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  1. That’s some ballsy talk from a uniball
  2. Yes all good people out there. Worth learning about Terry Thompson and what happened. Puts another take on things when you’re out there and different areas you see there to know what you’re looking at and why certain things are where they are there.
  3. The history of that place is worth learning.... A sad day in our town. And he’s not the owner. Marion still owns it, she just can’t stand to live there anymore and doesn’t want to let go of it so she leased it out.
  4. That could very easily be miscommunication from both parties. Or incorrect rules package provided. I’m confident Ryan would’ve made it right if they talked
  5. Did you only get the other parties side? Asking because there’s always 3 sides to every story. His side, their side & the truth. I know nothing about this story for the record. Just throwing the 3 sides out. But I know racers and how it’s always everyone else’s fault, me included lol. I’ve known Ryan for a lot of years and have watched him go above and beyond day in a day out to make everyone happy so I find it a little hard to believe that he knowingly or intentionally fucked anyone over.
  6. Exactly. Because Ryan is the last person that would fuck anyone over.
  7. Carb is 105/38 Forks are 50wt Spectro
  8. Suppressed 22 is significantly stealthier
  9. He needs ink prints. CHL are done electronic.
  10. PD generally don’t because they can’t. Most are on electronic. You need to go to Sheriffs office or a jail.
  11. Doing them daily here. I guess your area could be different.
  12. What do you need to open up? Police departments and jails never close. They all print
  13. Well I’ve sold something over 500 suppressors and you’re the only person I’ve ever heard of switching bolt carriers for it.
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