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  1. MidgetTodd

    New Honda CBR

  2. MidgetTodd

    New Honda CBR

    But you’re not that fun
  3. MidgetTodd

    New Honda CBR

    I’ve always been under the impression that multiple bikes passing on double yellow multiple times was a requirement on any ride Black Tod leads
  4. MidgetTodd

    New Honda CBR

    I’ll pass eerone of you bitches on a Grom into that same corner while eating sketti. without rider aids. what now? I fucking love spaghetti
  5. MidgetTodd

    New Honda CBR

    Would be. But they’re still not able to fill the US market 790 orders so I’m not holding my breath
  6. MidgetTodd

    New Honda CBR

    I can see the upside on slabbing to and from a twistie ride. I’d enjoy having it but wouldn’t be as much a need as it would on a sport tour
  7. MidgetTodd

    New Honda CBR

    This is definitely on my radar
  8. MidgetTodd

    Indian is getting with the program.

    I can see myself looking at the Darkhorse line. Been considering a cruiser. That huge front fairing and headlight assembly is something that would have to grow on me I guess. That’s the part I don’t really care for
  9. MidgetTodd

    Ramblings of a free man (SV650?)

    I touched the car first. possibly the sammich maker too
  10. MidgetTodd

    Most Accurate .22 Rifle?

    Trusts were a way to bypass sheriffs that refused to sign. ATF took that away because sheriff’s were refusing for no valid legal reason. They have no say in it anymore.
  11. MidgetTodd

    Most Accurate .22 Rifle?

    Sheriff sign off is no longer a thing. You just fill out the form and send it in in your name. Done and simple. The only real benefit to a trust is if you have say a large family of shooters over 21 and you want all of them to be able to take the items out shoot at will. The trust allows anyone on it to posses the item. That’s really the only reason to do one. Stamp times to an individual are substantially faster than to a trust.
  12. MidgetTodd

    Most Accurate .22 Rifle?

    Also I have no experience with the CZ suppressor. If I were to recommend one to you it would probably be the Silencerco Sparrow. But by all means try the CZ, I’m curious. I can supply you with a Sparrow to try side by side with it
  13. MidgetTodd

    Most Accurate .22 Rifle?

    There really is no reason to use a trust in your case. And that doubles the wait time.
  14. MidgetTodd

    Most Accurate .22 Rifle?

    Very good choice. Now may I interest you in a suppressor to complete the package?
  15. MidgetTodd

    AR-15 $380

    I move Palmetto Armory ones for $350 and under out the door almost daily. That $380 one will have you at $407 out the door. And IMO, Palmetto is better quality than what Bushmaster has become. Far more options as well.