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  1. So, the bike and the white car are running a red light? The van guy is left turning into waht he thinks is a clear green light? I think the biker is running a red light, ... Brave? No.. Stupid? Yes.... Definately lucky, not dead.
  2. mello dude

    Let them die.

    No matter what the name, it can't be in the same building as HD...... Harley would need to COMMIT to it as disconnected from the company... Enuff BS from me.........
  3. mello dude

    Let them die.

    BS idea.... Harley needs to come out with a new division ala Toyota/ Lexus....Honda/ Acura etc sell the new bikes under that name...hell ...pay Eric Buell to use his name. Buell division?
  4. mello dude

    Let them die.

    The new Bronx and the Cafe bike don't look too bad..
  5. And a BTW -. kudos to Pauly - great post!
  6. I would love to meet up with you guys.....but being in Dayton is at least a 3 hour drone to get up that way.... I too could probably teach beginning riders a few things........ Peace and beers to all.....
  7. It was just a bit of a fun rib....sure, I would like to try one......
  8. Lots of great roads listed. One of my favs is going 41S out of Greenfield.... there are some other good roads in that general area....
  9. Lawsuit on the first surgeon? That sorta like not tightening lug nuts on a wheel....
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