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    Mid-Ohio Cherry Popping . . .

    It will be closer to a full day that half a day. 5-6 sessions would be my guess. I’ll know more tomorrow.

    Random Track Talk

    Mark Junge at MidOhio is selling Pirelli's.

    Crash Investigation

    Like others have pointed out, looks like you locked the rear up momentarily downshifting which upset the bike and caused you to go off track. You pulled the clutch in and let the revs drop down to like 4-5k then let it out too fast. Try not to let the bike free roll like that, get your downshift done quickly blipping the throttle to reduce shock to the chassis.

    Random Track Talk

    I don't think that will be a problem. I think the SC3 will last longer too. Only drawback is the SC3 is still a true race tire so you'll need warmers whereas the Q4 and also the Pirelli TD tires can go without warmers. I'm thinking about trying out the Pirelli TD tire on my stock wheels for coaching so i don't have to worry about warmers. Just hop on and go. Mark J ran 1:31.5 at MidO on them.

    Random Track Talk

    The 3 isn’t as sticky as the 2 and doesn’t have the edge grip of the 1or2. It’s not a bad tire. I’d do track days on it for sure but no way I would race on it it. The rear reminds me of Michelin evo’s. The front people love. Mark Junge actually races with the 3 and it’s his preferred front. He’s trying to convert me over to it but I prefer the 1 on the front. Pirellis and temps are kinda the opposite of what most people think. The softer tires work better in high temps
  6. I’ll take the gear bag. Where are you located?

    AMA 2019 Vintage Bike Week this weekend


    AMA 2019 Vintage Bike Week this weekend

    I’m racing The A classes again this year. Garage 20 bike no 827

    Random Track Talk

    All true statements but I’ve heard the same from someone that would be in the know. Never heard this from him previously. 🤞
  10. OSUYZFR1

    Random Track Talk

    Right i think it’s like 10k to rent the track. I’d bet there are numerous days where PTR nets more than 10k. Sold out days are over 100 riders. I’ve heard numbers for medical but not insurance but either way I stand by my statements. You gonna be up there much this year?
  11. OSUYZFR1

    Random Track Talk

    So teen driving school makes more than 10K per event? 50 riders is a lighter day so this is on the low end. PTR is part of the school. It's the highest revenue generator for the school from what I'm told. The school as a whole has to be peanuts compared to the major events the track holds but that goes for any track in the country. I don't think Car track days bring in more money for MidO since the track is rented out. I've heard numbers thrown out in the past and it's not 20K. Do you know of any org that is paying their coaches cash for track days? Let me know I'll go coach for them.
  12. OSUYZFR1

    Random Track Talk

    Not really true from what I’ve heard.
  13. OSUYZFR1

    Random Track Talk

    Honda commercial is what I heard.
  14. OSUYZFR1

    Who are the OR.net Mid-Ohio instructors?

    Unless something has changed, Mike isn’t coaching at MO anymore.
  15. OSUYZFR1

    Who are the OR.net Mid-Ohio instructors?

    I coach at MO. The novice program is great for new riders. Message me with any questions.