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  1. Awesome sprocket there dude..... - I think Riders Discount, the sponsor here has the best prices on DID chains, I just got one myself,.
  2. That is a common issue in the VFR world, heck Honda world too. The charging system sucks, so the typical fix is to ditch the OEM R/R and goto a Shindengen SH847 or FH020 from Roadstercycle http://roadstercycle.com/ Then wire it direct to the battery. Also ... eliminate the connector R/R to the stator and solder the wires together. Cheers
  3. Holy shit, that looks fun! I bet the track floor is slick.... This is Cincy?
  4. Damn dude, more power to you..... I don't know if I could do the same so soon....
  5. I am on 6 or 7 motorcycle forums and from hanging out too many years I have read that the windscreen hot sun magnifying glass thing seems to be a common occurrence on multiple bikes. I have a burn mark on the dash on my VFR.... gotta remember to bring a carry cloth to throw over on ride stops....
  6. Pauly, that's terrible this happened. Wish the best for you and Amanda
  7. I got the same email...... anybody else? Scam!
  8. The far right is any Honda linked brake system routing....
  9. Another Dayton guy here....
  10. Hey VFR guy... I had a '95 just like yours and rode the piss out of it, Pennsylvania to Georgia... awesome bike... And now I have a much modified '98 5th gen...... have had some form of VFRs for 20 years........yup, I'm addicted... Cincinnati? We prob could meet up sometime........
  11. What are the sizes of the leather gear?
  12. mello dude

    My mom

    My mother did the same, had heart surgery and a week later, it caused a stroke. She could barely talk, see or walk after that. Very tough going. I feel for you man, best wishes
  13. Looking for tire mounting in Dayton area without going 50 bucks a wheel. (Dealer!) - I thought there was a guy around Tipp City that would go $25 each? What say you?
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