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  1. Bad324

    O.R. Beach Getaway trip (feeler only thread)

    How is you don't speak Shittsburgh??
  2. Bad324

    Large lot of DR650 parts. Pickup only

    That baby sold 2 weeks ago!
  3. hell I put a deposit on the VFR without ever seeing it in person and never test rode it before handing over the rest of the cash
  4. Bad324

    72 in a 55.....

    Also, why is it that cops only ride Harley's and GSXR's? I swear every cop I've ever met that said they rode it was always a Harley or GSXR
  5. Bad324

    72 in a 55.....

    Did he look to be about in his mid 30's or so? I almost bought a gsxr750 back in 2010 from a Dalton cop
  6. Bad324

    Pain while riding, or "I'm getting old"

    This happened to me when I bought the VFR. I actually hated it at first and would ride my 636 more often. Needless to say I got used to the ergos and it was the most comfortable bike I had. I think it may just take time getting used to the ergos even if the difference is only slight compared to what you're used to. Also, change the seat
  7. Bad324

    bike 2002 Road Star Warrior

    I've always had a love of these things since one of my first group rides and a guy was leading us around canton one
  8. Bad324

    Random Thoughts thread

    woah, I remember him being little and joining us on a ride
  9. Bad324

    Upgraded software version

    Yea I’m tech dumb. Didn’t know If that red info bar was normal or not so just letting you know
  10. Bad324

    Dragon’s Rest Cabins Drama

    Ha that's the place we stayed the first time I ever went down there. Me, Pauly and Likwid had a cabin for 3 nights and Kozmo had one for a night or 2. I never dealt with her thankfully
  11. Bad324

    Random Thoughts thread

    damn, that's one of the models we're looking at getting later this year
  12. Bad324

    Random Thoughts thread

    What year Acadia?
  13. Bad324

    Another BAD's Moving Sale

    Sectional is sold, thanks Tim! Onkyo Stereo System is sold and holy shit I actually finally sold this pool table!!!!
  14. Bad324

    Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    The absolute #1 thing I miss about not having a motorcycle is all my gap trips with @Pauly and that pesky @Likwid character. Hands down some of the best times on and off two wheels I've ever had