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  1. Or you could just set it up so you don't have to duck like a normal person and loose the 3" of shade.
  2. No bashing just trying to figure out why Tim insist on setting his canopy so low that you have to duck.
  3. There is never a difference.
  4. Poor Tracy has permanent brain damage from that weekend as well as a fear of Ron.
  5. Shame they are only set up for midgets.
  6. Maybe get some pass then pit practice in.
  7. Day of, no later than 7, usually try for 6:30 to give me time.
  8. All groups will run in the 4 o'clock hour. It's over at 5.
  9. I am so mad that I can't ride. I hope you bastards have fun.
  10. Crashed the Wheelhouse

    They gave me 80
  11. Crashed the Wheelhouse

    How did the bug and tar remover go?
  12. Crashed the Wheelhouse

    Damn noob.
  13. Mountain Bike Questions

    I have just been rocking my converse all stars on the mountain bike. They are holding up well so far.
  14. Mountain Bike Questions

    I have been using the cheap nashbar flats, they work well.
  15. Pitt race 4 hour endurance write-up

    Here are a few shots that Marty got of us, the rest are on my FB page.