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  1. I disagree with your assessment Depending how many bikes show though I could see the parking lot being a cluster
  2. I know most aren't interested in Bike Nights but thought I'd post this up for anyone who may be. This is 3/4 mile from me so if the weather is nice I might walk on over just to check it out. Hell maybe I'll go get my dads Harley to try and fit in even https://www.facebook.com/events/315225559140907/
  3. Bad324

    Hey Brian (Bad324)

    I’m not buying shit right now, I just want to keep tabs on it. Also, you replaced all of the bad electrics with good the good stuff on that one
  4. Bad324

    Hey Brian (Bad324)

    So now my curious mind and lack of search skills are getting to me. Somewhere on this board someone bought my vfr from Tim’s buddy that I had sold it to. I know it was talked about in a thread or two and now I can’t find it.
  5. Bad324

    Hey Brian (Bad324)

    oh there is very little chance of me selling the car anytime soon. I had a guy offer me nearly double what I paid for it in the fall and couldn't pull the trigger. Now if @Tonik could put in a good word for me at his company for the position I applied for I could build the 2nd garage I need and then I'll could add a cheap fz6 or maybe even track down my old VFR
  6. Bad324

    Hey Brian (Bad324)

    Most of the car crowd is comprised of assholes so you're 100% correct I have more friends here which keeps me around. Plus I like to live vicariously through the posts and photos
  7. Bad324

    Hey Brian (Bad324)

    It's taken me 4 years but I can honestly say I finally miss riding
  8. Bad324

    I'm baaaaaaakkkkk!

    this has been the first year since I sold it 4 years ago that I really, really miss it
  9. Bad324

    I'm baaaaaaakkkkk!

    Damn that is sweet and the color is perfect. Sills is the best. Never had a bad experience there
  10. Bad324

    Saturday 4-6

    truth.The metroparks/valley are ok for just cruisin but when I wanted to haul some mail south was the only option
  11. Bad324

    Saturday 4-6

    where is 20 cent wing day? I need this in my life
  12. hey the weather could always work out your way
  13. To no surprise I am likely out unless Saturday is beautiful and Sunday is 100% chance of rain
  14. holy hell some of those old names and faces I used to roll with a ton! @TimTheAzn and @Tonik need to see this video. Specifically the 5:15 mark in the good ol days. Except pretty sure this is when @Likwid stupid friggin harley rammed my rear wheel when we were leaving the lot and bucked me off the VFR. Only time that sweet sweet ride was ever down