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  1. I drove past a police officer today....while texting. My bad. Mid text, when I saw him...I held up my phone and smiled
  2. Sara_Rides

    cinco de drinko

    I was gonna go out....but have you SEEN how many cops are out? I'll drink at home, thanks.
  3. Okay, this was super funny!!! Nice turn around!!
  4. There is side street parking all over downtown deleware, and from what I understand they have a special place for bikes, right next to Hoggy's patio....although that might only be for the shop bikes. I'll ask nd get back to you...but you an also park in Cycle Search's lot as well. You've GOTTA come! my man is gonna be running the damn thing so I wont have an escort!!
  5. I am GOING!! AND riding! First bike night ever for me where I get to ride....legally too!! I am so excited. Hope a bunch of people show so it's not a bust....first one of the season for Cycle Search/Hoggy's. I'm so flippin excited I get to ride down
  6. I saw this about a week ago....it's pretty clever. It's nice to know it's not all depressing over there...although grown men dancing to LadyGaga.....I don't know. lol.
  7. I took my soon to be step-daughter to see the movie thinking it would be stupid, but I actually enjoyed it. I absolutely don't get the craze that followed though....I went to Wal-Mart at midnight the night the DVD came out to get it for my step-daughter for her birthday, and there had to be 300 people there....WTF??
  8. Hey Cindy!! Welcome to OR...I'm still new too....only have about 2,000 miles under my belt....if you ever wanna hit a parking lot to practice or take a newb ride, let me know, I'm in Westerville. :)

  9. I hate it when someone does something and then turns around and says...oh, but it's not okay for you to do it...only I can. WTF????
  10. I just finished the course this past weekend....it was great....the bikes there were fine...and for me it was nice to get a feel for another kind of bike. If she's ridden before it wont matter.
  11. I would LOVE to come especially since my other half is hosting.....with any luck I can be child free and ride on down
  12. Sara_Rides

    Newer Pictures of Me and Mine

    Random pics that were taken more recently than the last
  13. I stole this one from FB but it's still funny
  14. I know that Zero went and visited him last week. He is staying with his Mom for the remainder of his recovery as the 'rehab' center was really a nursing home. Rest assured he is being well cared for!
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