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    Who are the OR.net Mid-Ohio instructors?

    Unless something has changed, Mike isn’t coaching at MO anymore.

    Who are the OR.net Mid-Ohio instructors?

    I coach at MO. The novice program is great for new riders. Message me with any questions.

    PIRC Sept 15/16

    Nice, Looks like you were rolling pretty good. What times were you running? After seeing your gear selection in some places I see what I'm doing wrong and costing me lots of time. Kinda want to go back now. LOL

    PIRC Sept 15/16

    You learn to ride what you are have underneath you. Personally never ridden a mini but I’m not on here bashing them either. They probably aren’t going to help you cope with the acceleration of a big bike but lwt bikes don’t really accelerate either.

    PIRC Sept 15/16

    That's true. That's also why you shouldn't look down on the mini stuff as if you're too good for it and need to be 'challenged' more. At least that's how your posts come off to me.

    PIRC Sept 15/16

    Fixed it for you. You made it sound like you can actually out ride the bike.

    Mid-O Cert - WTB

    I have one also.

    Mid Ohio 8/20

    That may have been me. Lol. I did that a few times yesterday. Seemed like I was cruising around following some buddies and then Nate would go by so I had to put my head down and see what I could do. I did see one 1:33.9 while following him. It was hard cause he was putting passes on guys I wasn't going to do wearing an orange jersey. Pretty fast for a track day though.

    Mid Ohio 7/9

    Nice race. 34s is awesome. You beat my novice lap times of 2013 which I don’t think had been done. Rick got close last year. I ran 35.3. What happened on the cool down lap? You accidentally downshift?
  10. OSUYZFR1

    Mid-Ohio Track Day 9-3-18 (Labor Day)

    Yeah I know, I coached there for the last 4 years and have been riding there since 2009. It’s nothing like it was 5 years ago and it just annoys me when everyone acts like it’s unrideable in the morning. You have to be careful but you can still put down some decent times.
  11. OSUYZFR1

    Mid-Ohio Track Day 9-3-18 (Labor Day)

    Too ‘slick’ for you in the morning? jk. You know Matt Carr ran a 32 in practice at 9am Sunday.
  12. OSUYZFR1

    Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    Track feels good. 37s second session. I’m down in garage 16 if anyone that’s here wants to stop down
  13. OSUYZFR1

    Helping a returning rider.

    Weighting the outside peg helps complete the turn a ton.
  14. OSUYZFR1

    FU Roberto Perez

    Well...at least your seats were good and you got to see that exhibition by Durant. ?
  15. OSUYZFR1

    PIRC 5-19 5-20

    You guys going to Pitt 6/2-3?