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  1. Bad324

    Cleveland Air Show

    Nice! We've had boats a FCYC for damn near 30 years now so that's where I'm always watching from. We caught the tail end of the Thunderbirds on Monday from 55th though since they had Marginal shut down going west
  2. Bad324

    Cleveland Air Show

    Did you end up going? I heard the F-35 was freakin awesome. I was down at our boat late Monday so missed pretty much everything this year. Since it wasn't a Blue Angel year though I didn't mind missing it
  3. Bad324

    Cleveland Air Show

    Lakeside, Forest City Yacht Club or E 55th?
  4. Bad324

    Ramblings of a free man (SV650?)

    holy crap so many good choices and prices. Almost makes me wish I had a pending divorce that would provide more free time and disposable income
  5. Every 3k miles is a conspiracy of big oil to get you to line their pockets. Hell most new vehicles with synthetic oil can go 10k no problem.
  6. Bad324

    2008 FZ6; Best Offer OR.net Pricing

    got ghosted....still poor and poorer than before because of unexpected home repairs
  7. Turn your sound on or you won't get it
  8. Bad324

    2008 FZ6; Best Offer OR.net Pricing

    It’s always a Gap trip wherein Pauly decides the fz6 is not a refined enough for his taste i only wish I had an answer from the potential new job already because this would be a perfect option to get me back on to two wheels
  9. Bad324

    2019 Gap trip bike cleaning poll

    barely ever rained when I went. Must have been the dome of only rides 4 days a year protection
  10. Bad324

    2019 Gap trip bike cleaning poll

    Man never thought I'd see the day you fuckers clean bikes as much as Harley's and more than I do my car
  11. Bad324

    2019 Gap Trip.

  12. Bad324

    products used for detailing

    That's the fun thing about me. Nobody has to ask me for anything, they get it anyway and they like it
  13. Bad324

    products used for detailing

    I didn't read anything past ceramic coating because any of those over the counter ones are bullshit and not actual ceramic coating. You're better off with a good polish over the shitty coatings out right now