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  1. I know a secret.

    Well he is old, sure they have enough hang to them to do that
  2. Polish

    The Detail group I follow is head over heels for the HD Speed
  3. NC helmet law change

    good a government that is actually giving back people the right to be stupid. About friggin time
  4. 600cc vs 1000cc and up for everybody ??

    I've been out of the game for 2 years now so decided to pick me up a good small starter bike to get acclimated again
  5. what type of snake that just ate in my garage

    god that thing is sexy. And sounds even better than it looks
  6. what type of snake that just ate in my garage

    this is exactly what went through my head when I saw the photo
  7. I'm ready for the dentist tomorrow!

    I don't know how anyone does LASIK. I also can't put drops in my own eyes and over the weekend I got stabbed in the side of the eyeball with a tree branch so my wife had to put them in. Then playing softball yesterday had to have my buddy help me cause no matter how I tried I just couldn't do it.
  8. I'm ready for the dentist tomorrow!

    Handles motorcycle like a mad man. Handles the dentist like a baby. Never change. You're the 4th Grandpa I always wish I could have
  9. An addicts Story of a costly Costly gap trip

    You weren't kidding about the condition of clean on that thing. You're not getting a congrats though because this is just routine at this point Also, canyon dancer and a Baxley makes trailering a breeze.
  10. School me on foam sprayers

    @TheBrown57 will probably have an excellent suggestion
  11. School me on foam sprayers

    Shit I just read the other day the Chemical Guys one is just a rebranded one you can get on amazon for $20ish. Now I can't recall which model it was
  12. Random Thoughts thread

    Again, not close to a choke job. An 8 point lead against the most prolific scoring team in the history of the sport is not exactly a lead. To make matters worse it was mostly the bench unit and LeBron and that rotation has lacked any offensive potency the entirety of the playoffs. By all means they easily had the worst quarter of the entire playoffs but that's not a choke job.
  13. Random Thoughts thread

    Sorry, not even close to a choke job. Stick to motorcycling
  14. Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    Someone would have to give me damn near double what I paid for my mulletmobile to let it go. Plus I don't want a motorcycle, I want my motorcycle
  15. Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    Not having to trailer across the dragon and this being an hour shorter travel time is the best news 4 years too late ok who was it that bought my VFR? I need to rent it for a weekend...