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  1. Bad324

    My new screen name

    thank god I was born with decent initials because I've sat here for 5 mins trying to come with up a legitimate creative option and as it turns out I am also not creative
  2. Bad324

    Anker 20100mah battery 36% off

    I have this too. I've yet to have an Anker product that hasn't been awesome
  3. Bad324

    Recommendations: Moving Companies

    Not surprised with them on a Monday honestly. Reach out to Corey O'keefe 440-497-4393 x251 or cokeefe@leadersmoving.com Tell him Brian DeGross referred you and that you have a $100 off coupon. He may give you both the coupon and a slight discount as well. If you went with them this would be the 5th move I've given them since March
  4. Bad324

    Educate me on Pole Barns

    ah fucking mortgage companies and taxes just boned me so now I have $4k less than planned. May just end up extending the driveway 10ft for the extra parking space I need for the time being and put off the garage. What a bummer
  5. Bad324

    Recommendations: Moving Companies

    Leaders Moving and Storage. I've used them 3x now and they've always been the best price and haven't ruined or lost a single thing of mine
  6. Bad324

    Educate me on Pole Barns

    sweet they still have it so just did that. for a 24x24x12 they have me at $7k in materials
  7. Bad324

    Educate me on Pole Barns

    shit I sold that thing months ago
  8. Bad324

    Educate me on Pole Barns

    ight now my biggest thing is figuring out a ballpark price range of what it would run me and if I can do this now or if I should save up and wait. I don't need or can really fit anything huge, realistically I'd probably be at 24' x 20' or I can go 24' x 24' if I can get a variance from the city on how close it can be to the edge of the lot. I also need a ceiling height of 12' so I can add a storage lift down the line because the end game is to have storage for my Firehawk and soon to be '65 GTO. If I can get those on one side and be able to have my daily next to them would be the dream.
  9. $120 I got this ticket as a gift but can't make it this weekend. Would like to sell it so I can attend a different concert in the fall.
  10. Bad324

    Educate me on Pole Barns

    Who has had a pole barn built, what size and how much? Do's and don'ts? Things you wish you did or didn't do. I'm looking at now going pole barn route for 2nd garage instead of stick built for a few reasons. I'm somewhat limited on size because of my new lot and my budget.
  11. if any of you are surprised by the words in the article written by a man that looks like this well then I feel bad for you
  12. Bad324

    My 1982 Suzuki GS 850 L $1,600

    Scott is very meticulous in ownership with his stuff so that thing is in tip top shape!
  13. Bad324

    Tonik got TWO new ones.

    Congrats! I like other people's cats. Cats will never live in my house, ever.
  14. Bad324

    Should I bitch at ODOT?

    I've worked with ODOT and been involved in litigation with them. Like most goverment agencies they do not give a shit about anything but their budget. They will tell you what you want to hear so you leave them alone.
  15. Bad324

    Wet Floor Signs/Cones

    Hey I only realistically offered it for trade for 1 motorcycle. Every one after that was just for shits n giggles