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  1. I have a cert I would sell cheap if someone is looking to go. Has to be used this year.
  2. Managed another clean sweep and picked up A superbike and A superstock novice championships and pulled out a personal best lap time of a 1:08.1. It's been a fun year.
  3. Dude, I offered help you got all defensive and pissy. That's when I asked Tim about his pics. You can make fun of me all you want on FB or wherever, doesn't change the fact that you acted like an ass hat when offered advice. Kept saying we were wrong and justifying what you're doing. Also, you don't need first hand experience to know when things aren't right. I have been doing this shit for a long time.
  4. Yep, never ridden a bike on track before. I tried to help, you're apparently to good for it as all you do is make excuses and tell people how wrong they are. Enjoy, I'll sick to giving advise to people that want it.
  5. The fact that you are turning in early which it's causing you to point the wrong direction. But hey, you know it all.
  6. Oh I understand the pic, what I don't understand is your lack of wanting to learn.
  7. I'm confused as to why none of your pics show you pointed straight in to the grass.
  8. Honestly though, the bike shouldn't be pointing in to the grass like that. It's causing you to lose time having to wait for the bike to get direction.
  9. That omrl line on the entry to 15 doesn't look like the best idea. 😂
  10. I would grab a back protector too. They are around $100 and require once you get to a certain group. Also, heroic stuff is really nice, not sure what the beef is with them. I love their gloves.
  11. Man, how bad were you before?
  12. Ran my abs all year. Didn't notice it until the rear wheel was off the ground.
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