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  1. Interesting...which package level is it?
  2. FYI....ODOT is currently paving 555 from Ringgold to Chesterhill.Last weekend they had the first coat from Ringgold to about 4 miles from Chesterhill.A fun, challenging ride on a section of 555 that is usually a POS.
  3. Red Barron 77 stopped posting funny pics...no reason to come to this site anymore.
  4. Any "best of" list that doesn't have California highway 1 from Mill Valley to Uriaka in the top 5 isn't based on actually riding the listed roads. Tunnel of Trees in the top 10,yeah right.If it was in SEO it wouldn't be in my top 30 in Ohio.
  5. If you're in the 536 area Quinet's in New Martinsville WV is good.It's a buffet style restaurant. Melman's Cafeteria in St Clairsville is good.They can be very busy at dinner time 5:00-7:00.
  6. Beallsville Dinner in Beallsville just west of the 145 556 intersection.Bring cash,I don't think they accept cards.
  7. Hi Doc...it's good to see you riding again.Yes,I still have both the 2015 FJ 09 and a 2013 FJR 1300.The 1300 is getting most of the riding time right now(about 500 miles this year) since I'm more comfortable with it for winter riding,besides the 09 needs a front tire,which I'm putting on today. You're right in that several FJR owners also have Tracer GT's.Two of the guys I ride with bought Tracers last fall.
  8. I would definitely get one with cruise control.It makes long rides so much more comfortable and enjoyable to be able to take your hand off the bar and move around.Even on shorter rides it comes in handy.
  9. Speaking of you're avitar....a while ago we were on a ride and if I remember correctly you was riding sweep.Every time I looked in my mirror to see if everyone was o.k. I immediately saw your high viz helmet.That day I decided to get a high viz helmet. I now ride in a Shoei high viz yellow helmet and a Aerostith R-3 with yellow viz accents.Thanks...sometimes you can make people safer and you don't even know you did it.
  10. I'm on my second FJR,my 04 had 104,000 miles on it when I traded it in on the 13 that I ride now.It has about 65,000 on it.I also have an FJ 09,but the FJR is my main ride.
  11. If you haven't travelled out west before you will be amazed at the natural beauty you are about to experience.A motorcycle is the best way to experience these places...temperature changes,mountain air,360 degree views,being in the weather and environment ....are experiencee you just can't get from a car or RV.
  12. Your motorcycle in the shop is it?
  13. Your dual sport will be the right weapon for the area about 20-30 miles north of Morenci...very tight twisties for several miles.If my memory serves me right there was a 10 mile stretch with a recommended 15 mph sign. Carlsbad Caverns in NM is pretty impressive if you can work it in.
  14. I think motocat is on to something.Look at the ignition,there should be an icon for parking lights after the lock position. I found out about the parking lights the hard way in a motel parking lot in Fort Wayne.
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