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  1. I agree. It has definitely changed my mindset on riding without a helmet. I'm just happy that everyone on here has been supportive and helpful.
  2. Sorry Facebook was messed up. It's fixed now if any of you wanted to add me or keep updates on how the fund is going. We are already establishing benefits at local establishments for the family. And I know there will be plenty of poker runs if any of you are interested. I would really like to see a huge turn out.
  3. I looked at my settings and it's set to everyone.
  4. And all of you local Ohio riders if you are on Facebook please feel free to add me. My name is Zachery Giesey. It would be a great help if you can pass this info along on Facebook with me. Thanks again for your time.
  5. Thank you guys for your support so far. The donations are coming in and greatly helping. Every little bit counts. It doesn't matter what the amount. It is all about helping out another family that's in need.
  6. Thank you for the advice I'm going to check it out now. And yes gender road is ridiculous. But that was her way home every day. What makes things worse is that she was only one street away from home. Not even 1/4 mile.
  7. What do you mean reddit? And thank you guys so far for your support? I couldn't ask for a better group of men and women for help and to come together. It is definitely a shame she wasn't wearing protective gear.no matter what the make and model bike you ride you always support one another. Thank you again!
  8. I agree she was not wearing one and I know it's all based on preference but it has definitely changed my outlook. But if you can please help share the info as best you can. I really don't know what the best route is to getting this information out there to help the family. So any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  9. The more you men and women like and share this the more it will help this family. So please just take a minute to help out a fellow riders family. Thank you for everyone's support.
  10. http://nbc4i.com/2015/08/13/motorcyclist-killed-in-overnight-crash/
  11. One of my good friends Michelle chambers was involved in an accident on gender road in canal winchester that claimed her life. A oncoming motorist turned directly in front of her without giving her any time to react. She was a mother of four and her and her husband worked hard to support their family. There is a go fund me page created for this family for funeral cost if any of you are interested in donating. I'm absolutely positive more than a few of you on here no these wonderful people personally or have met them and I can guarantee they left an everlasting impression on you. We will be organizing poker runs and other cruises and benefits in the near future so I hope all of you local riders can and would be willing to come out and support your local rider and family. Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions please email me at gieseyz@yahoo.Com or call and text at 614-207-8211
  12. Having a "Biker Sunday" at our church on 7-8-12. Its going to be an out-door service, with a cookout following. Then were planing a group ride afterwards. Please pass along the info. It is posted on the calendar, with address and all details. But, the more people that know, gives us the better chance to have a bigger group ride!!! Hope to see you, and many others there!!!

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