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  1. MidgetTodd

    Today(or recently) in Weird News Thread.

    I can understand. They elect a dead guy instead of a Democrat. I see no problem with that
  2. MidgetTodd

    I think I lost my passion for riding

    Quality meal replacement shakes like lean 15 from GNC and a multi vitamin are a great way to maintain
  3. MidgetTodd

    I think I lost my passion for riding

    So all I heard is you need the D
  4. MidgetTodd

    2nd gun out of these?

    Both of those "sale" prices are my everyday price...
  5. MidgetTodd

    2019 deals gap dates

    Me too
  6. MidgetTodd

    2019 deals gap dates

    Probably be the CA round like usual
  7. MidgetTodd

    2019 deals gap dates

    Never missed a single one when they were the first week of June. Missed since you switched the date.
  8. MidgetTodd

    2019 deals gap dates

    You shouldve done the math. Do the party before or after the trip
  9. If you let your wife dictate your gun purchases you both should probably see other men
  10. MidgetTodd

    Where to ride and with who

    Wayne National Forest Perry State Forest
  11. Palmetto State Armory. Complete Upper Complete Lower Vortex Spark or Strike Fire those 3 items and you will have a quality and capable rifle for $500
  12. Or just newb like the Mexican said. Slippery Oct night. I don’t know that area at all but could been a 35 ramp and slippery and he was doing 45. The statement speed was a factor would be accurate but he may not have been riding like an asshat. Im not judging because I almost always ride like an asshat, but I’m skilled enough to do so. Either way this wasn’t a lesson he can learn from.
  13. one mans ludicrous pace is another mans regular pace........ without actual numbers everything is speculation
  14. MidgetTodd

    Random Thoughts thread

    There’s no submarines in Arizona Steve
  15. MidgetTodd

    Getting marks off a matte finish.

    News to me. I’ve never had it mess up anything. I use it on everything. Maybe if you spray it and let it sit it might stain. Use it like it’s supposed to be used.