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  1. TRMN8TR

    PIRC Sept 15/16

    Tim rides an SV. It's not even a real "big bike." He sold that one. 😄
  2. Pink Fieldsheer textile jacket, size small. Has a CE back protector and elbow pads and a zip out liner. Worn only a handful of times. $30.
  3. TRMN8TR

    2012 Triumph Street Triple R - $6000

    Because of my concussion I don't remember actually selling this bike. I think it's still in my garage? $2000 obo.
  4. TRMN8TR

    My track bike conundrum.

    Traction control on a 600 isn't needed. I also don't think ABS that's available on any 600 class bike out there would stay on any bike I owned. Even the brand new R6 TC/ABS is admittedly not as advanced as it is on the R1 and I would remove it. They don't have the 6 axis thingy for lean angle, etc. With that said, the 13+ zx6r is the better track machine of the 2 choices you gave. More people are tracking/racing them which means parts are easier to get, setup info is easier to get, etc. And they do make pretty good power and all.
  5. TRMN8TR

    MA at PIRC vs Mid-Ohio

  6. TRMN8TR

    MA at PIRC vs Mid-Ohio

    Haha ok so the bridge is out. Maybe a tunnel?
  7. TRMN8TR

    MA at PIRC vs Mid-Ohio

    I also say give it some time. This was the first major event like this at PIRC. They're dumping a lot of money into the place, I'm sure you saw the construction for the new timing/scoring tower? We've all made comments to them about spectating/bleachers etc. and they seemed open to suggestions. One idea we threw out there is a bridge somewhere over T1 area to get you to the infield, with bleachers up on the hill where that "vegetation" is. If they had bleachers there and you could see behind you, you'd almost be able to see the whole track at once.
  8. TRMN8TR

    Any one toy around with tune ecu?

    What bike are you trying to connect to? I've never heard of it working with a Suzuki, unless you've got another bike than what's listed in your profile? I've used it quite a bit for swapping maps, reading and clearing check engine codes, troubleshooting, disabling emissions crap I removed from the bike, etc. Other than that, I leave the tuning to the experts. J.D. Hord at Hord Power has done all the tuning on my race bike using TuneECU. He's out by Mid-Ohio. Super reasonable and would recommend him if you have a bike capable of being tuned with TuneECU.
  9. TRMN8TR

    Road Atlanta 4/15-4/16

    I've got a decent amount of work to do yet myself, but I've got time set aside Friday and Saturday to work on everything. Lets see...solder in a new crank position sensor into the harness on the stator/stator cover, plus a spare. Hope these last longer than the last 2 I bought, different brand this time. Hell, I think I'm even going to bring the oem one off the street triple. I'll be damned if my weekend gets ruined because of these stupid things. Finish changing oil, bleed brakes, install rearsets, clean the bike, make a couple minor bodywork repairs, and change gearing. Then hope and pray this thing doesn't overheat. It was running lean so that will make it run hot, and the tune should help with that.
  10. TRMN8TR

    Nelson Ledges

    Ya I think the repave is going to be held off until some progress can be made on some of the other hurdles can be dealt with. Mostly regarding EPA stuff, tire walls, etc.
  11. TRMN8TR

    Road Atlanta 4/15-4/16

    So I had some issues with my bike at the tuner and had to leave it there. He's done with it now though. Going back most likely this Saturday, if not next. Do you still need to pick it up? I'll be going by there again.
  12. TRMN8TR

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Eh, not really. Freeze expansion starts expanding anything, anywhere. The ice doesn't really flow too well. These bikes don't have freeze plugs in the head, and it will break the head. I'm hoping I'm lucky and it wasn't outside too long to freeze everything solid. There was still water in the top of the radiator. JD told me another horror story of a guy who brought out his bike in the winter. Radiator was split, head was broke, etc.
  13. TRMN8TR

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Nice numbers! I was wondering how it would go for you with my header mod and a slip-on. I'm impressed! I just dropped my bike off Saturday for a tune. Having some cooling issues of my own, and like you hoping I'm not doing an engine swap. I always leave water/water wetter in the bike even over the winter because my garage doesn't freeze. But I loaded it up in my trailer Friday night to take it down early. And of course it got down to 15 that night. Coolant lines were frozen solid. Hoping I didn't cause internal damage. JD is going to let it thaw for a few days and hope for the best.
  14. TRMN8TR

    Tuning software

    Use TuneECU for your Triumph if you still have the Street Triple in your profile. NEVER use it on a 2013+, it'll brick your ECU. Works great on pre-13 though. It's free, and a $10 cable gets you going. Awesome for maintenance, reading/clearing codes, resetting the adaptation like you mentioned, etc. And if you ever plan on getting the bike tuned, head on over to JD at HordPower. He's about an hour and a half from you and one of the best Triumph tuners in the area. I'm actually taking my race bike there Saturday to get it tuned. His prices are super reasonable. Last time I was there it cost me $100 for the tune. Best money I ever spent on the bike for anything performance related. I put a full Arrow exhaust on, and picked up 13hp with the custom tune vs. running the generic Triumph/Arrow tune.
  15. TRMN8TR

    Random Track Talk

    Well that's great for those guys...but for me it isn't.