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  1. I've been too Daytona 200 race, very cool experience I'm happy it found someone to keep race going. My fav spot was the pit, very cool to watch bikes get prepped and riders and can't forget umbrella girls!!! Lol
  2. welcome i have a 2007 Suzuki GSXR 750 there is a huge variety in cbus though. Hope to see you around
  3. does the serial num on filter sa kn-138?
  4. great shots i think the weather did u good on getting some really good shots. good job man!!
  5. i was at taco bell 2hrs before he crashed. we all were talking and laughing and talking about the recnet body damage he got from a crash before. its crazy how life does it thing and you have to keep going to move on. sam was a good dude and im very sorry too hear of his passing. may he rest in peace.
  6. probably the best thing i heard all day, u know ohio it could be 70 degrees that day and the motorcycle show will be stuffed chock full of bikes :eek:
  7. somone said totally stock is that believable?
  8. that definitley took some balls plus an HD!! :eek:
  9. so who took a picture of thier sister!!!!!.... just kidding... wow and unbelievable:eek:
  10. they call me a wheelie machine!!!!!!!:wheeliezx10::wheeliezx10:
  11. yes the fastest rider ever, i like the guiness book idea, he's so gonna get in.
  12. cool trailer, i'm looking for at least a 2-3 enclosed one myself. anyone know of any?
  13. hey man u ever been to a dyno run? that always cool to help mod.

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