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  1. Finally applied for my CCW

    this is correct
  2. Finally applied for my CCW

    Last two places I worked I couldn't carry and ended up selling my favorite carry gun since I wasn't. New office is leased and owned by a very pro-gun guy that put up signs for a gun friendly zone so I would like to get another carry gun as my reward for a recent promotion
  3. Finally applied for my CCW

    Oh this is good news. Card is still in my wallet
  4. Finally applied for my CCW

    Shit I think I was supposed to renew like 2 years ago. Wonder if I can still renew or if I have to start all over again
  5. Where’s Pauly?

    I just assumed he finally went fully off the grid
  6. Newbie Rider looking for Riding Partners

    Welcome! Plenty of good folks to ride with. And for all you OR old timers: inb4 leg humping commences
  7. Men's Leather Jacket

    Willson Leather Jacket, size L (fits more like an XL if you ask me) $40 It's not a motorcycle specific jacket but could be used for riding a cruiser I suppose. I've had this thing for probably 15 years and I bet I've worn it all of 3 times so it's basically new. Starting my annual purge of items I don't use and don't want to move in the event we do try and move again this year .
  8. bike 2006 VRSCR Street Rod

    He just had a regular old vrod so this one is even better. He’s still one of the few people I’ve ridden with on a Harley that could ride the damn wheels off that thing, truly impressive
  9. bike 2006 VRSCR Street Rod

    one of the few examples of a Harley I'd own
  10. NEO: 3/16 All You Can Eat & Drink Fundraiser

    I would say it depends on your tolerance for heat. I think it has really good flavor for a sauce with it's level of heat but my buddy thinks it's the hottest damn thing he's ever had and has no flavor however he is not a connoisseur of heat like I am. I'm to the point where at Asian restaurants I have to specify I want my heat on the Asian scale and not the white people scale
  11. NEO: 3/16 All You Can Eat & Drink Fundraiser

    I've yet to actually find an official number of the sauce. The pepper that's used to make it is 3.3 million scoville units and the mash to create the sauce is 93% pepper and 7% vinegar. You then add in the other ingredients so best guess has been somewhere in the 1.5 million scoville range. I think it has a fantastic flavor compared to some other sauces I've tried in that range
  12. 14 Grand Cherokee Eco Diesel

    There are very few DCA vehicles I would own, however this would be one of them if I was in the market for a ride for myself
  13. NEO: 3/16 All You Can Eat & Drink Fundraiser

    also this is the sauce I'm bringing for anyone that's brave enough https://heatonist.com/products/hot-ones-the-last-dab?variant=378416136201
  14. NEO: 3/16 All You Can Eat & Drink Fundraiser

    for $25 I think it should be a pretty decent deal. In alcohol alone I should be able to drink enough to cover both mine and my wife ticket price so that leaves the food for free. I've also debated breaking out my in case of emergency smoke for a competitive advantage for the food
  15. Figured I would throw this out there in case anyone may be interested. It’s a fundraiser for my wife’s Moms of Multiples club. A few of us dads already have a couple bets going on who can eat the most wings, rack up the biggest bill, who can handle a hot sauce made from the current hottest pepper in the world, etc. Should be a fun and debaucherous night If you are interested just let me know I can get tickets for you and whoever you’d want to bring