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  1. March Moto Madness, Tellico Plains, TN.

    I wish I would have checked in earlier to see this. It looks like a blast of a time.
  2. CSBA Ride August 19th

    Normally we leave before they get rolling but today will be a little different. Maybe the weather has slowed people down from getting there early.
  3. CSBA Ride August 19th

    Good to know, thank you!
  4. CSBA Ride August 19th

    Pushing departure back an hour to let the rain get out of area.
  5. CSBA Ride August 19th

    We will meet at Iron Pony Motorsports at 9:00 and depart at 9:30. The route will be 335 miles so plan on being gone most of the day. We will be heading down to SE Ohio riding several of the great roads down there. The route we will be riding is here: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/23783585
  6. Christian Sport Bike Assoc. July 15th Ride

    Weather is looking great for the ride tomorrow. May have to bypass 715 off of 36 since it always floods when we get a lot of rain but it will be no problem to do so.
  7. The July ride will take us NE from Westerville into Coshocton, down to Dresden then back down 79 into Newark. The planned route is 223 miles and should be a good ride as long as the weather is good. Meet at Iron Pony at 9:00 and depart at 9:30. All bikes/riders are welcome. Come geared up ready to ride. Route Hope to see you there
  8. Christian Sport Bike Association Ride June 17th

    It was a great ride, glad you could make it. Looking forward to getting back down to Boondocks for some more bbq.
  9. I have always enjoyed Wayah Road, thanks for the update.
  10. Smokey Mountain Breakdown, Dirty

    Looked like a great time. I am thinking I will need to take a quick trip down there to ride some of that route.
  11. Christian Sport Bike Association Ride June 17th

    I edited the route slightly to try and miss more of downtown Lancaster as well as coming into McConnelsville slightly different. If you are coming, the gas stop will be at 98 miles so come with a full tank ready to ride. It is going to be warm tomorrow so stay hydrated.
  12. Christian Sport Bike Association Ride June 17th

    What is so special about it that only Brooklyn had it? Is it lowered so you can get in it without a step ladder?
  13. Christian Sport Bike Association Ride June 17th

    Brooklyn??? That does not sound fun.
  14. Christian Sport Bike Association Ride June 17th

    I am always up for riding roads that are not straight and boring. Feel free to route us differently if there is a better route.
  15. Christian Sport Bike Association Ride June 17th

    Since we did end up doing the May ride, the route on the initial post is incorrect. We will be doing this route https://ridewithgps.com/routes/21937497 . We will get back down to the Marietta area later in the year. Lunch will be at the Blue Bell Diner in McConnellsville. We will meet in the NW corner of the Iron Pony parking lot at 9:00 and depart at 9:30.