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  1. New bike ordered yesterday

    My first year Duke 690 still runs flawlessly and has zero issues. Not worried a bit. KTM does their homework
  2. Pope Accused of Spreading Heresy

    Religion has been the number one cause of homicide since the beginning of time. You are correct that the good will never outweigh the bad
  3. New bike ordered yesterday

    It has almost double the power of the 690. As well as a full host of electronics
  4. New bike ordered yesterday

    Post whoring. That's what you did
  5. New bike ordered yesterday

    What he said. Clinton County. It's a drive but they're the biggest in the area and likely will get theirs first. I tried Pony again and yet again it was a disaster. I want to buy from them because they sponsor here and do stuff for us but it's a test of ones patience and nerves to deal with some of the people they employ.
  6. New bike ordered yesterday

    you weren't even the first one to guess right. But I'm sure I'll let you turn a session at Mid O anyway
  7. New bike ordered yesterday

    I believe it has to do with emissions approvals and all that US epa shit.
  8. New bike ordered yesterday

    My 690 never had that issue. I have faith in the 790.
  9. New bike ordered yesterday

    ABSOLUTLY. But I ordered the Black one to match my 690
  10. New bike ordered yesterday

    Yep that far out. US models deliver in Aug of 18. Gonna be waiting for a minute. Euro models are supposed to be delivered in Jan
  11. New bike ordered yesterday

    I got to talk to Chris Filmore about it for a bit at our last MotoAmerica round and he had nothing but good to say about it. Said it was awesome in testing and that he loved riding it.
  12. New bike ordered yesterday

    Hell Yes! Money paid and the first one CCM gets in has my name on it!!! Im just a little exited and impatiently waiting. Aug 18 delivery. Ordered the all black one.
  13. New bike ordered yesterday

    Never will I own a Harley. Never
  14. New bike ordered yesterday

    Already have 2 but definitely not opposed to a 3rd. Love those bikes
  15. New bike ordered yesterday

    Ordered and paid the down payment on my newest ride yesterday. Playing Docs game of guess my wheels again?