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  1. I used to screw with my own fork maintenance , but in the last few years, I have gotten lazy, I just send them to - Jamie Daughtery at DMr Motorsports - Ft Wayne, Indiana..... http://daughertymotorsports.com/ ---- Jamie is a Japanese and Ducati suspension guru.... Ship the forks to him, he does the work I want.... I work on other shit on the bike in the mean time, forks come back perfect, I reinstall.... painless and priced reasonable.. Maybe check with Jamie for his input...
  2. Lemme throw out a scenario for spinning...... I am kinda considering buying a bike out west, then riding and visiting family in LA , then riding North to visit friends, family in Vancouver.....and head back east visiting others as I work my way back to Ohio.......... Registration wise, how do I pull it off? Temp tag? Out of state temp tag or?
  3. Thanks for that report....Range is definitely a problem. I imagine recharge time would be the same.
  4. - 5 Guys Burgers - Piada Italian Street Food - Raising Canes Chicken Fingers - DiBella's Subs - Submarine House... - Skyline Chilli
  5. Hi - what locale do you live by? I'm near Miamisburg.... I ride a VFR for twistys fun, would be happy to show some local routes, mostly to the south and east. C'mon spring!!
  6. Interesting the OP hasn't responded yet....
  7. You could always go to the OhioDMV site and download the vehicle registration cost schedule.
  8. Putin is laughing his ass off.... still poking the Donald...keep those payments coming!
  9. Continuing to wish to you and your wife the very best outcome.
  10. So, Pauly....waht do you think about the gloves? Fit? Comfortable? Stitching jam any fingers or thumb? Gonna try a ride it report? I have trouble with gloves fit big time...and waay over due for something new... Thxz
  11. If you got lots of photos... do a build thread? I'm a mechanical geek.. feed me...
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