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  1. Rt.83 south of i-70 to Rt. 60 is very nice mc road. much fun. http://www.fuelly.com/motorcycle/suzuki/dl1000/2005/jbw/98336
  2. july 12, rt.56 closed between ash cave & s.bloomingville and again west of laurelville. probably due to flooding.
  3. 5/23/14 from Jct.16, Rt. 60 open and in fair condition north to Jct.39..
  4. i use WD40 to clean. PJ1 blue label for lube. works ok for me.
  5. i rode 10,000 miles this year.
  6. AMA is about worthless. money grabbing lobbyist.
  7. Kustom III bass amp head and cabinet with two 12'' speakers. in good condition. $250..
  8. i been using sta-bil marine formula ethanol treatment in my bike since nov.2011. works ok for me. gained 1.5 mpg.
  9. try using a higher octane fuel.
  10. 555 closed between 669 & 37.
  11. by the time you figure in gas stops, lunch, and b.s. stops, you'll be lucky to avg. 45 mph. so, 450mi. would be more like 10hrs.. dont forget to take a good rain suit and flat tire repair kit. g-luck and ride safe.
  12. from hocking hills i take 93 south to oak hill. then turn, make way over to 775. 775 south to huntington.
  13. F.S. pair of Cerwin Vega Pro Audio 15'' 2-way full range speakers. wood grain cabinet, black grill. can be used as PA speakers as will as home stereo speakers. VGC $150.. pair
  14. aint that the truth. i got 70k out of my stock seat before it started to wear out. then, bought a new sargent seat. works ok for me.
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