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  1. I received my tool from S&W yesterday, if you have a depth gauge you could check it against this.
  2. Thats funny, I have a photo of my own ZRX on that same bridge I took in 2009.
  3. New steering head bearings, having the correct tools for this job make it go much easier.
  4. My 3, Giant Schnauzer, Mini Schnauzer, & Old English Sheepdog, he's still a pup. The 3 in the back yard.
  5. I would purchase one of these $17 borescopes you can use with you phone or laptop so you can actually see in the cylinder. They work amazingly well for the price paid and this will let you see if you should continue further on the suspect engine. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01H00AJB2?psc=1 Marvel Mystery Oil also seems to be a favorite to free up stuck motors. You're lucky the bike has a center stand, place the bike in gear and rock the rear wheel back and forth to try and free the engine. YouTube video of a guy using this exact method on a old CB350 with success.
  6. I'm sure it will be starring in the Mt Pleasant wheelie kings youtube or instagram page very soon. Just write it off, even if you find it the police won't do anything. Cleveland's mayor grandson is involved with these shitbags. If you're ever selling a MX bike in the Cleveland area meet at a police station only for the sale. You can also post in this thread here http://www.pitracer.com/index.php?threads/a-couple-of-new-articles-on-cleveland-bike-life-track.64964/
  7. Is anyone here using Google Project Fi? looks amazingly cheap for my uses I'm just wondering about coverage out in the sticks. https://fi.google.com/about/
  8. Here is Western Reserve's site http://www.westernreservemc.com/ It use to be if you show up on a motorcycle they let you in for free, I have no idea if this is still true today.
  9. Another public track I should have mentioned is Rt 62 MX over in Matinsburg. They have a winter indoor series for small bikes with nothing larger then 85's. In the summer they have a nice outdoor track and this past summer they had a special race weekend for small bikes.
  10. Replied, good luck and keep it fun for him.
  11. He lied or purchased it out of state if he is the original owner. In Ohio titling began in July 1999 for all bikes and quads. Every unit sold since then has a title. ​Many people don't have the title transferred into their own name to avoid paying sales tax on the bike. Run the VIN here to see if anything comes up. https://ext.dps.state.oh.us/BMVOnlineServices.Public/TitleSearch.aspx
  12. Congrats, you made the right choice with a KTM. If you need parts in a hurry Holeshot in Akron does keep a decent stock on hand but you will pay full price, otherwise you can find stuff cheaper online. I know a guy with a private track in Canal Fulton if you want to give you kid some on track experience with other little ones. If interested just shoot me a PM and I'll give you his contact details.
  13. Put some prices up, I'm traveling soon and would like to transfer these from my soft cases.
  14. Same here only earlier. Jan-Mar 1988 We didn't have to go through it either or damage control.
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