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  1. Charging upgrades ?

    Lots of times on Honda's the stator connector to the R/R get burnt up fubar causing a big mess of charging issues. That is a quick place to check for condition while digging in the guts. Agree with all above. If there isnt a problem that jumps out on the charging debug, lots of times its a little bastard moving short to chase. Bleah -- bike electrics suck !
  2. Charging upgrades ?

    Alright I'll bite.... A Honda with charging issues? No Way! (lol - j/k) I have fixed my share of VFRs, throw in a Yams and Zuks.... Anyhoo - this is my charger debug it procedure that usually points to what to do.... The drill.... as listed, you need to know your battery is good - first. Get out the multimeter (I see you already have done some) a go to town on this.... "The Drill" Sorry for your electrical troubles. Well, looks like you gotta do…. “The Drill.” Go through all your connectors for burnt leads, dig deep. Crispy wires? Not good. Your gonna have to fix that! Then---Go through this starting point quick list. You will need a multimeter too. Steps: - Recharge battery overnite - then to take it to Autozone, Batterys Plus or similar to load test. -- Good? Bad? – An iffy battery can fake you out and act like a bad R/R. Buy new if needed. -- A GOOD BATTERY IS THE FIRST THING! - With good battery fire it up, warm up for a minute or two. These are R/R quick checks--- --- With voltmeter at battery get voltages -- idle volts? 5000 rpm volts? What’s the numbers? Should be in 13ish min idle and in 14s at revs. If in the 12s at idle, try at 1900 rpm. (It’s not unusual for the system to be in discharge or no charge at idle.) - Check stator - 1. Pull connector apart. Set meter to resistance. Check pin to pin stator side, 3 yellow wires, A to B, B to C, C to A. What’s the numbers? 3 separate readings --Should be less than 1.0 ohms. (Engine off) - 2. Check continuity from each A,B,C pin stator side to ground, -- -should be infinity - nada nothing. no continuity. -- 3 separate checks. (Engine off, again connector is apart) -- Again, what's the numbers? - 3. Crank it back up. Do another pin to pin thing, but set meter on AC volts. idle and 5000 rpms. What's da numbers? Should start 15 -20ish and climb 50ish and more. Again – 3 readings stator side connector and still apart. - Repeat hot if you dont find anything wrong. Sometimes the stator will be fine cold and be a problem hot. (If you find the probem cold, you dont have to redo this hot) Come back with your numbers written down... GL Steve..
  3. Back after 4 year hiatus....

    Nice 5th gen!
  4. Happy Birthday Tonik!!

    Whoa - that GW is gorgeous!
  5. Some self info from a newbie rider

    Hi - the BMW is your first bike?
  6. My Battle with K&N

    Jeez dude, just trying to help.
  7. My Battle with K&N

    Jeez Derek, my 2 cents is your way too nice....
  8. My Battle with K&N

    Reply to them and ask if they want a class action law suit. That will get their attention.....
  9. bike FS: Suzuki GSX-S750

    Craigslist ad expired........
  10. bike 2001 zrx1200r

    Your wrenches talk to you too? Whew, I thought I was the only one...
  11. Kneeling for the anthem and flag.

  12. bike 2001 zrx1200r

    Would be a damn shame....
  13. New Goldwing Leaked Images

    Looks pretty sweet, kinda blend of ST1300/GW/FJR/BMW1600... Really like that silver F6B. Wonder what they did to the engine. With 1800 cc - it could really kick butt if they let it breath some... Any news on price tags?
  14. 2006 zx14 front brake pulsating

    A longtime geek mechanix trick is to find bolt and nut that will fit in the hole in the buttons and tighten them up and rotate nut/bolt/button combo with socket wrench. Clean the shit out of it with brake cleaner. - Those buttons are supposed to be moveable.....