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  1. Ohio State did earn the #4 ranking and all the sports analysts will agree on this. TCU lost to Baylor so their out of it. Baylor only had wins over 3 teams with positive records while OSU had 8. Baylor had a weak non conference schedule while OSU did not. Baylor shared their conference championship with TCU. Not Baylors fault but the Big 12 will change that. OSU beat the number 1 running back in the nation and beat the number 2 defense in the nation 59-0. You have to understand that OSU was the underdog in that game. The whole OSU did not deserve the number 4 spot is an invalid arguement. Baylor played a division 2 team. OSU won more games. Baylor lost to MSU which Baylor said they would blow out of the water because big 12 is better than B1G ten. Just wanted to clear that up. Also Virgina Tech beat Cinci and went positive for the season. Also Virgina Tech is just having an off season. VT is one of the only teams with 20 plus positive seasons. Also VT helped OSU a lot because they improved so much. Also OSU was starting with 4 rookies on the o-line. 3 of those linemen are starting in the pros from last years team. Also would like to say OSU won with the 3rd string Quarterback. Also OSU beat 2 heisman canidates and the Heisman trophy winner. Back to back games and that has never happened in NCAA history. OSU proved that a 4th seed team can win the National Championship game. OSU is in the history books as the very first true undisputed National Champions. Go Bucks. When the confetti settled - The Ohio State Buckeyes are in the record books.
  2. Go Bucks 8 time national champs We won. I'm with jbot on this. I can say "we" won because lets face it no team would even be anywhere without the fans. The fans pay for their gear and the coaches salary. If you want to say the unversity does it then I can counter that with the students pay for it. So yes in fact we did win. 42-20 and Oregon was only in it because of 4 turnovers. Yes, I agree. The OSU turnovers kept them in the game but that Buckeye defense is the reason why OSU won. Go Bucks Yes, indeed. They only hate because there team is not the very first true national champs lol good one. Like I told you before. Different coach and different team. Never underestimate Urban Meyer. Only Urban Meyer and Nick Saban have won National Championships at different schools. Yes, OSU is the only true undisputed National Champions. You could not be so wrong. 8 National Championships (3rd) and 7 Heisman trophy winners(tied 1st). I would say it does not happen so rarely. Also we played in 4 National Championships since 2002 while most teams don't even make it. Correct. Urban is one of the best coaches in NCAA history. He is ranked 4th in FBS for coaches and the list goes on.
  3. Dang that sucks. Here are some places in Ohio that serve Duck http://www.dishtip.com/restaurant/search?max=10&what=duck&where=columbus%2C+oh&offset=0. PF chang is a good place to go.
  4. lol love the idea. http://www.foodnetwork.com/topics/duck.html# Here are some suggestions but I have never tried duck. You could always order it from a chinese place.
  5. Honestly, I don't understand these college players. Why even risk it? lol Can't they wait till after the game to get high lol.
  6. So I did a fitness test in December and I need to lose some serious wright. I'm 5' 7" and 190lbs. It said I'm 24.2% body fat. I'm joining a gym this Saturday and plan to lose weight. I'm going to start running and and also start weightlifting. I'm excited.
  7. Different coach and a better coach. Urban did say it would be a year or two away. Either way I'm proud the buckeyes made it this far.
  8. Its going to be a great game. Oregon does not have their top 2 wide recievers so should be interesting.
  9. When the confetti settles who will be in the history books? The very first ever College Football Playoff National Championship Game - Oregon vs. Ohio State. Monday at 8:30pm est on ESPN. A matchup of stats Total Offense Oregon 2nd - Ohio State 4th Passing Yards Oregon 5th - Ohio State 31st Rushing Yards Oregon 12th - Ohio State 7th Total Defense Oregon 102nd - Ohio State 29th Pass Defense Oregon 120th - Ohio State 36th Rush Defense Oregon 66th - Ohio State 45th Interceptions Oregon 54th (tied) - Ohio State 4th Points per game Oregon 2nd - Ohio State 5th Points Against Oregon 27th - Ohio State 26th Urban Meyer when being an underdog is 5-0 While that being said I am proud The Ohio State Buckeyes made it this far. Go Bucks.
  10. That's amazing and this is a true fact. It was 60F when I was their in January and people were freezing. I was so happy because Ohio was -20F lol.
  11. Looks like I will be switching internet companies soon. Comcast is a bad company. They already charge people in Georgia for GB and if you go over it they charge you a lot like a cell phone. Guess thats the way the internet company wants to go. I will switch to another ISP. Time warner is a bad company as well. So far my internet has been down a total of 46 days since they took over from insight. Also their tech support is horrible and I knew what the problem was and it took them 8 months to resolve the issue when it was the modem. I told them the modem needs to be replaced from the beginning and they would not listen. Had several tech visits and nothing was ever done. Thanks Time Warner Cable for being yet again a horrible company. I would like to go with WoW once they move into my area.
  12. Yes. Snow please go away. signed Mr Anderson
  13. Just one more winter for me and Im out of here. Moving to Florida to join the nice summer heat and winter warmth.
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