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  1. Whoa!!! Best zombie thread revival EVER!!! A few weeks short of 12 years later.... 🙄
  2. What? No milk crate yet? Dude, yer gonna ruin the image of the entire KLR mystique....
  3. I just figgered the Metaverse had randomly puked up a stray byte of code that somehow landed on the OR forum page. Another sign of the end of times.... 😬
  4. To the OP: Generally used in a tongue-in-cheek manner, i.e., in the spirit of good natured ribbing....unless it's @Tonik in which case it just means he's a grumpy old curmudgeon with a fading libido and tortured psyche.
  5. Wouldn't that be "Wok San, you don't have to put on the WED light"??? 🤔
  6. Presume you don't understand that: 1) you're posting a hunting question on a motorcycle forum. You are seriously lost, son. 2) your location is listed as CA and this is an OH-based forum. Hunting laws and opening/closing dates for different critter seasons are state-controlled and vary by state. WTF would you think that there would be any useful information to be gleaned by posting on an out-of-state forum? You are seriously lost, son.
  7. TTR125 is a great choice for a bike to grow into. Even old fat guy capable, at least in my experience. As for the n+1 theory, I still see some unused floor space available. You're not done yet!
  8. LOL. I didn't actually get out on the track but Mike said it was one of the finest and most fun tracks he's raced. Nice facilities, pretty good access to many overlook spots and grandstands for viewing. Showers still had steaming hot water at 10 PM in the evening!!! I CAN tell you that the walk from Paddock #5 to the start grid is a long f'n hike hauling a battery/tool cart in the hot sun on asphalt. Told the worthless peckerhead that if he can afford a race car and the $5-6K thousand dollars (his estimate) in travel money, parts money (set of new Goodyear slicks cost $1200!), Sunoco race fuel, etc, for a long weekend, that next year he's springing for a friggin' golf cart.... On a high note, I did lose 5# over the weekend in spite of going thru several cases of beer....ya know, to stay hydrated.
  9. Guess since this whole thread was an abortion from the git-go, I'll close it out with more non-2-wheel dialog and pics. Just returned from a fun week helping a friend with his '87 Lola S2000 vintage race car at Watkins Glen for the VSCDA event. Weather was pretty cooperative but many off-course excursions (by other drivers) meant laps during test sessions and qualifying were limited due to black flags being shown. With Only about 10-12 laps of experience--he'd never raced WG previously--Mike Wright went out and took first in the Saturday race and second on Sunday. Lots of work and blood, sweat, cussing, thrown wrenches, etc....but it turned out to be a pretty successful outing. Pics of Mike going through safety inspection, on the start grid for Saturday's race, and after his P1 finish. And in the spirit of Deja-vu, I ran into a couple of old biking friends from the 90s at the Glen, who were there racing in a different class. Good to see folks from the long ago days of riding dirt trails with NKYMBA. Yeah, I'm the old guy in the middle.
  10. ....and this is why we can't have nice things. 🤣
  11. Whelp....gonna get one more shot at playing with a race car. My friend is committed to finishing out the season at Watkins Glen for the Hilliard Vintage Grand Prix weekend Sept 9-12. Hopefully no one throws a wrench in the plans 'cause this is gonna be a wee bit more 'spensive than Grattan, and another 3+ hours of driving each way. Here's a short trailer on the back story of Mike Wright. Not sure if the filming is done or if they'll still be shooting at WG....but I highly doubt I either I or Mike will have a fairy tale story and end up as ruggedly handsome mature film stars like Paul Newman or Steve McQueen.
  12. I'm no race car driver, but I believe from reading the tests of the supercars (How the fuck do I get a job like that? ) you should choose the Ferrari if you want to do lurid tail-out power slides, and the Lambo if you want to put down decent timed runs with minimal drama. Ferrari = RWD, tail happy. Lambo = AWD with controllable understeer. I can testify to the lurid tail-out power slide characteristics of a RWD car. I owned a 2013 Vette GS 6-spd and did some autoXing with SCCA at the Wilmington Airpark. I was NOT fast, but Boy Howdy did I go thru $1200 of tires in a short amount of time....
  13. Not at all. You contributed humor, TimTheAzn warned about the sketchy pavement, Jester warned us about ants in the paddock, and Mike at Riders Discount gave a one-thumbs-up--maybe--to the flush johns at the track. Much has been elucidated for those of us ignorant of the subtleties of Grattan! Now, I just have to get there.
  14. Crapola!!! My friend had to cancel--work got in the way. He's the head technical engineer for IMSA team #32, racing a Mercedes AMG in the GTD class. Apparently, they had a shitty weekend at RA and they're flogging the horses to get ready for a test session at VIR next weekend. Oh well. Sounds like it'll be a nice weekend to ride.
  15. Ouch, that's bad....but so in keeping with the "flavor" of OR.
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