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  1. blue03636

    Crash Investigation

    Also, I don't use the slipper. It's a backup of I screw up.
  2. blue03636

    Crash Investigation

    If that thing has a slipper, it's not working right.
  3. blue03636

    Crash Investigation

    When is the last time the clutch has been pulled? Mine was toast and when the slipper caught it was like dumping the clutch. It could also be from going in to first gear, not sure why that was done. It also appears that you are very jerky with inputs and the bike just moves a ton. Might need to work on being super smooth with any input. Pull the clutch cover and look at the steels to see how they look. If they are fine I would guess it's just from dropping in to first and the inputs not being smooth.
  4. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    To be fair, 2 were on a track that was maybe 40 degrees and the third was on a green track (rained like mad the few days before we rode).
  5. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    I ran mine in early May. Was a high of 70
  6. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    That sc3 was great that I used. I want to see if it will grip with my new shock mounted up.
  7. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    I have 2 days on my race rear and it's going to get another day or 2
  8. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    1k life 😁
  9. Shoot me your PayPal
  10. For $75 I'll take the warmers. I'll figure out a way to meet up with you or if Tim gets the bag I'll let him pick them up for me.
  11. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    Man, thanks for forgetting about me
  12. blue03636

    "Must Ride" Roads in Kentucky?

    Maybe hit up Owensboro? Can't help you with roads to ride though.
  13. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    I'll be at NCM so some of us have an excuse.
  14. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    Hopefully. And hopefully I'll get my head out of my ass next time.
  15. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    I was impressed for completely stock shock.