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  1. MidgetTodd

    Perry light dirt trip Feb 28 or 29

    Scenic Trails and Tecumseh Trails are both between Perry and Wayne and are open year round.
  2. MidgetTodd

    What i did in guns.

    Perfect. as far as bulk ammo, I’m not sure what you’re referring to but I try to stick to CCI MiniMags in 22 semi auto pistols. It is more than an SR22 and they are both great guns. I have both. Until this the SR was my go to fun gun. It’s personal choice. I carry Glock so I wanted this as it is exactly a Glock. Training, memory, feel etc are all the same. It is also much bigger than the SR. If you’re not trying to conceal and want a fun, reliable, accurate 22 the Glock would probably suit you better. If you carry a Glock daily it definitely will suit you better. If you want smaller or want cheaper then the SR will probably suit you better. You won’t be disappointed with either
  3. MidgetTodd

    Looking for a competent suspension shop/central Ohio

    He is rock solid.
  4. MidgetTodd

    Looking for a competent suspension shop/central Ohio

    28 Motorsports. Ryan Kerr
  5. MidgetTodd

    What i did in guns.

    It is. It is exactly a G19, fit, feel, function and uses 19 holsters. Great shooting fun gun.
  6. MidgetTodd

    What i did in guns.

    I got a few in Monday. Like them a lot. Kept one for myself
  7. MidgetTodd

    Guess the new bike thread

    I think Black Tod had some influence on this choice
  8. MidgetTodd

    What i did in guns.

    Walmart sells 1000 round boxes
  9. MidgetTodd

    What i did in guns.

    That in no way constitutes bulk 😂
  10. MidgetTodd

    2020 Cleveland IMS

    Women always flock to elderly castrated guys, zero chance of having to put out
  11. MidgetTodd

    What i did in guns.

    Bulk is a subjective term. Your and my idea of bulk likely differ. How much is bulk to you? I keep cases upon cases and have a source for pallets.
  12. MidgetTodd

    2003 Utility Trailer - $1900 OBO

    Correct. Because that trailer is only $1100 brand new.
  13. MidgetTodd

    Best Brewery in Cbus?

    @Casper or @cmh_sprint would definitely be your go to on this question
  14. MidgetTodd

    Let's help a brotha out.(EDIT: FUND RAISER ENDED)

    He’s not he’s a tightwad. Mine I hope is in excess of his camera needs and can be used towards hookers and blow for a relaxing evening
  15. MidgetTodd

    Scala Rider Q Solo

    I can’t honestly answer that. Like I said I never even opened it. I’m sure someone else has. Throw out an offer and make it yours to decide for yourself. It’s completely negotiable