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  1. Thanks guys! I’m super excited about the bike. I want to order the vortex ECU and get it breathing good, and it should be great!
  2. That’s an MX track, that my son and I have permission to ride.
  3. I've only got about 7 hours on it so far, but really enjoying it.
  4. Recently stumbled on a leftover 2017 KTM 250 exc-f at a local dealer. Had to make it come home with me.
  5. I was thinking a few days ago, how many riders there were. It was genuinely amazing. WELCOME to the mix. Be patient. The groups come in waves. Give it time if you don't find the group your looking for right away. I'm not far from you, but I rarely ride on the street anymore, so I'm not much help.
  6. Trail pass is what I meant- Is this what I need? I thought for sure I read yesterday I could not buy them online. I've never ridden Wayne, but I really want to check it out. https://www.pay.gov/public/form/entry/101/
  7. Went to buy tags today and was surprised they aren't offering online sales currently. Shoot.
  8. I've got an ol honda rancher 4x4, id love to take over to wayne!
  9. Anyone have any suggestions for campgrounds in ohio/kentucky?
  10. Well, Jayco hasn't exactly panned out for us. They have a floorpan we really like and no one has been able to have one in stock, or get us one that we can at least check out before we order one. So we are also looking at a rockwood mini lite 1905BH. Anyone have any experience with rockwood?
  11. that sounds terrible. I believe I will shy away from fiberglass campers. I really like the winnibago micros also, but they also have fiberglass. Going to check out the jayco dealer in the coming days.
  12. Yes they do. A rather large trunk at that. If I go new, the is what I’m leaning toward https://www.jayco.com/products/travel-trailers/2018-jay-flight-slx-7/174bh/
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