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  1. Subscribed for the crash footage when he tries to prove himself. I may even have to come out of my group ride retirement for this ride
  2. Checking back with you. Any luck on the keltec 12ga and the mossie 590s?

  3. MT, at a mtg last nite: the .22 is a Vudoo Ravage, but I also learned it was like $2500. Not interested in paying that much for a .22.

    Leaves the $ for the Mossberg 590S 12 gauge and if you can get the KelTec

  4. Midget T,

    ok I'm back, quicker than I thought. Interested in the Mossberg 590S in 12 ga. Article pictured it with extended tube magazine.  I think I mentioned the Vudoo Rampage .22 LR earlier. Now add in the KelTec 12 ga. The short one with dual magazine tubes. Price me (if you can get).

  5. Midget T,

    my access to OR has returned. This is former littlecarbsbigsmiles. I saw thru various postings that you are selling guns. You have shop that is open? Ammo sales as well?

    Not looking for anything in particular, just interested in where you are. Frazeybg.? I cruise the area auctions and shops for look see. 

    Just had an auction to get rid of items that I wasn't using anymore.

    No particular hurry at rebuilding the accume.

    I have retired and my time is really flexible for adventures.

    ...let me know, at your convenience.


    1. MidgetTodd


      The store was in Hilliard. It is closed now. I don’t do store front anymore. 99% of what I do is PD/LEO & Agency sales and Class 3 NFA transfers. 
      I can order in anything you may want though. 

    2. Unk Greg

      Unk Greg

      Any ammo? Seems to be a shortage. Thanks for getting back to me.

      Not looking right now, but I appreciate you are a source.

      i did read about a .22LR Vudoo Rampage. Not an LEO item, but I'm curious about it. I just got a Ruger Precision in .22LR have been playing with it....interested in long range shooting. Using the .22 at 300 yds...read an article about learning long distance by shooting the 22 at 300. 

  6. That’s some ballsy talk from a uniball
  7. Yes all good people out there. Worth learning about Terry Thompson and what happened. Puts another take on things when you’re out there and different areas you see there to know what you’re looking at and why certain things are where they are there.
  8. The history of that place is worth learning.... A sad day in our town. And he’s not the owner. Marion still owns it, she just can’t stand to live there anymore and doesn’t want to let go of it so she leased it out.
  9. That could very easily be miscommunication from both parties. Or incorrect rules package provided. I’m confident Ryan would’ve made it right if they talked
  10. Did you only get the other parties side? Asking because there’s always 3 sides to every story. His side, their side & the truth. I know nothing about this story for the record. Just throwing the 3 sides out. But I know racers and how it’s always everyone else’s fault, me included lol. I’ve known Ryan for a lot of years and have watched him go above and beyond day in a day out to make everyone happy so I find it a little hard to believe that he knowingly or intentionally fucked anyone over.
  11. Exactly. Because Ryan is the last person that would fuck anyone over.
  12. Carb is 105/38 Forks are 50wt Spectro
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