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  1. trailer prices are crazy right now. I just sold my old ass 4x8 with crappy 8" tires for $500 this morning that wasn't nearly as nice or capable as this one. I had 3 people lined up that wanted it and the guy ended up giving me an extra $50 over asking to hold it for a day until he could get here
  2. Every time I cook a turkey I still yell "Pauly, this is for you!". Some habits die hard
  3. Congrats! someone got them a hell of a bike. I miss mine from time to time
  4. I've always preferred Ferrari however when I saw which models the choice included, had to go Lambo
  5. I only know one place in Charleston and its called Pies and Pints. Its been a solid 8 years probably since I've been but it was awesome pizza and beer
  6. what a beaut! Good luck with the sale! If any of the old school OR folks want to start a gofundme to put this in my garage I wouldn't say no
  7. ohhhh NOW you finally get rid of the VROD for a sportier bike. Congrats man, hell of a nice swap
  8. nah, you missed the keyword in almost. I still don't miss it enough or have the time in my schedule to utilize one
  9. Bad324

    WTF did I do?

    daaamn that sucks but glad ya'll made it. Same new job, house and kids keep me busy all the time. Getting old is dumb
  10. Bad324

    WTF did I do?

    oh that looks like a nice ride, how the hell you been man?
  11. oh man you two are riding together again and getting BBQ...almost makes me want to pick up two wheels again
  12. well here I was logging in today to connect with the fine lady
  13. get this instead, way better for the street. You know you want it
  14. Ohhhh real old school. I wouldn't doubt someone went to the same damn joke all the time and sounds like something that would come my way haha
  15. He's 21 now?!?! Wtf where does time go
  16. @Casper - because without him no OR or the annual GAP trip we first talked about at Thurmans @Pauly - because most of my knowledge of how I learned to not kill myself on 2 wheels came from him. Also he hauls the mail @NinjaDoc - made my motorcycle buying and selling look like childs play. Oh also that Epic Ride creation that was one of the last fun things I enjoyed before I got out of riding Picking only a 4th is impossible, there are so many that could take this spot so I'm cheating: @Uncle Punk, @Likwid, @Mykill, Kozmo, I can't remember half the DTC folks user names, @gen3flygirl the list goes on mainly because they were present for my most memorable and favorite rides/events I experienced with OR.
  17. I'm 100% confused how you know I'm awesome. Even more confused what the Kesha reference is about. since I'm not around the boards much anymore I didn't think anyone outside the OG's knew me
  18. Hot Chicken Takeover, Hot Chicken Takeover, Hot Chicken Takeover, and Hot Chicken Takeover.
  19. oh I don't even wanna know how bad it would be now. It was already perishing the last year or so of owning the VFR. Given the only 2 wheels I've been on since are a Harley, I don't even want to know how embarrassing I'd be.
  20. If you're a noob and hesitant don't be. I was an absolute amateur and shit rider until I started riding in a few groups with Pauly and he gave me a ton of good knowledge, tips and tricks of the trade. My skills blossomed and some of the most fun vehicular related times and stories I had were on these group rides. It's really the biggest thing I miss about not having my own motorcycle anymore.
  21. and that's exactly why the two party system needs to go. Groupthink is out of control in so many aspects of this country and it's citizens.
  22. I propose no parties where they can all team up and fuck over everyone else. Actual independent, representatives of the voters that have strict term limits and not career politicians is my preference.
  23. Anyone that supports any politician or political party to this level is the antithesis of what America was built on. The two party system isn't here for you and I anymore, it's only point is to continue to fleece Americans and line the pockets of those that have manipulated their way in to positions of power Every last one of them needs to go and be replaced while getting rid of the two party system
  24. Auto C5's have to be dirt cheap these days. They were just above the budget range when I bought my Firehawk 4 years ago and doubt that is where they bottomed out
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