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  1. saw u on sunday in millersburg!

  2. Still no answer? Yeah I'll really miss all this insight.
  3. Pretty much normal but only one person even said anything about the would you rat your friend out question. I really hope I dont get banned where would I go to get all my motorcycling questions answered as good as here? Why did you post the two comments together assjunkie? Neither one of them says I advocate running? I just know how many people on the street run and if I had to estimate I would say 40 to 50% of people have run at sometime yet on here nobody seems to be able to admit there are pros and cons of running. Nowhere do I say I advocate running.
  4. I never said I was advocating running, I just asked if anybody had heard of it. I never even said I ran myself. It is as Walther said, a risk assesment that needs to be made by each rider in each situation. But so many on here just want to be close minded and blindly follow the laws. How about if you are riding with one of your friends doing 75 down the highway (I know you are too good to go 10mph over the speed limit but say, for arguements sake you where) and a statie tries to pull the both of you over, you being the perfect law abiding straight up citizen you are pull over but he runs. The
  5. So if it was opposite day does that mean you would switch your avatar so you would look like something other than a poser? Since your such an awesome rider and you dont break any laws how about a track day picture?
  6. You didnt say what the circumstances where, was there heavy or any other traffic, was it bright and clear, if he got away nobody can say it didn't work out for him atleast that time. If there was no traffic for miles and it was a bright sunny day what does it matter which way he was running. I don't know the circumstances and either you also dont know, or you arent sharing.
  7. So did the blue Kaw that ran get away? Don't know the situation but sounds like since you didn't say anything about what ticket he got or that he crashed, he got away. So no ticket versus whatever they where going to pull him over for good thing he ran.
  8. I can't believe its an actual informed post. There are pros and cons of running atleast one person on here will admit. And since july.
  9. As safely as you can involves not starting the bike up. The act of riding down the road in dangerous no matter now safe to try to ride. So back to the question is has anybody had any experiences with helicopter or know of people that have ran and gotten away. The police are not going to let it out when somebody gets away so it has to be spread through word of mouth.
  10. So when did you ride with me that I complained about you wearing gear? But anyway its nice that I asked a simple question and everybody just avoided it. I am sure there are those on here that actually ride their bikes like they where meant to be ridden lets hear from them and less from the people that spend more time typing about their bikes than riding them.
  11. Thats very informative V4. Way to use logic and present supporting evidence guessing you didn't make it all the way to graduation.
  12. I have went down in gear and without gear before and road rash hurts but only for a couple of days however riding in the heat with gear on is painful every time I do it. So really painful for a little bit or a little pain for a short time thats an easy decision. Dont see why so many people want to make it their life's calling to make sure everybody wears gear. Its a personal choice. You don't hear the people who dont wear gear trying to shove that down peoples throats.
  13. Thats ok you cant help it but maybe if you would go out and ride a little you would learn a little bit and wouldnt make such ignorant posts. Then whenever you eventually learn to ride you can step up to a real bike.
  14. Yeah well some of us have enough skill to touch down and do it under control and some of you can't touch down at all. Seems like alot of you on the website dont actually ride or you would know how things work
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