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  1. I am going to start parting out my 04 600rr track bike. I believe it spun a bearing but I don't feel like pulling the bottom end. The top end has been pulled and is in good condition. This was a street bike that I converted to a track bike. I have a clean title for the bike that I would get rid of with the frame. I have both street and track fairings. I also have multiple sets of wheels. I plan to start listing parts on eBay next weekend but wanted to post here first to see if anyone needs anything.
  2. New York was in pretty rough shape in the early 80s as well and now look at it. Was it as bad, no but crime was soaring and it was a bleak outlook. Detroit has a lot of complex issues that will take years to right. From the beginning of a lot of the current major issues stemming from the race riots and white flight of the 60s & 70s to the loss of industry and most recently the corruption of the Kwame Kilpatrick camp. The city proper is fairly large by land area and only has a population of about 600k people. The Metro Detroit area with the suburbs has 5.3 million people. Itso hard for a city that was built for nearly 2 million to sustain when everyone had move to the suburbs. The cities population has declined for 50 years but may actually see an increase for 2016. People are no longer leaving and instead quite a few are moving to the city again. It will take years for things to build out from the downtown and midtown regions to the rest of the neighborhoods. I shared the same opinion when I started coming to Detroit on a regular basis for work six years ago but that has slowly changed as I have seen the reality of what's going on there. I moved up here a couple of years back to the Metro area and actually planned to buy in the city but due to personal circumstances couldn't. I am about to buy a place up here in the next few months but will more than likely purchase in Royal Oak. I am interested and would move to the city if car insurance rates weren't so ridiculous, and no that's because of the crime. Michigan has the highest auto insurance in the US and Detroit suffers more due to the large number of uninsured and personal injury lawsuits.
  3. A lot has happened in the city since the bankruptcy. The downtown, midtown, riverfront, and corktown areas have a lot of positive things happening. http://www.mlive.com/business/index.ssf/2016/04/5_things_to_consider_about_det.html Check out the new Pure Michigan commercial about the actual city. There are currently billions of dollars being invested into the city proper with substantial growth and new developments. There are even plans for new skyscrapers downtown and new hotels. Crime is improving quite a bit and last year had the least number of homicides in 40 years. http://www.mlive.com/business/index.ssf/2016/02/detroit_transform_since_super.html The city has plenty of problems and sure there are to stay away from but you are not going to murdered, mugged, robbed, or rape just driving into the city. There is still a long way to go but I absolutely hate the rhetoric the people who are unfamiliar with the current situation continue to spew.
  4. A large amount of money is being thrown at downtown, midtown, and the corktown area. There are definitely some areas that would be relatively decent places to invest in. I was going to buy a loft in Midtown two years ago for $200k and now similar units in that building are going for $350-400k. The whole Ferndale and Royal Oak area is pretty nice and houses are only sitting on the market for a week or two.
  5. Apparently I've been away too long and am missing all the gayness around here
  6. I have one of the aluminum low profile jacks that I have used for the last 8 or 9 years without a single issue. I am surprised that it has held up as well as it has.
  7. The Detroit Desmond club still hasn't responded to my request to join. This would be a long way for me to ride now
  8. The T-Rex restraint system is really nice and fairly inexpensive
  9. This might need a little tree air freshner hanging inside of it
  10. If there are any reasonable rooms left anywhere, I would split the tickets with you.
  11. I still have it torn down. I ended up remodeling the house to sell before we moved to Michigan for my job and the bike got pushed aside. Now we have a condo we are renting that has a small one car garage. I barely have any room to park the new bike in there. I will get it back together soon enough to get back out there. The Duc will see some track time
  12. I decided that even as uncomfortable as it is, my love affair was too strong. I will have to make a trip out that way for a ride before the summer is over.
  13. I finally picked up a new after too long. I started out giving myself a budget of half of what I spent but decided to just get what I have been wanting for a long time. I am the proud new owner of a 2011 Ducati 848evo that had less than 2500 miles on it before I picked it up today. I got a great deal on it but had to drive 3 hours north from where I am in Michigan to BFE to pick it up and ride it back. I will make it down for a run around hocking before too long. There aren't a lot of great places to ride up here where I moved in MI but it is a lot better than the flat lands they call NW Ohio.
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