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  1. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    What a great weekend. It was an absolute blast to have 2 great days to ride. Saturday morning was damp from overnight rain but was perfect the rest of the weekend.
  2. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    Really hope to smash a PB this weekend.
  3. blue03636

    Funny picture thread.

    I'll be honest, I don't know what that is but it sounds amazing.
  4. blue03636

    Funny picture thread.

    Glad I only fit one of these and I don't talk about it.
  5. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    All 3 days.
  6. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    When did STT quit doing a lead follow novice?
  7. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    They don't really do that with N2, novice is just like I with different rules.
  8. blue03636

    I'm Back Bitches

    So what forum is that? I know it's not here.
  9. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

  10. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    No one goes there. 1 more day until we leave for pitt
  11. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    \m/ can't wait for that concert.
  12. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    Add @RVTPilot
  13. blue03636

    T County guy

    Raised in New Phila, live in uhrichsville now.
  14. blue03636

    Braking while leaned over.

    Plus we are talking corrections to make a corner, your lean should already be set. Maybe that's the confusion. You're not changing lean but using brakes and lowering the head to make the corner.
  15. blue03636

    Braking while leaned over.

    I'm just saying that you will have more issues with letting off the gas mid corner than using the front brake. All of it loads the front the same but letting off the gas is more of an unknown every time as you may not be on the gas the same amount every time. Plus, you shouldn't be on the gas at all until the bike is pointed where you want it to go, usually post apex.