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  1. Carb is 105/38 Forks are 50wt Spectro
  2. Suppressed 22 is significantly stealthier
  3. He needs ink prints. CHL are done electronic.
  4. PD generally don’t because they can’t. Most are on electronic. You need to go to Sheriffs office or a jail.
  5. Doing them daily here. I guess your area could be different.
  6. What do you need to open up? Police departments and jails never close. They all print
  7. Well I’ve sold something over 500 suppressors and you’re the only person I’ve ever heard of switching bolt carriers for it.
  8. Ive never changed bolt carriers for suppressors so Ive no input
  9. Anyone getting rid of a Lincoln or Miller 140 or 180 class MIG welder? Might consider an Eastwood as well
  10. No because that’s lighter than most
  11. Added. AAC 7.62 SDN 6. $450 out the door as well. That’s a steal. This one was used to demo 300 BLK and has less than one mag thru it
  12. 556 can is spoken for. 762 still available
  13. Could always sell a nut on the Black market
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