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  1. Checked the rotors and they are clean. buttons are all stuck with no play.. I am bit confused here. Is the rotor supposed to be floating on those buttons? In other words should I have any kind of play when I try to push the buttons or spinning it? right now both rotors have those round buttons all firmly attached to the rotors both sides.
  2. HelloI just noticed that when I come to a stop at slow speed the brakes are "pulsing" like the rotor might be warped, however at any other speed say over 20 mph up to 100 plus, the brake feels solid with no pulsating feeling whatsoever, so to speak.So if the rotors were warped wouldn't it pulsate at any speed? Why only at slow speed when I come to a stop light?Also I have no feed back of any kind to the brake lever just a "pumping " motion of the forks as I come to a stop.Pads look in good shape as well as the rotors from a visual inspection.Should I replace pads first see if it cures it or replace rotors?Any idea?Thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Both battery cables are on and secure and the lights do not dim when I started the bike. The battery is pretty new. Could it be a bad starter's solenoid? thanks for the help.. Fabio
  4. Hi I have a 2003 Kawasaki Zx11D It has been running fine until today. Got up to go to work, started the bike as usual, went down the street to the gas station to gas up. Stopped the engine, filled up, turned ignition key to on position, lights on dash board on everything as usual. Pressed the START button, and the bike went dead. So took bike apart at the station, and there is an electric module next to the fuse box. Checked all the fuses and they were all ok. After few minutes the power came back on its own. Pressed the Start button and again the bike went dead, like there was a short and you can hear a little clicking noise to the before mentioned module. Waited a few more minutes and the power came back on once again. I pushed start the bike and off I went to work. Came back home the same way. Any idea on what's going on? Did I confuse you guys enough? All the help will be as usual greatly appreciated. Thanks Fabio
  5. "BTW, how've you been? Haven't seen/talked to you since NinjaDoc's ride last year." Not too bad. Shortly after the ride last year my wife found cancer in her breast and she has been battling with it ever since. We used to enjoy riding together, hopefully she will be in better shape once the treatments are over by the end of this month. Thanks for all the mounting tips.
  6. you're an ass...thx for the tip
  7. What's a good/favorite place to mount your Go Pro camera? Tank? Helmet? Side fender? Thanks for the suggestions
  8. Got Rider for few years now.. I had 'em all ..Progressive, Allstate, State Farm..... By far the cheapest one, believe it or not I pay $60 a year for my 97 ZX11. That's with $50k/110K liability and medical only coverage. A bit more for full coverage, but my bike is old and I don't see paying more for something that I can replace for around $3000. They offer different umbrella of course, but what I like for my inexpensive coverage is that among other thing they offer free tow in case you break down up to 35 miles to a place of your choice and it's radio dispatched. I had problem couple of years ago and the tow truck showed up around one hr. after I called the toll free number! Now that's service. Give it a try on line for a free quote, see what you get. Good luck
  9. sei qui per sempre o solo di passaggio? Ciao Fabio
  10. There is a ride gathering up this Sunday morning on the west side and heading down south . More than welcome to join in.
  11. I have a stupid question.... How do you find out for sure if you have a rusty tank? Looking inside with a flash light? running some fuel through a coffee filter and see what deposit leaves? When I took the carb apart last fall I noticed some brownish deposit at the bottom of the bowls. Is that an indication of rust? Thanks for the help....
  12. Doomking


    CBR sei Italiano? Vedo che sei in Lakewood.....Io in North Ridgeville Juventus tutta la vita, ma sono un po seghe ultimamente. Speriamo che l'Italia ci fa sognare quest'estate ai mondiali. Se vai a fare un giro in moto, fammi sapere cosi andiamo insieme. Ciao Fabio
  13. Doomking


    Ciao Gianluca, benvenuto al sito. Io abito un po piu a nord vicino a Cleveland, chissa' forse un giorno ci incontriamo quando si fara' un giro insieme con questi qui su OR. Io vengo da Milano e mi sono trasferito qui ormai da venti anni. La mia famiglai e tutta in Italia e io sono sposato qui con un'americana e ho due figli. E tu? quanti anni hai? se qui da solo o con la famiglia? Se per caso vieni da queste parti, fammi sapere cosi andiamo a fare un giro insieme. E un peccato che con le moto che abbiamo bisogna stare attenti sempre al limite di velocita. Fatti sentire Caio Fabio
  14. I love using Phantombidder Phantombidder.com You place your highest bid, set the timer when the bid has to be placed,I usually use 3 seconds to end, then I walk away. The difference from regular bidding on e-bay is that your identity is concealed (phantombidder) until the end and other bidders aren't aware that you're interested until is too late to rebid. Give it a try. Cool app.
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