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  1. tyler524

    Parting out 04 CBR600rr track bike

  2. I am going to start parting out my 04 600rr track bike. I believe it spun a bearing but I don't feel like pulling the bottom end. The top end has been pulled and is in good condition. This was a street bike that I converted to a track bike. I have a clean title for the bike that I would get rid of with the frame. I have both street and track fairings. I also have multiple sets of wheels. I plan to start listing parts on eBay next weekend but wanted to post here first to see if anyone needs anything.
  3. tyler524

    Heading to TN - August 17 to August 21st

    As of now, I am heading back on Sunday.
  4. I know it's last minute but I am thinking about heading down to the mountains Wednesday night or Thursday morning. I will probably ride down unless I have someone who wants to trailer down. I have a 6x12 enclosed trailer but not a reliable tow vehicle and it's up in Detroit. I am meeting a couple of Ducati guys down in Gatlinburg but plan to rode all around the mountains. If anyone is interested, let me know.
  5. tyler524

    Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    I am in for next year. Work always seems to get in the way but I am planning this one out far enough in advance.
  6. tyler524

    Gap bed thread

    Yeah, I have been traveling so much lately. San Francisco to Germany the next week, back a week traveling locally, China last week, and back to San Francisco next week. I will make it down this summer for a ride or two.
  7. tyler524

    Gap bed thread

    I won't be able to make it for sure now. You can take my spot in a lodge room.
  8. tyler524

    Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2016

    It is a lodge room with two queen beds. I was going to split it with @what
  9. tyler524

    Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2016

    Today is my first day back in the office after being in China and I may have another work trip that may interfere with the gap. I am trying to get out of it but not sure that I can. If anyone would want to take my room that I was planning on splitting, it may be available. If not, I may end up footing my half regardless since I already committed the other bed.
  10. tyler524

    Gap bed thread

    I still have a bed open if you want to split the room.
  11. tyler524

    Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2016

    Ha wow that was bad. It was for sure just a typo and my room is Thursday through Sunday. I had to go back and double check the confirmation this morning
  12. tyler524

    Gap bed thread

    Sorry, had my days off and I just called and changed the room over to Friday through Sunday
  13. tyler524

    Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2016

    Hotel is now fixed and I check in on Friday night. Thanks for the quick heads up. I am off to bed now since it is after 2 am in Germany and I have to be up in a few hours.
  14. tyler524

    Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2016

    FML, looks like I am calling them tomorrow to adjust
  15. tyler524

    Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2016

    I just booked a room for Wednesday through Sunday for a double queen bed room. I am officially in for this trip now. If anyone else is looking for a bed, I have an extra to spare.