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  1. I haven't seen you in a while either... hang out for once... !

  2. hey! havent seen you in a while!

  3. ... but we have yet to confirm the MJ is in fact a girl, assumptions have been made based on outward appearances but I think we need solid proof

  4. haha.... awww. you need to start postin kiddo... you have 2 friends. buuut, on a side note, you probably have the highest % of girls as your friends... 100% :trophy:

  5. hrm... colorado... when you goin? sounds fun. :D I would prolly die on the slopes.

  6. So you going to colorado with the ski team or something? Another year or two of boarding and hopefully I'll be good enough for a trip like that!

  7. haha no!!! I'm friends with yotaman , I just got on here to mess around on the forum - NOT stalking you , so don't get your hopes up

  8. Screw that michelle.... your coming to colorado right?! and candace... i think you are stalking me or something wtf lol !

  9. What are you doing on her Candace?! Did you get a bike?!

  10. viper51s

    Chad Gets his Lambeau Leap @ GB

    Go bengals!
  11. Thanks for posting. He's having a much more intense experience out there then my friends did. I hope he makes it back ok!
  12. viper51s

    Apartment troubles... again... wtf.

    Holy shit MJ I didn't know that news yet... I kinda hope your still locked out when you get back so we can have fun again. If they turn the water off just put it in your name, I think that works, maybe not. For any one else who was wondering the place is amazing, but yea her landlord is crazy. Edit: Changed message to protect the innocent... lol
  13. viper51s

    FS: 2006 Yamaha R6 Anniversary Edition

    Wow that is a beautiful, bump again. Just started a new job, too bad I have not gotten any paychecks yet....
  14. Can't get to it either, I have a lot of friends who went to Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm interested in hearing the rest of the story