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  1. No way legal would allow that press pic. Cool looking, though.
  2. In my experience, the only thing you may need to worry about with Sidi boots is the fit. They skimp in the toe-box. Cortech boots are true to size. Never had Alpinestars. I'd get 'em.
  3. There's a place at Delaware State Park. North on 23 to 229 Right, less than a mile on the right. Used to go there all the time - I think it's still open. Norton Gun Shop is just West of the int. of 23 and 229. I picked up my LCP there for a good price.
  4. There was a Veyron down around the Short North last night - the sound was incredible.
  5. That's one nice looking Yamaha...and why in the world do you have a pillion!?
  6. Thank you professor! Now if we could only get that darned radio to work!
  7. They do work but there are a couple of things to get ready for. One; they are very very small and perfectly round (you can imagine how careful you have to be handling them). Two; they offer an applicator with the kits (it's a small plastic squeeze bottle with a length of clear tubing pressed over the cone that fits over valve stems) and when you use it you have to be very patient and use a pencil to tap against the tube while they trickle in. Three; You may not care for the wear grooves they create inside your tires. It's extremely minimal but still. Four; You can re-use them but you'll have to collect them all first (see 'one'). I went back to clip weights because it's just easier. Great product, though.
  8. I suffer from a condition known as Propulsive Thermo Anxiety or PTA. Tell tale symptoms are; irrational visions of jewel-like engines melting in heavy bumper to bumper traffic followed by desperate and frantic attempts to find air speed. Even with something as serious as PTA, I would'nt lane split even if it was legal. I will and have, however, taken a nice clean, wide berm.
  9. If you haven't riden it yet it shouldn't look much more beat-up than this one. Nice pick-up! You're back in the game.
  10. Well, that right there should do it for you! Nice.
  11. Spent some time trying to find what frame would be best to modify for a TL motor. It has to a be a V-Twin. With perfect forks. And perfect bars. Seen some great ones consistently at Hooters Hilliard Bike Nites.
  12. I've got 2 Neon Transformers with conduit boxes if anyone wants them. Each runs on household current, corded plugs included. They both have the same specs but look a bit different.
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