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  1. you guessed it. how in the hell have you been. you gotta see the new toy the focus is still around but now I got a 88 toyota mud truck and it is a blast. hit me up sometime 286-0249

  2. never driven turbo diesel and I'm not Al sorry.

  3. ps. is this Al? used to drive a dodge turbo diesel and knows sam dawson?

  4. reply about the jacked up foot picture. i laid my bike down after comin down from a wheelie. hit pavement doin around 35mph and broke 3 bones in my foot and shattered the first joint on my big toe right by my ankle. i had a orthopedic surgeon (podiatrist) go in and reconstruct the shattered joint he used 3 pins to hold it together. then ran a 4th pin up the bone connecting my second toe to my ankle to fix an overlapping fracture. my 3rd toe had a straight fracture that didnt require any pins. and i have a hairline fracture up the 4th bone. plus all the road rash has since healed. my wreck was may 18th of 2008. im pretty scarred up and in almost in a felling of constant not so painful pain. more irritating now that ive gotten used to it. but im good to go. actually got my bike back out of storage. and road it around. still got some pretty ugly cosmetic damage but mechanically my F4i is a champion.

  5. is this the rusticles friend of sam dawson?

  6. Rusticle02F4i


    A couple different shots I got of my bike, aftermath of my wreck, and a few classics of me. enjoy
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