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  1. Bad324

    2021 BMW R18

    looks like a honda rebel
  2. Bad324

    gear FREE - Shift riding jeans

    Cleaning out the house and found these. They are Shift and size 38. FREE to a good home and you have to pick up because I don’t want to mess with shipping. I’m in Brecksville smack dab between Cleveland and Akron. In good condition other than the bottoms are worn as shown in photo
  3. Bad324

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    I for one and glad with all the precautions they are taking. Take a couple weeks of everyone staying the fuck away from each other, snuff this fucker out and hopefully go on with our lives come April
  4. Bad324

    3/8/2020 Holy Jesus Weather

    this was the exact story Pauly told us on that same Gap trip. One of the best things I ever heard on 2 wheels
  5. Bad324

    3/8/2020 Holy Jesus Weather

    Oh boy we got one of these types. @Tonik this you trying to make OR great again? 😂
  6. Bad324

    3/8/2020 Holy Jesus Weather

    I tried this once. Ended up so far behind he stopped at the gas station at the end of the road and was leaning up against the sign pole staring at his wrist when I got there
  7. Bad324

    April 25: 6th Annual NEO Meat & Greet

    C6....unless he got another Vette I never saw
  8. Bad324

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    Microsoft thankfully just put a travel ban on anything that isn't an essential business function and I could not be happier. Several folks from out there including my boss who has a kid in a school where another kid tested positive for the virus were coming to Cleveland next week and taking me to dinner so that's one less exposure I need. I'm not so much worried about me getting it but I just don't want to deal with my kids getting it or the absolute worst possible scenario of my father in law getting it because it would almost certainly be a death sentence for him
  9. Bad324

    April 25: 6th Annual NEO Meat & Greet

    Also can’t blow a curve and go off roading if you never take a curve
  10. Bad324

    April 25: 6th Annual NEO Meat & Greet

    Raise your hand if you’ve never blown a curve and ended up off roading 🙋🏼‍♂️
  11. Bad324

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

  12. Bad324

    2014 Grom

    I have no practical use for it but I want jinu’s zuma. Still never forget watching him dust every body on the dragon riding that thing and nearly crashing twice laughing so hard
  13. Bad324

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    This thing ain't shit, just wash your hands and the chances of you getting it decrease by some large number I dated a Mexican girl back in 2009 when H1N1 was the plague du jour and lived to tell about it. Remember the bird flu? Yea neither do i
  14. Bad324

    April 25: 6th Annual NEO Meat & Greet

    I wish. I'd be rich if in Mexico. South Florida has become an oddly realistic possibility with having family on my side already there, my wife's sister and family is now moving down there for work and my in laws would love to move down there out of the cold but don't want to leave yet since they are very close with my girls.
  15. Bad324


    Tonik for OR President Seriously though the problem you call out is half the reason I stopped coming out to anything other than the Dream ride and Gap Trip. I wasn't a horrible rider and I could keep a decent medium pace but I kept getting myself in to situations where I was trying to keep up and started getting too many close calls and was no longer enjoying riding. Then I'd just cruise around on my own at a slower pace but then I'd be bored. So I was stuck in this middle ground of not really having fun any more no matter where or how I rode so the bike just sat and I realized it was time for something new Setting up rides like this is exactly how things were when I first picked up my bike and found OR. Rides were constantly being posted even if they were just jaunts around the metroparks or an easy cruise to some destination. I was about as awful as a rider as it got when I first started but over time joining those rides I picked up tricks and tips on how to be slightly less awful of a rider