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  1. Lol @ Ducati owners!

  2. Novice @ Mid-O Questions.

    I'm 5'10 same weight. I have a 44, might be a bit big for you though. Not 100%
  3. Novice @ Mid-O Questions.

    You don't happen to know your suit size would you? I have an extra that you could borrow if you don't want to rent.
  4. Cherohala Challenge 2017

    I finally looked over my data. The 9% is a mile long, there is a 11% section for 0.6 miles and 19% for 0.3 miles. The rest is 2-7% for miles and you never think it will end.
  5. Cherohala Challenge 2017

    Well I'm not even attempting the skyway without support.
  6. I find it amusing....

  7. Cherohala Challenge 2017

    So who's coming next year, I'll be doing the 62 again to hopefully improve on my time.
  8. Cherohala Challenge 2017

    I know mine has art least a 9% for somewhere between 1/2 to a 1 mile. I'll check when I get home and get the data uploaded.
  9. Cherohala Challenge 2017

    This ride is total bullshit. If Paul recommends it to you punch him in the dick.
  10. Cherohala Challenge 2017

    I did the 62 with around 8200 feet of climb. I managed to finish the entire thing without walking. It sucked major ass. The ride goes from tellico to the top off the Skyway. Man it whipped my ass and really sucked seeing 4mph at times. Screw that 115 ride.
  11. Nelson Ledges

    It was said to be the fastest 2 miles in the northern us.
  12. First track day question - tires

    Doesn't matter.
  13. Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    I knew I should have trademarked that name.
  14. Nelson Ledges

    I would ask him. There will have to be ambulance and corner workers as the last org there got in major trouble with the tracks insurance for not providing this. As for Sam's experience he lead novice with MS and has race in motoamerica. I have no clue who he has for coaches.
  15. Isle of Man bike questions

    Tim is correct, it's to adjust the brake lever.