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  1. Nelson Ledges

    The bathrooms and tech shed can go, I don't need that kind of unique.
  2. Nelson Ledges

    There isn't much runoff.
  3. Nelson Ledges

    Tech shed is still there and I believe the bathrooms are the same ones.
  4. Chest Protectors. Let's have those reviews..

    I have the knox sport chest protector. You're more than welcome to try it. I just put it under my suit and zip it.
  5. Random Track Talk

    No I'm saying that you can use other controls to reach the edge of the tire not necessarily lean. Yes leaning is a must but strips don't mean your not leaned over enough it just means your not working the tire enough.
  6. Random Track Talk

    Chicken strips don't necessarily mean you have more lean but you can work the tire more (brakes, gas, etc.). Probably not explaining it well.
  7. Insurance & Track Days

    If you run it at the full line I have had real bad fade issues. There isn't enough room to expand.
  8. Insurance & Track Days

    Never had a problem with health insurance coverage.
  9. Random Track Talk

    Few of us will be at barber that weekend.
  10. Insurance & Track Days

    Mine was on the street as well.
  11. Insurance & Track Days

    Last crash I had I never got a police report. Nothing was damaged other than my bike so no need to get one.
  12. Insurance & Track Days

    I would call your insurance company and ask about instructional classes. Most will cover novice no problem as they are typically called out as instructional days.
  13. Heritage 22lr/22mag

    This is why I ditched the PF9 for the shield.
  14. Aftermarket rearsets

    @RonStopable may disagree
  15. Aftermarket rearsets

    This may be my new signature