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  1. blue03636

    Who are the OR.net Mid-Ohio instructors?

    This thread has been way to civilized for OR.
  2. blue03636

    Who are the OR.net Mid-Ohio instructors?

    You were right, I thought she was there the year before she came to motoseries but it was the same year. Brain fart. That was the transition year from nesba to n2. They cleaned house, that shit won't fly now. Also look up lean trackdays at Nelson. It's Sam that ran the novice for motoseries.
  3. blue03636

    Who are the OR.net Mid-Ohio instructors?

    Just an FYI that was nesba as we talked about this when I took Lyns out in novice with motoseries at Pitt. Not looking to change your mind just letting you know that N2 is not the same.
  4. blue03636

    Hey Tpoppa

    Screw that, titties were mentioned.
  5. blue03636

    Hey Tpoppa

  6. blue03636

    Hey Tpoppa

    Like all of them
  7. blue03636

    Need a new home for our cat

    Funny, I had no problem getting my 2 year old to respect the cats.
  8. blue03636

    Need a new home for our cat

    It's not putting an animal above a human, it's teaching a kid to not be an ass hole to animals.
  9. blue03636

    I think I lost my passion for riding

    I usually pay extra for that.
  10. blue03636

    PIRC Sept 15/16

    I have been on them before. I already have my own opinion.
  11. blue03636

    PIRC Sept 15/16

  12. blue03636

    PIRC Sept 15/16

    Sorry, I'll work on that.
  13. blue03636

    PIRC Sept 15/16

    Sucking 37 dicks?
  14. blue03636

    PIRC Sept 15/16

    And what is riding a 5hp bike with shit tires and brakes going to do? They are fun but it's like every thread on this site ends up on the mini subject.
  15. blue03636

    PIRC Sept 15/16

    I think it boils down to the "mini racing is the end all teaching tool and if you don't do it you suck" attitude of the mini crowd.