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  1. blue03636

    Recommend some track gear

    I would grab a back protector too. They are around $100 and require once you get to a certain group. Also, heroic stuff is really nice, not sure what the beef is with them. I love their gloves.
  2. blue03636

    New Honda CBR

    Man, how bad were you before?
  3. blue03636

    Indian is getting with the program.

    Ran my abs all year. Didn't notice it until the rear wheel was off the ground.
  4. blue03636

    Indian is getting with the program.

    Not what I said but cool
  5. blue03636

    Indian is getting with the program.

    The GPS tc is there to keep all that power from killing them. It's so they can still get it to spin but not toss them 10' in the air.
  6. blue03636

    Indian is getting with the program.

    Saved me during 2 stoppies. The only downside is the brakes get mushy and I don't know if I can get that to go away.
  7. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

  8. blue03636

    Track Newb

    Kentucky your looking at Midwest trackdays at corvette museum. Ohio you have midohio school, lean at Nelson ledges and N2 at Nelson ledges and Pittsburgh. Honestly I would just ride the FZ for a day or 2, hell maybe more. See if you like it. Honestly it's mostly about the people you meet, except for the assholes I hang with.
  9. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    Seriously though, they aren't an issue.
  10. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    Stop with the heat cycles. This isn't 1998. 😁
  11. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    Some day you will be fast enough. 🤣
  12. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    Yes 😂
  13. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    You were doing well there, you have really picked up the pace this year. Really cool shot Marty got.
  14. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    I probably should have tried to stay and race but it wasn't in the cards. Friday turned out to be a great day though.
  15. blue03636

    Random Track Talk

    They use to race them before the rc51