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  1. I did this in 2018. Bought a bike in Dallas. It worked out mainly because I had a bud there who helped me with the transaction. Sent him a check, he bought and picked up the bike, mailed me the title and pics of the bike and the VIN. Took those to a MC dealer here (who I have had several dealings with) to get the VIN verified for in-state inspection, then transferred the title into my name and bought an OH plate. Put it on the bike before the ride, rode it to CA and then back across UT/CO/AZ/NM to home. It obviously worked well because of the help I had with the out-of-state purchase. FYI...avoid riding across west TX at all costs. Truly the armpit of the US. Far worse than Kansas.
  2. Shooter Princess Bride The Big Lebowski Being There Honorable Mention: No Country for Old Men
  3. Wendy's, Burger King, Skyline and Taco Bell
  4. It is a use-it-or-lose-it skill, but it comes back pretty quickly. Every spring, it takes a few hundred or more miles to bring back the reaction and motor skills. Modern bike engineering and tire compounds are improving faster than my skills are degrading. At 70, not sure how long that'll hold true....
  5. Wait...sexiest is already taken? And here I was thinkin' that 70 is the new 45. Problem with being that old is that when you hit the bars hoping to be picked up by a cougar, you gotta start looking for places that cater to the 85 yo crowd....ya know, bingo halls and senior centers on duplicate bridge nights.
  6. Well FARK!!! I'm gonna have to upgrade from my '09 WeeStrom if I'm gonna be anywhere close to king shit in this forum.... 😣
  7. Would this be an appropriate thread to insert a "Merry Christmas, y'all" here? I didn't think OR drama started until sometime around mid-January....? As an honest question from an old techno-grouch, can phones that are GPS-enabled be used without a carrier contract, similar to a dedicated GPS unit, if you download Googlemap files?
  8. Link to YouTube video of aforementioned encounter? 🙄
  9. Are murder hornets already passe?
  10. Not clear from your post if your son is experienced (or not) but when it comes to new riders in the dirt--or for that matter, on the street--a good rule is "Less is more"....whether you're talking about weight, HP, or seat height. If he's just venturing into the dirt, I'd suggest a 200-250cc DS. The KDX 200/250 was a great little bike that dragged my 200# ass all over the trails of KY and TN with minimal fuss, maintenance or drama.
  11. If you've never been, prepare for your jaw to hit the floor when you walk in! The place is a homage to the motorcycle! Since you'll likely be rolling down I-65 thru Bowling Green, make a fun stop and take in the Corvette museum...plus the sort side trip to Art's, which is a combination vintage car sales/museum collection. Small admission charge is worth the fun. http://www.artsvett.com/
  12. If you haven't been to the museum at Barber yet, it is THE QUINTESSENTIAL DESTINATION for any motorcycle enthusiast/gearhead. Pretty much every boys wet dream! Farther away, the aspens of Colorado are spectacular that time of year. Have fun and be sure to send some postcards home!
  13. Red River Gorge area and the DBBB trail network offers just about as much as you want. Can both ride and 4-wheel. https://www.facebook.com/Daniel-Boone-Backcountry-Byway-694090960601745/ http://www.redrivergorgeguide.com/scenic-byways.html
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