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  1. oldschoolsdime92

    2019 Wayne thread

    I've got an ol honda rancher 4x4, id love to take over to wayne!
  2. oldschoolsdime92

    Ohio/kentucky camping recommendations

    Anyone have any suggestions for campgrounds in ohio/kentucky?
  3. oldschoolsdime92

    School me on travel trailers..

    Well, Jayco hasn't exactly panned out for us. They have a floorpan we really like and no one has been able to have one in stock, or get us one that we can at least check out before we order one. So we are also looking at a rockwood mini lite 1905BH. Anyone have any experience with rockwood?
  4. oldschoolsdime92

    School me on travel trailers..

    that sounds terrible. I believe I will shy away from fiberglass campers. I really like the winnibago micros also, but they also have fiberglass. Going to check out the jayco dealer in the coming days.
  5. oldschoolsdime92

    School me on travel trailers..

    Yes they do. A rather large trunk at that. If I go new, the is what I’m leaning toward https://www.jayco.com/products/travel-trailers/2018-jay-flight-slx-7/174bh/
  6. oldschoolsdime92

    School me on travel trailers..

    Pics and details?
  7. oldschoolsdime92

    School me on travel trailers..

    Ultimately, the ridgeline may not be my long term vehicle , but I see lots of guys using them over on the ridgeline forum. I've pulled a lot with it, but never a travel trailer. The ridgeline is what I currently have and will be using initially. The trailers I've been looking at have weighed 2600-3k unloaded. I need to set up my brake controller on the ridgeline also. Are there any particular brands to look at, stay away from, or "go too" brands?
  8. oldschoolsdime92

    School me on travel trailers..

    Strictly living trailer. No toy hauler. 20 ft total length. Will be pulling with my first gen Honda Ridgeline. We will be buying new. I’ve known too many who have bought used and ultimately had to redo plumbing , or electrical, or had big issues that weren’t apparent until they tried to use the systems.
  9. oldschoolsdime92

    School me on travel trailers..

    I’m looking to buy a small travel trailer. Sleep 3-4. Less than 20ft. Sub 5000lb. I know absolutely nothing about these things. What are some important details?
  10. oldschoolsdime92

    unOFFICIAL OR Spring Epic Ride 2017 - May 20, 2017

    as long as there are gas stops, and a place to park my truck and unload, I'm there!
  11. oldschoolsdime92

    Western Ohio riders to 2017 Epic Ride

    I'm out for this fellas and gal. Sorry everyone!
  12. oldschoolsdime92

    Any triumph techs?

    Jd is a good dude. I've bugged him a few different times and he's always been very nice and full of info!
  13. oldschoolsdime92

    New to me ride

    I've had this lingering around the garage for a few months, but I haven't made it OR official yet. Heres my new to me scoot. 2008 crf450X. Street tagged Trailtech vapor display Tusk lighting kit 15/48 gearing( for street) rekluse clutch kenda k270s FMF Q4 dynojet jet kit otherwise its pretty much stock. It may end up with some super moto wheels for street use.
  14. oldschoolsdime92

    2017 Wayne thread

    I'll be watching this thread! Hope to make it out !
  15. oldschoolsdime92

    Mobil 1 Fan Boys

    Rotella has changed! I just run straight diesel fuel. Works great. I love to hear the wet clutch chatter.