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  1. If its anything like the last time they threatened closing it, it will be back
  2. I still like to keep tabs on my previous more fun life 😎
  3. damn I don't know why I thought yours was silver. You ain't wrong about losing my mind tho. Been home for 4 months with 2 4 yr olds and working 3 jobs so half the time I don't know what day it is
  4. woah look at you back. I loved doing this back in the day
  5. Great bags! highly recommend, barely ever used too which I'm stunned Tim didn't take the opportunity to make that joke
  6. when the hell did you get a red one?
  7. the new turtle wax stuff I've heard is fantastic. Seems like they are making a come back
  8. I briefly went down the detailing rabbit hole and while chemical guys is looked down upon by pros because of now being in walmart and auto parts stores it's always provided excellent results for the weekend warrior
  9. Chemical Guys is an above average product that can be found in mass retail. I've had great luck with it
  10. This is my favorite gravedigger post ever. Amazing how many names from 11 years ago I instantly recognized but forgot about over time
  11. Bummer, I always liked Fontana but it did get shittier and shittier every year
  12. honestly there isn't anything good until you get down that way. I used to ride to my old construction company from Richfield to Dover on the bike and never found anything worth taking instead of the highway. I would always cut out early and ride that area then slab it back home
  13. Keep an eye on Sibling Revelry Brewery, there is a chance their house accountant position might be opening up soon
  14. It really is fun as hell. I've only been on a few times but when I have I've been on a few hours at a time and swapping stories and bullshitting just reminds me of the old days of OR
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