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  1. Making me feel like a piker but.. put the bike on the charger, get it up to the job of actually starting, for the fist time since to covid. Old gas. but we will see.... Love the wind...
  2. ^ doable - 115 E Chestnut St, Corydon, IN 47112
  3. Not going to take sides on this one except to note the media coverage of both sides has been less than even handed. It does seem to show that the media leans a bit Democrat, yes even Fox since they were bought out. No matter which side your on I'm betting on a very interesting next few years.
  4. Unless they are radioactive and glow in the dark, and have frickin killer laser beams on their heads, yes, passe this year. Perhaps next year?
  5. Sat behind a truck at a light, Plate said: MAGA 20, Wonder who he is voting for....
  6. Ah! Vintage electrical issues. A common problem from the era is the coil wires. The copper is green under the insulation and has more resistance than it should. When you have 2 ohms of resistance in the coils themselves an extra ohm or two will give all kinds of strange issues. Won't idle, breaks up at high rev's, stalls, sputters, etc. The plugs will be the giveaway, dark, sooty even wet, depending on when you check them. They should be a nice brown/gray at the tips. Hope this helps.
  7. All the best to you. Good luck with the move. They were some pretty good rides weren't they?
  8. Sounds like a wiring error. Get a volt meter and start checking which wire is hot ignition on / off. Turn signals on / off. The new turn signals should have three wires, 1 for ground, 1 for turn and 1 for running lights. Something is wired backwards if the old ones worked and the new ones don't. Hope this helps.
  9. Just pointing out the wealth of dis-information on the subject
  10. Top theories on how it _really_ happened: https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/coronavirus-china-bat-patent-conspiracy-theory-942416/ Kinda leaning toward the SImpsons caused it myself. But that's just me. 😎 The Simpsons predicted the coronavirus Because The Simpsons has been on the air for more than 30 years, there’s been no shortage of elaborate plotlines for internet sleuths to point to as harbingers for various world events, to the degree that “The Simpsons predicted it” is now more of a meme than anything else. Case in point: screengrabs allegedly from the 19
  11. This didn't help either: https://www.weaselzippers.us/445796-taiwan-says-it-warned-who-about-coronavirus-in-december-but-its-warnings-were-ignored Good information is very helpful bad info is not. No wonder people didn't take this seriously until it was a little late. The powers that be told us all was well, no need to panic, so we didn't . Now... Everybody PANIC!!! <sarcasm>New at 11pm! Gunfight at Walmart! SWAT team called in to protect the toilet paper! Film at 11!!!!! </sarcasm>
  12. Strictly Street


    I've bee following this thread and had a thought, The most fun ride - OR group ride - I can recall was the scavenger hunt ride of, well many years ago. The idea was that we were in small groups, 5-10 bikes. The goal was not the ride itself but the destination. It was goofy enough to be fun with only occasional mach retard opportunities. It also had group conferences just to find a destination with riders switching off who was leading based on who knew where we were going or what we were going for. Perhaps a change in the focus of what a ride _is_ might help. IDK just a thought. Not th
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