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    Mid Ohio 7/9

    Nice race. 34s is awesome. You beat my novice lap times of 2013 which I don’t think had been done. Rick got close last year. I ran 35.3. What happened on the cool down lap? You accidentally downshift?

    Mid-Ohio Track Day 9-3-18 (Labor Day)

    Yeah I know, I coached there for the last 4 years and have been riding there since 2009. It’s nothing like it was 5 years ago and it just annoys me when everyone acts like it’s unrideable in the morning. You have to be careful but you can still put down some decent times.

    Mid-Ohio Track Day 9-3-18 (Labor Day)

    Too ‘slick’ for you in the morning? jk. You know Matt Carr ran a 32 in practice at 9am Sunday.

    Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    Track feels good. 37s second session. I’m down in garage 16 if anyone that’s here wants to stop down

    Helping a returning rider.

    Weighting the outside peg helps complete the turn a ton.

    FU Roberto Perez

    Well...at least your seats were good and you got to see that exhibition by Durant. ?

    PIRC 5-19 5-20

    You guys going to Pitt 6/2-3?

    Pitt Race

    I’d prefer 4 groups if it gives some open track vs N2 having 50+ riders in A group and never getting a clean lap. It’s a couple weeks before the wera race weekend so I’ll probably go for both days.

    Pitt Race

    Ok thanks. Odd to have different groups with different passing rules if they run together
  10. OSUYZFR1

    Pitt Race

    Anybody ever ridden with them. Website shows 4 groups. How does that work, 15 minute sessions? Is there plenty of free track in the E4 group?
  11. OSUYZFR1

    Superbike School, Vegas, April 7-8

    Doesn’t CSS use s1000rr’s? Only ridden one before and it wasn’t very confidence inspiring with the power coming on like a 2 stroke. Hopefully they are neutered down for the school
  12. OSUYZFR1

    Bitcoin or Blockchain - has anyone invested in it?

    The more you post it’s clear you have no idea how blockchain works but keep it up it’s good entertainment. i’m really not concerned about paying taxes either. If you had a clue you would already know that once you turn crypto back into fiat it can be linked back to you. Coinbase is already reporting on people that have pulled more than 20k back into fiat. Regulation goes against the whole reason it was developed and why it’s coded so that it can be trusted without regulation.
  13. OSUYZFR1

    Bitcoin or Blockchain - has anyone invested in it?

    You really don’t understand the technology but yes if you’re leaving it on exchanges you run the risk of the exchange being hacked and losing your coins.
  14. OSUYZFR1

    Bitcoin or Blockchain - has anyone invested in it?

    I’ve got some alt coins. Substratum, Icon, and a few others. Substratum is a local company with offices in Delaware. I think it has some serious potential but time will tell.
  15. OSUYZFR1

    Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    That would be awesome. The liter bikes have stymied a lot a good riders for a season though.