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  1. mello dude

    WVa. New River Gorge.

    Great shots and good riding. I was there 10 years ago, I 'm overdue to go back.
  2. mello dude

    ABS vs Non-ABS

    I dont have any problems with ABS and the electronix, but where its effed up is riders start thinking since I have it, I can pay less attention to improve riding skills. "If only I had ABS, there wouldnt be a wreck" ... .. yeah.. yeah. What ever.. Rider slacked on the skill focus and ate it.
  3. mello dude

    Pit Bull single sided rear stand

    bump 2
  4. mello dude

    Pit Bull single sided rear stand

    Ducati guys and VFR guys - this one's for you..... Let's make a deal... I'm in Dayton....
  5. mello dude

    Pit Bull single sided rear stand

  6. mello dude

    gear Pit Bull single sided rear stand

    Selling this Pit Bull stand for single sided swing are bikes. Its in great shape. It has a VFR pin on it. I just bought it on a whim, but I really have plenty of ways to screw with the VFRs I work on. I dont use it, its collecting dust. .$125.00 I can drive to meet you in a reasonable mileage (cash only) or would rather not ship, but would be plus shipping.
  7. mello dude

    Get Old & Get a Gold Wing (?)

    Aw...c'mon dude.... have some faith....☺
  8. mello dude

    Get Old & Get a Gold Wing (?)

    Frickn Awesome, back from the dead, and rides like his hair on fire.... Now speedo---- KPH or MPH?
  9. mello dude

    How hard is it to do brake line flush yourself?

    Adding --- on Last tip- once you got good pressure and speed bleeders tight, pull your lever back and lock the brakes with a zip tie and let sit over nite. All air will travel to the top of the reservoir, your lever will be solid, better than before.
  10. mello dude

    How hard is it to do brake line flush yourself?

    Well you know, first you have to pass the brake mechanix coordination test.... Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Next bend over to hands on the ground and your on all fours. Then kick your right leg out..... Next bark...... Got that far? Yup you pass. --Ok its silly but just to say its ez. 😁 All kidding aside, go buy speed bleeders and replace the stockers. It make it waaaaay easier on the bleed and generally you can skip needing a pump. Also go steal your wife turkey baster, It's used to suck all the fluid out of the reservoirs. Do that first and clean the shit outta each, paper towel the inside, then hit the nasty corners with Qtips. Clean! Clean! Clean! Then go from there and refill. You can now just pump clean fluid thru to the new speedbleeders, a little at a time, of course with plastic hose attached. (think Lowes, cheap). Another cheapo step could be with a punched hole in a jam jar, with the plastic hose fed in, so you can watch for bubbles. - (I have the Mityvac plastic containers) You can feeeeel when you are pumping good fluid and tighten up the speed bleeders. Its simple, but very basic is what you need. http://www.speedbleeder.com/ GL
  11. mello dude

    Starter bike

    Buy that '82 Suzuki thats for sale here.
  12. mello dude

    My new screen name

    Awhile back CSC - you said you grow hops for brewing beer... so Hopper Hopper________
  13. mello dude

    My 1982 Suzuki GS 850 L $1,600

    Damn shame, sweet bike......
  14. mello dude

    My 1982 Suzuki GS 850 L $1,600

    Very nice, UJM classic...
  15. mello dude

    Hillary Just a Thought.

    Its interesting that he was nominated by Reagan.