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  1. JBWalker


    Rt.83 south of i-70 to Rt. 60 is very nice mc road. much fun. http://www.fuelly.com/motorcycle/suzuki/dl1000/2005/jbw/98336
  2. JBWalker

    SR56 in Hocking area (repaving)

    july 12, rt.56 closed between ash cave & s.bloomingville and again west of laurelville. probably due to flooding.
  3. JBWalker


    5/23/14 from Jct.16, Rt. 60 open and in fair condition north to Jct.39..
  4. JBWalker

    Newb question here - Chain Care

    i use WD40 to clean. PJ1 blue label for lube. works ok for me.
  5. JBWalker

    2013 Mileage Poll

    i rode 10,000 miles this year.
  6. JBWalker

    Federal Helmet Law Coming?

    AMA is about worthless. money grabbing lobbyist.
  7. JBWalker

    TOY RUN - Nov. 9th.

    27th. annual toy run. Nov.9th. 2013. assemble at "toys r us parking lot" 4585 groves rd. columbus ohio @ noon, leave 1pm sharp. for more info. http://www.abate.com/apps/events/fliers/2013_r9_toy_run_flyer-working.jpg
  8. JBWalker

    Bass guitar and amp wanted.

    Kustom III bass amp head and cabinet with two 12'' speakers. in good condition. $250..
  9. JBWalker

    Camping Trip?

    free camping and rock concert. http://dougstock.com/index.html
  10. JBWalker

    Stp Fuel Treatment

    i been using sta-bil marine formula ethanol treatment in my bike since nov.2011. works ok for me. gained 1.5 mpg.
  11. JBWalker

    Tips to increase MPG?

    try using a higher octane fuel.
  12. JBWalker

    Triple Nickel

    555 closed between 669 & 37.
  13. JBWalker

    Roads With A Little Twist

    555 ... ...
  14. JBWalker

    Tips/advice For Long Distance Trip

    by the time you figure in gas stops, lunch, and b.s. stops, you'll be lucky to avg. 45 mph. so, 450mi. would be more like 10hrs.. dont forget to take a good rain suit and flat tire repair kit. g-luck and ride safe.
  15. from hocking hills i take 93 south to oak hill. then turn, make way over to 775. 775 south to huntington.