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  1. Bubba

    Funny picture thread.

    This thread is one of my all-time favs on OR but sadly, I don't get this. What disturbs me most is that it undoubtedly means I'm so fucking old that I'm prolly only 10-12 days from death....sigh...
  2. Bubba

    I'm back...

    Joe: Sorry to hear about your Dad. Lost mine 3 years ago and still miss him every day. The world is a lonelier place without parents... If your schedule permits, the annual Local RIders fall trip to Waynesville and Phil's/Jay's BRMC is the week of Labor Day. Typical ritual is simply pick the group of riders that meet your schedule and roll with them. Folks start dribbling down Sunday-Monday, some Tues-Wed, even a few that only make it for a couple of days on the weekend. Some slab it down in one day, some make the route part of the week's ride and do it in 2 days--that'd be old guys like me who don't want to do a 450-550 mile day. Sunday is the return, usually a twisty route on 209 to Hot Springs and 70/Trail of the Lonesome Pine north, then a slab from the Bert Combs Mtn Pkwy to Cinti. I would have suggested joining the FB forum with the current info, but that obviously won't work. Check out the LocalRidersdotcom site, which is essentially totally dead but you'll find Dave Bannister's post from this month and links to past year's trips for more info. If you decide to join this year, lemeno and I'll connect you to folks who are already planning their trip itinerary.
  3. Damn! Sounds like this old retired guy is gonna have to start a bidding war to supplement my "fixed" income. Guy that hunts my place gives me free tomatoes during the summer. Sounds like I can do better. 'Course, he usually goes thru several bottles of my Crown during the hunting season to warm up after he sits in the blind for a few hours....am I losing money on this proposition? LOL
  4. These are the kind of big boys that wander in during the rut. Don't normally see 'em until late Oct-early Nov.
  5. Might have to do that. The guy that bow hunts my place hasn't been very reliable the last couple of seasons. Think he's getting old and starting to need glasses. LOL 🐵 Hold out until the trail cam gets a pic of the big ones that filter in around October time for the fall orgy. These guys are still pretty young--guessing 2 year olds and prolly twins. Seems like nearly all the does that hang around the property drop twins every year. I suppose it's not that uncommon for deer.
  6. Yup. 9 acres of woods in western Hamilton Cty, with the north end of the property under a Duke transmission line. Runs for miles from beyond the IN border east toward Lebanon and beyond. Deer use it for cover all year long, and it functions as a super-highway for the BIG bucks to travel for mating during the fall rut. Several years ago, I managed to hit one right at dusk crossing my road within 250 yards of my driveway. Ruined a beautiful CBR600F2 with not a single flaw.
  7. Looks like it's gonna be another bumper crop--yes, that's a pun!--of hood rats--yes, that's a pun--this year. Someone needs to get these guys before they end up bagging me on my motorcycle.
  8. It's inevitable that you'll get responses ranging the gamut from "Every 3000 miles or you'll die!" to once a year or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. Truth is most of us are old guys who grew up and learned to drive and do vehicle maintenance in an era when dino oils were 1) the ONLY choice, and 2) not nearly near as good as they are today. I'll chime in with my OPINION--which is at least as good as all the other crusty bastards on this forum (#becauseimafuckingrocketscietist)--and say that I'd do changes with dino (since that's according to the manual) at 6 month intervals or 6000-7500 miles, whichever comes first. I'm a bit surprised that Ichiro's peeps spec dino oil--guessing because of the clutch?--and I'd prolly either use a syth blend or full synth and change at 10,000 miles or yearly. I always use full synth in my bikes and have never had a clutch issue. And I'd change the filter at each interval since I hate the idea of contaminating all my hard earned dollars of clean lube with dark and crusty shit lurking in the old filter. But hey, it's a Honda so no matter what you decide, it'll eventually die LONG AFTER you sell it and move on to something new.
  9. Bubba

    No upshifts

    Or use a short piece of 2x4 through the rear wheel against the swingarm to keep the wheel from turning.
  10. Bubba

    Ducs are attention whores

    Not if you order it with a splash of mint.
  11. Bubba

    Ducs are attention whores

    I think we can agree that motorcycles are all pretty damn "special" in their own way. Riding for 55+ years and I've owned green, yellow, blue, both reds, orange, and orange/black. Like 'em all. One size does NOT fit all....IJS
  12. Bubba

    AMA 2019 Vintage Bike Week this weekend

    The whole crew from Cinti is rolling up. The Cincinnati Café Racer group has a tent in the infield they'll be displaying some nice bikes, and they have a group camping spot along the fence on the west side of the upper lot. Great group of folks! Stop in and say hi. I know a bunch of the AFJ guys--Brandon Schweitzer and Brian Mullins and others--are gonna be racing this weekend as well.
  13. Bubba

    "Must Ride" Roads in Kentucky?

    FYI, from the east you can cross the OH by bridge on 62 at Aberdeen, or take the ferry to Augusta--nice little diversion. Then head west to pick up 10 to Powersville.
  14. Bubba

    "Must Ride" Roads in Kentucky?

    Hard to go wrong finding twisties in that area. Pick just about any 3# or 4# route and go. As for getting there, prolly depends on where you're crossing the river. If you come thru the Cinti corridor between here and Ripley (i.e., OH-62S) I'd suggest the classic KY10 south out of Alexandria to Powersville, then jog 19 to 165 thru Mt Olivet to 68. Cross the Licking and turn left on Stoney Creek Rd (if you're into goat paths--lots of Amish in this area!) to 32. Pick up 36 to Frenchburg and one THE MUST DO RIDES is thru RRG area, so take 77-715-2016/Big Andy Ridge. That'll get you into the proximal area. KY28 from Booneville to Chavies is fun. If you cross the Ohio river further east, KY201 is OK to take south toward your destination. Once in Prestonburg, be sure to ride 160/Black Mtn to Appalachia just over the VA border. If you're venturing further into VA, 619/High Knob Rd from Norton is nice but changes to graded gravel for much of the mid-section, so prolly need DS tires. 194 east out of Prestonburg is pretty nice all the way to the WV border. The Little Shepherd Trail/1679 is a nice ramble, but parts of it are gravel and the paved sections aren't much better. I was disappointed that the vistas I thought might be had were mostly overgrown and not much to see for most of the ride. Be aware of heavy truck traffic by gravel haulers, even on the back roads.
  15. Bubba

    Riding gear purge sale

    If the gloves are still available and you're willing to jump thru the flaming hoop of shipping, I'll take 'em at your asking price plus shipping. They look pretty stout and lightly used. I'll PM you details and ship address in Cinti. If you'd rather deal locally, I understand completely.