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  1. Doomking

    NEO riders...

    Good points.....I might just take the zx14 out for a short local spin than . thx for the reply
  2. Doomking

    NEO riders...

    Hello Is anyone planning to ride this holiday weekend from NEO? open for anything... thx for watching...
  3. Anyone from NEO going down there?
  4. Doomking

    Oct 7 Saturday

    Too bad it’s tomorrow...I have to work..
  5. Doomking

    Sunday 10/1 anyone riding?

    Will do..perhaps a later start since the temps are going to be colder this weekend. i am planning to go out 8:30-9:00 and heading south on 83 toward millersburg and ride some of the roads around there and than heading back home, 3-4 hrs ride at the most....
  6. Doomking

    Sunday 10/1 anyone riding?

    Anyone from NEO riding this Sunday? wweather looks perfect....
  7. Doomking

    2006 zx14 front brake pulsating

    Checked the rotors and they are clean. buttons are all stuck with no play.. I am bit confused here. Is the rotor supposed to be floating on those buttons? In other words should I have any kind of play when I try to push the buttons or spinning it? right now both rotors have those round buttons all firmly attached to the rotors both sides.
  8. HelloI just noticed that when I come to a stop at slow speed the brakes are "pulsing" like the rotor might be warped, however at any other speed say over 20 mph up to 100 plus, the brake feels solid with no pulsating feeling whatsoever, so to speak.So if the rotors were warped wouldn't it pulsate at any speed? Why only at slow speed when I come to a stop light?Also I have no feed back of any kind to the brake lever just a "pumping " motion of the forks as I come to a stop.Pads look in good shape as well as the rotors from a visual inspection.Should I replace pads first see if it cures it or replace rotors?Any idea?Thanks for the help.
  9. Doomking

    ROAR 2017 - NEO to Meet Spot 9/16/17

    I'll try to get up and see how cold it is, hopefully I'll be ok.
  10. Doomking

    ROAR 2017 - NEO to Meet Spot 9/16/17

    Thanks for the reply. 8:00 in Wooster? Dang means I have to leave my house around 6:30-7:00 gonna freeze my ass How many people are meeting in Wooster that you know of?
  11. Doomking

    ROAR 2017 / Not so Epic Fall Ride

    Who's going from NEO?
  12. Doomking

    ROAR 2017 / Not so Epic Fall Ride

    So as of right now how many confirmed riders are participating?
  13. Doomking

    ROAR 2017 / Not so Epic Fall Ride

    Fantastic....please keep me posted on times and location. Thanks!
  14. Doomking

    NEO south 83 fun route

    Thanks Jim for your info. ill try to head out around 10am and perhaps take the 62w 520 w you mentioned and than back home. just a quick ride to enjoy the nice weather. anyone is welcome to join if you wish, for this quick getaway.
  15. Doomking

    NEO south 83 fun route

    Hello I am thinking on Sunday morning to head out from the circle K at intersection of 82 and 83 in Grafton around 9am for a couple of hours of riding. Does any of you know any fun route to go to leading off 83 that would be worth riding? thanks for all the help.