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  1. MidgetTodd

    My new screen name

    Still not delivering
  2. MidgetTodd

    My new screen name

    This thread totally did not deliver.
  3. MidgetTodd

    My new screen name

    Or quit being a cheap bastard and support the forum
  4. MidgetTodd

    My new screen name

    Richard D Johnson
  5. MidgetTodd

    Educate me on Pole Barns

    I got a price from Cleary Buildings and 2 Amish prices. Both Amish were almost half the Cleary price. Not sure where your Amish info is coming from but everything around here Amish built is pretty damn nice.
  6. MidgetTodd

    My new screen name

  7. MidgetTodd

    YaOT (Yet another oil thread)

    KTM is 10-60. Has to do with tolerances and return passages as well. Im confident they've done their homework
  8. MidgetTodd

    PIRC MotoAmerica - Aug 24-26

    That would be side by sides and golf carts. Not pit bikes. They rent golf carts, the fee is an incentive to get you to rent. Most all tracks do that
  9. MidgetTodd

    Educate me on Pole Barns

    Metal warranty isn’t from the Amish it’s from the lumber yard. The Amish I’m just using to build. They are way cheaper and better. Around here anyway
  10. MidgetTodd

    Educate me on Pole Barns

    What you wanna know hombre? Be specific. Big things, length is irrelevant but width is. Anything over 36’ wide the price jumps huge because of expensive trusses. 2x6 laminated posts are stronger and longer lasting than 6x6 Get the metal warranty up front and in writing, not all are equal Amish are way cheaper
  11. MidgetTodd

    PIRC MotoAmerica - Aug 24-26

    I guess I’ll probably end up going
  12. From my completely non fact based review....... ie what I’ve seen in person and on killboy.... Harley’s and cars are involved in a much higher percentage of accidents than sportbikes. And as for his piece, I’ve never considered an FZ10 a crotch rocket or a Sportbike
  13. MidgetTodd

    09 690 Duke

    Yea Im with you. Shit has gotten ridiculous on CL. I dont understand how people fall for some of those scams
  14. MidgetTodd

    09 690 Duke

    Craigslist ad deleted, the amount of stupid and scam messages there is ridiculous anymore. Here’s link to Dropbox for more pics. And price drop. $4000. Come get it. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yl99gqf9a3sey9r/AADGVfTCnmwrbMduYhJnF8yXa?dl=0