
  8. mello dude

    Hey Brian (Bad324)

    The latest version of the VFR800s (8th gens) havent been selling well and new leftovers are going insanely cheap ~ $5k-$7k - if you are willing to shop out of state. Even used prices are dropping like a rock.... Sooo tempting - from a VFR addict guy...
  9. mello dude

    I'm baaaaaaakkkkk!

    Quite an insane torque curve! More Torque at idle than the VFR at full bore!
  10. mello dude

    Anyone invest in precious metals?

    I'm with you on that approach. I have the diversified portfolio also, but yeah, the precious metal as hedge something I need to get going on. Not sure how to pull it off.
  11. mello dude

    Anyone invest in precious metals?

    I'm just a dumbass geek foole, but I think holding precious metals are for when the sky is falling. (Insert catastrophe here...) If you are just thinking about eeking some first funds out of the bank savings, open a Roth IRA.. (TD Ameritrade, Etrade etc) and start with ETFs or equitys that pay dividends and make sure the account is set up to dividend reinvestment. (DRIPS) So all div payment automatically rebuy more shares. Over time you end up with more shares and it compounds. Stock examples - BP, Duke energy, Dominion Energy (D) - REITs if you can stand a bit of risk Annaly Morgage (NLY) ETF example - Nuveen Variable income growth. The biggest catastrophe coming? -- When the interest in the Federal Debt becomes the top line item on the "budget" ~ 10 years out.... Both partys are in denial and neither has the political will to address... 2008 will look like a party. .
  12. mello dude

    I'm baaaaaaakkkkk!

    Now thats a full boat to chew up miles... DCT or shift your own?
  13. mello dude

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    A disturbing fact of life. Most have the common sense of a toad and can't get or have never held a real job, so they run for office.
  14. mello dude

    Goodbye OR

    Here get this one. http://www.valkyrieforum.com/bbs/index.php/topic,105750.0.html
  15. mello dude

    If you were me...

    I have a Valkyrie...... that flat six new model or any older is a special engine. Mondo torque off idle and a good rush to redline when you crack it open. Sounds awesome. A bike with a Porsche engine. Also the bikes are designed and balanced that even though they are heavy bikes, the weight disappears at any thing above walking speed. Great rides. For 2 up, you can't beat a GW..... Go get a new GW? Hell yeah!