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  1. mello dude

    What did you do to your bike today?

    @Danimal...... I am sooo envious.... Keep the photos coming! ---Mbe consolidate into one thread?
  2. mello dude

    Pick my tattoo.

    First one?
  3. mello dude

    Winter entertainment!!

    Whole lotta green.....
  4. mello dude

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    I emailed them all...
  5. mello dude

    What did you do to your bike today?

    No wife? 😎
  6. mello dude

    Winter entertainment!!

  7. mello dude

    Dream Bikes

    ^^^^^ Agree with that completely....😎
  8. mello dude

    Dream Bikes

    I was refering to the CTX 1300 in last post.. effn ugly..
  9. mello dude

    Dream Bikes

    I am a big Valkyrie fan and when I heard that Honda was doing a 1800 version, I was kinda excited about it. I bet that bike is a great ride, but its sooo damn ugly. Seems like the same crew that did the VTX1300, the 1200 VFR also did the 1800 Valk. I am a Honda crazy, but the design team needs a kick in the ass. (WTF r u thinking?) I do have the original version and I like it as a laid back slacker cruiser for a ride on the local backroads. Mondo torque off idle, and crack it WFO and its got a great honking engine sound. I dont think any twin would fill the bill as the flat six does...
  10. mello dude

    New Honda CBR

    What is the base price on it?
  11. mello dude

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    Go for it dude!
  12. mello dude

    Dream Bikes

    I would agree with that......I like different "styles" of riding vs any one machine can do all. For quite awhile now, I have had some type of sporty type bike and then also a fat assed cruiser as a baseline. Plus off and on have added other bikes of interest.. For now if we are going "dreams", I would be interested in some long haul bomber.. (GW or ST or FJR or BMW?) and have always itched for that perfect RC51 and a tricked out Truimph Truxton, mbe one of the new ducati V4 bikes and some type of street fighter... . .
  13. mello dude

    Indian is getting with the program.

    The smart lean is impressive stuff and a plus for safety. Not knocking any of it, technology marches on, but the thing is, I have seen it even with the start of ABS brakes, is that riders start appreciating less that riding is still a skill, that needs to be always learning, always looking to get better. With the new tech, many riders forget the skill part and then now depend on the tech to bail them out in iffy spots... I'm kinda saying - Skills first: Technology as backup....... as opposed to the opposite that seems to be trending... Technology first: skills second. Indian def has some impressive bikes coming out....
  14. mello dude

    New ducs

    ^^^^^ Once the sound of the V4 is in the blood its an addiction that never goes away.....
  15. mello dude

    Indian is getting with the program.

    Jeez, that's a serious torque monster.....