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  1. Speede

    QSL Poker Run 9/20

    Hey guys, If u havent heard, there s a poker run this sunday starting and ending at the QSL at polaris, first bike leaves at 9:30 and they said u should b back around 3 or 3:30. $25 for the rider + $15 for a passenger, supposed to include 3 meals (wing buffet when you get back), prizes for poker hands, and all the Money goes to St. Jude's. Almost positive i'm going, and just wanted to see if any1 else here was going to go too! If i have any info wrong plz feel free to let me know
  2. Speede

    How much have you spent at Iron Pony

    $1053 since april...
  3. Speede


    Personally, I have never been to Hind's, talked to anyone at Hind's, or even know where Hind's is. WHY? Becuz i read about them on here! If every1 just did like I do there would b no more horror stories! They couldn't pay ME to take their service plan...
  4. Speede

    Anti-Speeding Vid

    That was crazy
  5. Speede

    Q-S-&-L Bike Night 09/09/09

    we'll c how the weather is, but im in if its clear, dont have anything else to do tonight!
  6. Speede

    This guy REALLY didnt want a DUI.

    He shot both officers with a handgun while fleeing from his car before he got to his house. When he got to his house is when he pulled the real shit out, since apparently he was a gun enthusiast. I live like 3 blocks from this and I walked down 4th st to about 16th and there were just cops everywhere, it was crazy...
  7. Speede

    Q-S-&-L Bike Night 09/02/09

    I'm in, see ya at 7
  8. Speede

    Hello There

    Welcome to the boards! hope to see u a some events
  9. Speede

    Netgear WGR614v6 802.11G Wireless Router

    might take u up on this. gotta ask the roomie, our current router sucks
  10. Speede

    Q-S-&-L Bike Night 08/26/09

    No rain and I'm in!
  11. Speede

    PC vs New Bike

    not helpful...
  12. Speede

    PC vs New Bike

    thanks, thats what i was looking for
  13. Speede

    PC vs New Bike

    Idk, I was just told that maybe if I put a PC on it then that might wake it up a little. like i said, idk much about it. Maybe I do need to go on some diff roads though, I mainly just ride it as a mode of transportation and havent been on many "recreational" rides. Idk the roads around here
  14. Speede

    PC vs New Bike

    Hey guys! Hers's my dilemma, I'm getting bored with my 06' 650r. I love that my bike is reliable and i'm the only one to have owned it, and i was wondering if I put a PC on it if it would make it more enjoyable, or at least enjoyable enough for me to last another 2 yrs on it until I buy a 600. Never had any experience w/ a PC so I don't know from first hand experience the difference that it will make. Give me some insight