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  1. Bad324

    2019 deals gap dates

    not your buddy but the dude that bought it off him
  2. Bad324

    2019 deals gap dates

    who was it that bought my VFR? Think I need to remind him if he ever wants to get rid of it to let me know first just in case
  3. Bad324

    2019 deals gap dates

    getting off the street and on to the track has made you an angry Azn
  4. Bad324

    2019 deals gap dates

    Well for the first time in years I actually wish I had a bike just so I can plan it on the first weekend in June to mess with Ben since I was co-creator of the very first one which was the first weekend in June
  5. oh damnit I had the wrong ramp at that interchange. 480E to 77S is the one I was referring to. Don't read and beer lol
  6. yea I've slid on that ramp in 2 different vehicles. I have no doubt speed was a factor but as mentioned earlier what speed was it?
  7. Bad324

    12V multifunction USB Charger

    these things are awesome. Can't believe how inexpensive they are too
  8. If it's where I'm understanding it happened, with it being colder and at night you don't need to carry too much speed on that ramp for it to be slick.
  9. Bad324

    Random Thoughts thread

    unfortunately does not work that way for the federal courts up here as we found out
  10. Bad324

    Random Thoughts thread

    I wouldn't mind it as much if they gave you a range of time and let you pick what works best. But the forceful nature and having 0 understanding of peoples lives is what pisses me off
  11. Bad324

    Random Thoughts thread

    jury duty is the most inconvenient pain in the ass. It's not even me serving but my wife. Could not have picked a worse time and I'm not about this Harvey Weinstein style forcing upon us
  12. Bad324

    I think I lost my passion for riding

    Portage Lakes, Atwood Lake and Tappan Lake are probably the 3 best lakes within an hour-ish of NEO for pontooning that I've been
  13. Bad324

    First Gun out of these?

    its been years since I had a Ruger .380 but that thing was no fun to shoot at the range. IT was however the best to carry of the ones I had
  14. Bad324

    Anyone know of a cheapish car for sale?

    The story she gave me was that it was a rear end accident. The lady I bought it from was sitting at a stop light and a kid texting rammed in to her. Her brother and husband own a body shop and mechanics shop respectively and rebuilt it themselves. She drove it another almost 10k miles before selling it to me because she was pregnant and they wanted a minivan. From what I could tell the story checked out and it drove great so for the deal it was I took the gamble and thankfully it paid off.
  15. Bad324

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    this gave me a hearty giggle. With the week I'm having it was much needed.