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  1. Bad324

    Happy birthday to me.

    I never liked onions or french onion soup when I was growing up. I tried theirs one time on a date in my early 20s and ever since I now eat onions and will get french onion soup anywhere. Courtyard has one of the top 5 I've had
  2. Bad324

    Happy birthday to me.

    Happy Birthday! If you like French Onion Soup, the Courtyard in Brecksville has a fantastic one
  3. Bad324

    Green Day

    Green Day has sucked since about 2003ish
  4. Bad324

    Shit Kent and UP do not care about.

    Morrisey sucks even if his bullshit music was a major influence on one of my favorite bands who also has a lead singer who is a terrible person
  5. Bad324

    Where it all started

    this post has me missing my VFR
  6. Knoxville. I've got family there, it's cheap, close to the mountains, close to a great inland lake for boating
  7. Bad324

    Cleveland Air Show

    Nice! We've had boats a FCYC for damn near 30 years now so that's where I'm always watching from. We caught the tail end of the Thunderbirds on Monday from 55th though since they had Marginal shut down going west
  8. Bad324

    Cleveland Air Show

    Did you end up going? I heard the F-35 was freakin awesome. I was down at our boat late Monday so missed pretty much everything this year. Since it wasn't a Blue Angel year though I didn't mind missing it
  9. Bad324

    Cleveland Air Show

    Lakeside, Forest City Yacht Club or E 55th?
  10. Bad324

    Ramblings of a free man (SV650?)

    holy crap so many good choices and prices. Almost makes me wish I had a pending divorce that would provide more free time and disposable income
  11. Every 3k miles is a conspiracy of big oil to get you to line their pockets. Hell most new vehicles with synthetic oil can go 10k no problem.
  12. Bad324

    2008 FZ6; Best Offer OR.net Pricing

    got ghosted....still poor and poorer than before because of unexpected home repairs
  13. Turn your sound on or you won't get it