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  1. Should we start a "rides" thread vs the work on the bike thread?
  2. Yes... me too... I could get into the gravel backroad thing...
  3. I dont have a bike to run, but I guess a session is a part of of a track day.....but sounds damn fun....
  4. I hear ya.... Part of me is saying "stop tearing the bike down!" - I have tinkered and retinkered this bike off and on since I've owned it... This bike just fits me like glove, does have some good scoots, and is a decent dance partner in SEO twisty stuff since I have upgraded with Traxxion/Penske and RC51 brakes. But that "moar power" urge is still there.... some cleaned up heads, and PC3 plus a header would grab mbe a 15ish hp boost. Just kinda looking into it for now. Mbe if I get a cost idea, I'll gag on that and give it up.....
  5. Hey, that's an idea, an under 400cc only allowed track day......
  6. Debating about getting a little more power out of the viffer.. Kinda fell into obtaining an extra set of heads on the VFR and now wondering to spend some bucks to do a port and polish job. You race guys, who could do some machine work, plus the work on the dyno? Thanks
  7. I am hearing that bikes are selling now like hot cakes....
  8. I have observed the same thing on a ride yesterday, many Trump signs, few Biden signs. Something kinda weird, on my street, 2016 there were many Trump signs and 1Clinton. This year the D house has the Biden sign, but the there's no Trump signs this time. I don't get it. I don't get what the polls say, at a toss up race or Biden slightly ahead. Is it possible Trump supporters don't participate in the polls? No matter what, it's going to be an ugly, ugly election, probably end up in the Supreme Court..
  9. Admittedly I am fishing but.... Just a shot... Looking for early Yamaha (or close) late 70s or early 80s mirror ... (really any make will work if its the right size... Just one. The shaft is 10mm dia and the thread on it is 10 x 1.25.. and the angle on it is 120 degrees. I dont care if the mirror is borked or whatever, the stalk of it is my interest, like the pic. Just need it good enuff that it will polish up. You could have one in your junk pile.... -- I am going to cut the thing and thread the ends so it a short stalk vs a long thing.. (like my example) --- I didnt do the bend, it was there as stock... --- I think its from an old Yamaha Enduro.... Got anything??.
  10. Agree - YouTube is an amazing resource on near any "fix it" situation. I like to search to see if anybody has done a certain job before jumping in myself. Amazon and YouTube - masters of time suckage...😀
  11. http://daughertymotorsports.com/ I have used these guys on occasion, UPS forks to him, they rework and send back.
  12. mello dude

    OMRL 2020

    Oops...got that wrong, it's Camden....G & J Kartway www.gandjkartway.com
  13. mello dude

    OMRL 2020

    You run down in Gratis on the go cart track?
  14. Another welcome, south Dayton guy here.. Blown Goat, I assume that is a car? Photos?
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