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  1. Bad324

    2008 FZ6; Best Offer OR.net Pricing

    It’s always a Gap trip wherein Pauly decides the fz6 is not a refined enough for his taste i only wish I had an answer from the potential new job already because this would be a perfect option to get me back on to two wheels
  2. Bad324

    2019 Gap trip bike cleaning poll

    barely ever rained when I went. Must have been the dome of only rides 4 days a year protection
  3. Bad324

    2019 Gap trip bike cleaning poll

    Man never thought I'd see the day you fuckers clean bikes as much as Harley's and more than I do my car
  4. Bad324

    2019 Gap Trip.

  5. Bad324

    products used for detailing

    That's the fun thing about me. Nobody has to ask me for anything, they get it anyway and they like it
  6. Bad324

    products used for detailing

    I didn't read anything past ceramic coating because any of those over the counter ones are bullshit and not actual ceramic coating. You're better off with a good polish over the shitty coatings out right now
  7. Bad324

    Lettuce discuss washing

    I should not have checked this during a conference call. Laughed quite audibly when I read that
  8. Bad324

    Lettuce discuss washing

    I just want to thank you all for doing your part in this thread
  9. Bad324

    Live to ride...Ride to eat

    that place was cool. Can’t remember if the food was any good but the time we were down there when you had Isaac with you seemed like that was the only joint open in that town
  10. Bad324

    Lettuce discuss washing

    Juvenile and exhaustive throw downs are what made OR great MAKE OR GREAT AGAIN!
  11. Bad324

    Lettuce discuss washing

    Deleting threads and posts is for pussies
  12. Look at this maniac I spotted trying to drag knee on an exit ramp
  13. Bad324

    Lettuce discuss washing

    Yea I never had problems with quick detailer damaging the VFR handles or side fairing things that were between the seat and engine which were matte black plastic. Hell I've used it countless times on the notoriously shitty cowl cover on the Firehawk and no signs of damage either
  14. Bad324

    2015 FZ1 ..lots of mods...excellent condition

    Did someone say burritos and enchiladas?
  15. Bad324

    N word usage.