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  1. dmagicglock

    repsol trike

    was surfing around on ebay and came across this, perfect waste of a repsol and got a good laugh so I thought I'd share. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Honda-CBR-2007-Honda-CBR-1000-RR-Limited-Edition-Repsol-Trike-/250656905783?cmd=ViewItem&pt=US_motorcycles&hash=item3a5c50da37#ht_500wt_1182
  2. dmagicglock

    Gun Control nuts.

    says it all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3kUD6W8QaQ
  3. dmagicglock

    thirdgen's massive F4i rebuild thread.... pix intense!!

    this is one of those epic threads, hats off to you sir! thanks for sharing and taking the time to post all of that.
  4. dmagicglock

    firearms training

    I'm not sure how quick the class fills up or what their max capacity is? there was around 40 people when I went. But I've heard they've had up to 80 before?
  5. dmagicglock

    firearms training

    Went to cabelas in dundee michigan for a RACS seminar today. It was an awesome class, they only hold it twice a year (once in april and once in october). You do have to be a licensed ccw or law enforcement to attend, but I would really recommend going, its worth the $100 bucks. Here's a link to their website (ignore the cheesy graphics) the content of the class is very good. It teaches you a lot of things you might not realize could happen in a gun fight and or the mindset and preparation you need to have to prevail. http://www.racstraining.com/
  6. dmagicglock

    What's with all the "2014" laws?

    forget time to implement, 4 years is just enough time to mother f' you post midterm and post obama re-election time. Same thing with the healthcare bill... shit won't hit the fan till after re-election campaigns.
  7. dmagicglock

    CDMA iphone

    boygenius has a link to wsj about it http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2010/03/29/wsj-verizon-definitely-getting-the-iphone/
  8. dmagicglock

    texting re-invented

    I know! thats what I'm saying, I just want to text people for shits and giggles because its so much easier now
  9. dmagicglock

    texting re-invented

    I think it depends on what software version of droid you have, whether or not it comes with swype. I was thinking about getting the new HD2, it also has swype, but its WinMo... but it does have a pretty sweet processor.
  10. dmagicglock

    Health Care Passes... We are all screwed.O

    you're missing the point, its bullshit legislation like this that handicaps the private industry from being able to provide jobs. Is it a wonder why the government is the only sector adding jobs? 16k IRS jobs? I should know better than to use logic and reason with you, you can't nail jello to a tree.
  11. dmagicglock

    Health Care Passes... We are all screwed.O

    fwiw that cost of 1 billion is in the first quarter alone, so maybe its more of the 3-4% of annual earnings. but lets say the average AT&T employee makes 50k a year... at 1 billion dollars even, thats what 20,000 jobs they could supply right there?
  12. dmagicglock

    texting re-invented

    Okay so I might be late to the game on this, as it looks like this first came out on android in late december? Anyhow... I got a mytouch last august before they came out with this program. Well I did a warranty exchange on my mytouch and it came loaded with a new keyboard called swype. At first I wasn't sure how to use it, upon further review this thing lets you type blazing fast on a touchscreen phone and is probably one of the coolest innovations I've seen for phones in a long time. Thought I'd post a video of an example. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qI1BdJ7NPaI
  13. dmagicglock

    Fidel Castro Applauds Obama for Healthcare Bill

    No it just comes out of my taxes every paycheck. Listen, I am not an anarchist, I realize that there has to be some govt for infrastructure and defense. But I don't need them to manage every aspect of my life for me. Some people might want that, I don't. Comparing the building of roads to the takeover of healthcare, and the failure of social security, medicaire, medicaid, amtrack, etc... is 2 completely different things. Btw... it was released today that social security will take in less this year than it pays out... this wasn't suppose to happen for another 4 years. Why didn't the government release this info before the healthcare vote? I even found the article on the huffington post for you so you'd find it credible http://www.huffingtonpost.com/henry-blodget/whoops-social-security-ju_b_512677.html
  14. dmagicglock

    Fidel Castro Applauds Obama for Healthcare Bill

    oh the road that the state or local municipality paid a private contractor to pave? that road yes...
  15. dmagicglock

    Fidel Castro Applauds Obama for Healthcare Bill

    give me on example of communism that has worked well? North Korea is just living it up in isolation.