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  1. Coming Soon!

    Love my d-air. Glad you guys are finally carrying it.
  2. That's the same way I felt when I tried on a shoei and bell. Shoei had massive pressure on my forehead and this was their top of the line model. Bell was even worse for me as my teeth were touching the chin guard and my head hurt from it. My hjc rpha10pro fit ok but my nose touched The chin guard. The arai was about the only one that fit really well. Signet x is a long oval and fit good, I ended up with the corsair x and it's probably the nicest helmet I have ever owned. I'm in that medium- long oval range.
  3. Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    I still have a cert. I could probably make it out.
  4. Mid Ohio trackday gift certificates

    You just need to give the code to whoever buys them.
  5. Pre-Black Friday Sale

    I'm sure he is still reviewing them.
  6. Pre-Black Friday Sale

    I'm sure if you send Mike nudes he can hook you up with a suit sized correctly.
  7. I have a Euro 54 dianese if you would like to try one on, provided that's even close to the size you think you need.
  8. Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    Yes you do. You are looking a little chubby in your profile pic.
  9. bike 2012 Triumph Street Triple R - $6000

    I do also have an xbox lol
  10. bike 2012 Triumph Street Triple R - $6000

    Kawasaki, suzuki, yamaha and Emily has a honda. I think I'm covered.
  11. bike 2012 Triumph Street Triple R - $6000

    Just wait until he turns this in to pandarrrrr 2
  12. Nelson Ledges

    The bathrooms and tech shed can go, I don't need that kind of unique.
  13. Nelson Ledges

    There isn't much runoff.
  14. Nelson Ledges

    Tech shed is still there and I believe the bathrooms are the same ones.
  15. Random Track Talk

    No I'm saying that you can use other controls to reach the edge of the tire not necessarily lean. Yes leaning is a must but strips don't mean your not leaned over enough it just means your not working the tire enough.