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  1. gear NIB Speed &Strength Dogs of War pants

  2. gear Speed & Strength suit

  3. New addition to the garage...

    Im more interested in the Duke in the background. We need to get out and let our Dukes play, I absolutely love mine
  4. gun deals?

    I can sell you one for 430 out the door. Black, Tan and OD Green all in stock.
  5. My Battle with K&N

    Does your claim include the cost of the trackday you didnt get to complete
  6. Paint - Color Rite to PPG

    Yes but I figured Nate had him on FB like the rest of us that are at the track regularly and I'd jog his memory to send him a message;)
  7. Paint - Color Rite to PPG

  8. Great Weekend at PIRC for MotoAmerica

    Unfortunately we crashed in qualifying, had a mechanical failure in race one and the crash in race two. Just wasn't our weekend but we'll be back in Jersey.
  9. 7.62x39 7" upper for AR platform

    This so cheap you can buy now, saving is for adults
  10. Again science, maybe only 3" of shade to you. That however is magnified at our height. In actuality that feels like we lost 9.66" of shade at our stance. That is truly a vast difference especially when you factor in the close proximity of our balls to the asphalt we are literally being baked from all angles when we set up the extra height.
  11. If you "kept" running into it is it really us to blame for our setup choice or is it you to blame for not learning the first time???
  12. 7.62x39 7" upper for AR platform

    Have a like new PSA upper in 7.62x39. Got it to interchange on my 300BLK SBR with suppressor but it doesnt suppress near as quiet as I hoped so letting it go. It's like new has 30 rounds thru it. Almost always out of stock at PSA. When in stock they are 399 and 17 shipping. $380 http://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-ar47-7-7-62x39-6-lightweight-keymod-nitride-upper-with-bcg-and-charging-handle.html
  13. ASC 7.62x39 AR mags

    ASC mags for AR chambered in 7.62x39 Black Stainless. Have 6 $20 each. 5 new 1 used one time.
  14. 500 rounds 7.62x39

    Tula 7.62x39 5 100 round boxes. $125
  15. New Keltec KSG's in stock

    All sold. Can get more in on request.