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  1. Rewired the crappy USB plug in the glove box to be an SAE connector. Now I have a fast charger instead of a useless slow charge, and another SAE plug for things I may need.
  2. Sweet! I'm definitely in too, I just need to put in the vacay notice and make sure my team has my 100 meetings covered.
  3. Remember my limited highway experience lol. I could buy back my vrod
  4. ✋ HI, hello, yes. Though my schedule may be a little less flexible, slabbing it back... Though, oof lol
  5. Couple days late but pulled the wheels off and had State 8 mount and balance a new set of Pirelli Angel GT II's and reinstall. I already love these tires!
  6. Installed a new K&N air filter to replace this filthy filter.
  7. Today @Pauly got his bicycle down.... Handed it to me.... Then hung it back up.
  8. Your name is ninja.... You can't have a busa
  9. Nm, I can't edit my own posts. Bring back titties!
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