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  1. MidgetTodd

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Qualified 27th out of 115. Missed the main by one spot.
  2. MidgetTodd

    Renting Your BIKE?

    So much truth
  3. MidgetTodd

    2019 Gap Trip.

    He was out for a week because he was racing at Daytona. Was back today I’m sure it’ be knocked out
  4. MidgetTodd

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Nope. CCM says May/June
  5. MidgetTodd

    2019 Gap Trip.

    You should get yours fixed then.
  6. MidgetTodd

    Dyno Brian or anyone else

    That is it but you need tuning. That is just the tuner. You have to select the one with tuning support for your truck. Doesn’t have to be from them. Can be ordered directly from the tuners. Which is what I would do. The Exhaust definitely now and from them. This would be easier if you just called me lol
  7. MidgetTodd

    Dyno Brian or anyone else

    FLO852NB is the Exhaust pt# if you’re going to do this you need to order that now and not do your usual procrastination. FloPro has stopped shipping non emission products to the US. What Throughbred has on hand is it. It’s in stock at moment I just looked. You wait and it won’t be
  8. MidgetTodd

    Dyno Brian or anyone else

    Brian doesn’t tune Diesel. Never has. Has no plans to either. You cannot delete dpf, def, or egr without a tune. It will not run without those items unless tuned. $2500 seems high. The Exhaust is 383 shipped from Thoroughbred Diesel. Egr delete will run you $60-$160 depending on your choice. Tuner and tunes will be $1000 +\- again depending on choice. EZLynk is my choice and what I’ve used with excellent results. EFi Live a close second. I’m not sure what their options and prices are for Ford 6.7 though as I’ve not personally done one of those yet. Ive done Cummins 6.7, Ford 7.3 and 6.4 and Duramax.
  9. MidgetTodd

    Dyno Brian or anyone else

    And can’t tune once complete. Have to tune first. It will not run once unhooked without tune
  10. MidgetTodd

    Dyno Brian or anyone else

    Brian doesn’t tune Diesel. Custom tune on an otherwise stock diesel isn’t needed. HPP tunes on EZLynk is absolutely the way to go.
  11. MidgetTodd

    Renting Your BIKE?

    There’s a handful of people I let take my bikes. And a handful that I know I can go borrow a bike from if I need. But renting to complete strangers, no. Even if it was something I’m trading in anyway or don’t care about. Too much liability.
  12. MidgetTodd

    Interesting hypothetical title situation

    That makes no sense?
  13. MidgetTodd

    Interesting hypothetical title situation

    That would be a question you should ask John since title work is one of his specialties
  14. MidgetTodd

    Typical Track Day Q&A

    Generally just tires and he’s not always there. Don’t make that your plan to be able to ride that day, it’s plan B. And will likely miss your first session.
  15. MidgetTodd

    .22 conversion, hollow points?

    The 15/22 is an excellent gun that functions flawlessly. Great training tool. Excellent for hunting small game and a blast to shoot. Add a suppressor and double the fun and usefulness. That gun and the Keltec PMR & CMR 30 are my 3 favorite guns and my go to’s every time. That’s coming from a class 3 dealer with safe full of very cool shit including several full auto’s and I still grab the 15/22 first.