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  1. Strictly Street

    unOFFICIAL Thanks Trump thread.

  2. Strictly Street

    BRS classes truly full

    I have not done this myself. Everyone I ever talked to that did, got in on the standby first try. It's worth a shot.
  3. Strictly Street

    Shop recommendation for fork rebuild?

    possibly Hoblik?
  4. Strictly Street

    Bad Samaritans

    A very special place
  5. Strictly Street

    Funny picture thread.

    https://www.whatfinger.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/ocdnightmare-274x300.png <img src="https://www.whatfinger.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/ocdnightmare-274x300.png"> OCD Nightmare
  6. Strictly Street

    Mobile jump pack recommendations

    I bought one from Amazon a while back. Haven't needed it yet, I have had the thought that if I needed it I would still have to take off the seat etc just to get to the battery. Has anybody tried to make a wiring harness that could be mounted to the bike so you could just plug in the jump starter kinda like a battery tender trickle charger?
  7. Because science. We’ve all felt it before: this uncontrollable need to smile, breathing in the air of freedom, feeling the interior peace and weightlessness that comes with being on the road and sharing a moment alone with yourself to the sound of a mix of exhaust note and wind. This might all sound a little sappy and over-poeticized, but you know exactly the feeling I’m describing and als know that very little can compare. Apparently, it’s not just a “feeling”—riding actually is good for us. Article link is here Who knew?
  8. Strictly Street

    3d printed bike

    It was only a matter of time..... Designer and artist Jonathan Brand has created a 3D printed motorcycle that gearheads, motorcycle enthusiasts, 3D printing fans, and interior designers will all appreciate. From his studio in New Haven, CT, Jonathan Brand has printed out a full-scale replica 3D printed motorcycle based on a classic: a 1970’s Honda CB 500 universal Japanese motorcycle (UJM). The bike was made primarily from ultra thin translucent plastic by two of Brand’s Ultimaker 3D printers. Link: - Link to article -
  9. The 50 Fastest Speeding Tickets in Texas in 2018 While not personally endorsing the practice, notice how many are not cars. Then notice which cars are in what range. Interesting type/model stats. Scroll down for the list... The 50 fastests speeding tickets in Texas (2018)
  10. Strictly Street

    Read the trolls while you still can

    This page isn't available The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Go back to the previous page · Go to News Feed · Visit our Help Center Gone now...
  11. Strictly Street

    No such thing as voter fraud...

    Proof that there is no such thing as voter fraud. It's legit and Democrat approved so it must be legal. Texas Democrats Caught Mailing Pre-Filled Voter Registrations To Non-Citizens https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-18/texas-democrats-caught-mailing-pre-filled-voter-registrations-non-citizens I plan on voting in the next elections in Mexico, Venezuela and Canada. Fair is fair, they vote here, I vote there. I cant wait to vote on Brexit! Or immigration in Germany and Sweden. Trade tariffs in China, the possibilities are endless. Damn! It's good to be a voter without borders! https://www.judicialwatch.org/press-room/in-the-news/u-s-3-5-million-registered-voters-live-adults-red-flag-electoral-fraud/ By the way... Get the hell off my lawn! Damned recidivists, reprobates... Habitual re-offenders... It cant happen here....
  12. Strictly Street

    Hillary Just a Thought.

    Realy it is fair and balanced legal investigation of real facts and events....
  13. Strictly Street

    BMW SELF Driving MC

    Self-driving cars have quickly moved from a far-out idea to a here-and-now reality. Now one German automaker has built a self-driving motorcycle — one that can start, accelerate, steer and brake to stop, all without a rider. No one is looking to fill the roads with riderless motorcycles. Rather, BMW sees its autonomous motorcycle as a test bed for technologies that would improve the safety and handling of conventional motorcycles. “We want to teach the motorcycle how to ride a bike,” said Stefan Hans, the engineer who leads the self-driving motorcycle project for BMW Motorrad, the company's motorcycling division. https://www.nbcnews.com/mach/science/bmw-teaching-motorcycle-drive-itself-so-it-can-help-save-ncna910801
  14. Strictly Street

    The World’s First Beer Hotel - C bus

    In March 2018, Scottish beer company BrewDog launched a campaign for the “world’s first crowdfunded craft beer hotel,” complete with taps in all the rooms, mini-fridges stocked with beer in the showers, and a spa that uses beer-infused products. Fast forward 17 months later and the 32-room hotel is now inviting guests to “the world’s first beer hotel where you can wake up inside a brewery.” Starting Monday, Aug. 27, craft beer lovers can expect to be greeted by a whole host of “rocking amenity options” at The DogHouse in Columbus, Ohio. https://www.travelandleisure.com/hotels-resorts/brewdog-beer-hotel-in-columbus-ohio?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link&ICID=ref_fark with video goodness. The rooms look nice and of course it's pet friendly...
  15. https://abcnews.go.com/US/gopro-helmet-camera-captures-collision-motorcycle-fire-truck/story?id=31994919 https://abcnews.go.com/US/gopro-helmet-camera-captures-collision-motorcycle-fire-truck/story?id=31994919 The guy survived...