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  1. bmwnut

    gear Jacket

    First gear leather coat worn twice still have tags been hanging in my closet quite a while doing me no good size 50. Asking $150 Call or text 419 562 7964
  2. I would if you was closer
  3. bmwnut

    bike Honda VFR

    Looking to sale my Honda Its an 85 VfR. Bought it a number of years ago to play around with but I don't ride it any so looking to part ways. Fun old bike has new battery will need tires soon I believe it is a 750 not a 700 but not sure might not be matching frame and motor Asking 1000 but motivated to sell Pictures are in my profile, to dumb to get them posted here
  4. bmwnut

    Lawyer Advice

    You Have a case. You need to check out consumer sales practice laws. Any good lawyer should know this
  5. Just get a Harley Park that mofo any where you want because IT's A HARLEY
  6. you city-slicker diy people and your deck screws kill me LOL better call a pro waiting
  8. sorry to say but over the speed limit and assured clear distance?? Ride safe freind
  9. Gave the old girl an ABSectomy 2003 bmw with the servo linked abs system.{the one everyone complains about} The module was giving me fits worked about half the time think it was going bad by what i read in the net. 2500 plus for a new one plus install and complicated bleeding of the system {I tried it once ended up at the dealer to reset the brains} or half to remove and send off for rebuild Did some research and deleted the whole system. Now I have to learn to ride a bike with regular brakes, that system made me lazy. You could just stomp on the rear brake pedal and you get anti lock front and rear .But good stopping distance though. Worked out good pretty easy job and getting used to the brakes now that they are separate and not anti lock. watched some videos on you tube and read a few form posts on it now I am a you tube certified mechanic. LOL FLAME AWAY!
  10. bought this to use on a bike but it will not work I think it fits 2005 vulcan and others can get more pictures no dents a few scratches petty clean asking $250.00 I payed more but need gone They sell for $800.00 plus new
  11. Good dealer honest and straight foward only place that I deal with they AWAYS treat me good on parts and service
  12. interested but would like to see or talk to you
  13. If you have a spouse and you do not know what to do with a boner your not to smart
  14. was going to take it and ride a little of the epic route with my son but was stopped a the county line could not find a short way around
  15. I HATE you more each day
  16. bmwnut

    Road rage

    He's goning to be fucked when the rest of the Hells Angels come knockin
  17. Where do people of all ages,all brands of bikes,all parts of the state, different walks of life,all skill levels get together and have an EPIC ride and a GREAT time??? Only at the EPIC Ride. Maybe imitated, but NEVER duplicated, thanks to all who showed up and a BIG THANKS to all who make this happen! Good time as always. See ya on the road guys!!
  18. This how my last CL transaction went down Selling a plastic fish pond cause i did not want to take to landfill buyer agrees to meet me at a gas station for exchange I am selling for 25 dollars buyer drives a new diesel pickup 20 miles then asks me if i will take 20 for it handing me a 20. I get my phone out and call the other guy that wants it he will be there in 10 minutes tell the first guy sorry its sold here's your money He now looks confused and his wife wants to know whats up so now he coughs up the extra five bucks sorry I say but the other guy is on his way wife says BUY IT I WANT IT we drove all the way here so for 30 bucks it is in this truck and on it way home!!
  19. Was on 203 also today found it by chance ran from north to south morral to prospect that section along the river was the best but the rest was to flat and strait
  20. Hello from over here in Crestline insterested in riding some time
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