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  1. Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    I have to say I always enjoyed trailering down especially come Sunday when I was exhausted and hungover. That was always out of necessity though because that was the height of busy season at the old job so taking off 2 days was the most I could get i do wish I could haven taken the time to do the 2 day ride down and 2 day back. Whenever I get back in to riding that will be a must do
  2. Silly riding.

    just making sure
  3. Silly riding.

    Q - honest question: Are you the type that thinks posting a route of a ride on a public forum invites all the lurking cops to sit and wait to nail every rider to collect $?
  4. Silly riding.

    I feel less bad about not having the time to make any this year. Although most of the events I had my eye on I don't think that scene would show up to
  5. Silly riding.

    What event?
  6. Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    Drove by the new place on Friday, I dig it
  7. sold Firstgear insulated gloves

    Sold. Where's my for sale post lock bitch @Tonik at?
  8. Silly riding.

    You never hit 130 on 77 trying to catch up to your group? Shiiiiiiit even my paranoid careful ass has done that
  9. Random Thoughts thread

    I thought that might elicit a better response. Damn
  10. Random Thoughts thread

    Nashville....Knoxville what's the difference. I'm headed to the latter tomorrow
  11. 2017 Ohio Riders Fantasy Football League

    2 of my 3 teams are garbage this year. Thankfully the money team is legit
  12. Giving up riding: is it even possible?

    I absolutely loved riding, it was my favorite thing for several years. I was never the best rider but typically enjoyed myself riding with people much better and faster than me. Deals Gap area and the south ruined me because it was always way more fun down there and I worried less for some reason. Then up here was out riding solo one day and had the 2nd closest near miss in my years of riding and that's when the love started fading. It didn't help that around the same time several other things changed in my life which caused less and less time and desire for the long rides I enjoyed. It's been 2.5 years now without the bike and bought the fun car to replace it because it was slightly more practical and gets used way more in the 6 months I've owned it than I used the VFR in the last year I owned it. I honestly only miss it when it comes to the Epic rides and the Gap Trip. Otherwise I don't miss riding that much. Now hanging out and seeing most the asshats I've made friends with over the years I definitely miss.
  13. bike 2004 Yamaha FZ6

    Trade for a pool table? 😂
  14. sold Firstgear insulated gloves

    yea I'd ship them!
  15. sold Firstgear insulated gloves

    Damn grandpa have a nap and a snickers