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  1. Are murder hornets already passe?
  2. Not clear from your post if your son is experienced (or not) but when it comes to new riders in the dirt--or for that matter, on the street--a good rule is "Less is more"....whether you're talking about weight, HP, or seat height. If he's just venturing into the dirt, I'd suggest a 200-250cc DS. The KDX 200/250 was a great little bike that dragged my 200# ass all over the trails of KY and TN with minimal fuss, maintenance or drama.
  3. If you've never been, prepare for your jaw to hit the floor when you walk in! The place is a homage to the motorcycle! Since you'll likely be rolling down I-65 thru Bowling Green, make a fun stop and take in the Corvette museum...plus the sort side trip to Art's, which is a combination vintage car sales/museum collection. Small admission charge is worth the fun. http://www.artsvett.com/
  4. If you haven't been to the museum at Barber yet, it is THE QUINTESSENTIAL DESTINATION for any motorcycle enthusiast/gearhead. Pretty much every boys wet dream! Farther away, the aspens of Colorado are spectacular that time of year. Have fun and be sure to send some postcards home!
  5. Red River Gorge area and the DBBB trail network offers just about as much as you want. Can both ride and 4-wheel. https://www.facebook.com/Daniel-Boone-Backcountry-Byway-694090960601745/ http://www.redrivergorgeguide.com/scenic-byways.html
  6. Hold onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen. Ride is gonna get bumpy. More of that 'fake' science.... https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/immunity-to-the-coronavirus-is-fragile-and-short-lived-immunologist-warns/ar-BB16oSue?ocid=msedgntp
  7. Speaking of faggy (Is that a real word?) science, a recent article that offer hope for severely ill COVID patients. Won't help with the spread, so continue to wear your mask and don't do stupid stuff like french kissing your second cousin from South Beach Miami, but it might help reduce the fatality rate. https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/this-could-be-the-coronavirus-achilles-heel-researchers-say/ar-BB16m90I?ocid=msedgntp
  8. After living 7/10ths of a century: gut feelings = established science with research-based factual data with a p=0.05 statistical significance.
  9. I'm neither a doctor nor an epidemiologist, but my gut is telling me the cause of the spike we're seeing is two-fold: 1) a major factor is the broad re-opening and resultant increased social contact, and 2) I believe the virus has mutated and the viral count is increasing because the most prevalent variant worldwide is now about 10x more contagious. Hopefully, the same mutation won't also be far more deadly, but that remains to be seen over the next month or two. https://www.complex.com/life/2020/06/researchers-covid-19-mutation-made-virus-more-contagious
  10. Italy is in Japan? Who knew...
  11. Bianchi? Colnago? Campagnolo? Pinarello?
  12. Just posting this in case there's interest. Not planning on going myself.
  13. Have this exact soft pannier set. Bought 'em used many years ago and have made many multi-week trips to NC/GA, CO/UT, and FL. The rain covers aren't totally water-proof so I always pack my clothes in 1-gal zip-lock bags. Still work and function as new, although a bit sun-bleached. These will outlast your prostate gland....
  14. In truth, a true democracy can ONLY work when you have an well-educated voting populace, one of the reasons that only land owners were allowed to vote when our country was established, as they were essentially the most well educated who had a stake in the outcome of the country's direction. What we technically have historically is a republic, or at least a hybrid system combining democracy with a republic. Allowing the ignorant, the uninformed and the uneducated to vote, while a rampantly popular idea on citizen rights, is a recipe for disaster over many decades. As soon as the majority discovers for themselves or are urged or "told" they can vote themselves free benefits at the largesse of the tax-paying minority, it becomes a socialist democracy, which is where we're headed rapidly. Sanders, Warren, Booker, Yang, Harris...name your progressive of choice. I know that sounds terribly "privileged", but it is our history. If we could somehow instill the understanding of the need for EVERYONE to exercise their right to vote, so that a thin majority truly represents the "will of the people", then we could have a functional democracy. When you have voter turnouts of 20-25% of registered voters, you effectively have the will of a 10-15% minority imposing their will on the 80%+ majority....and we allow it because we're too f'ing lazy or busy or disconnected to make our desire known.
  15. Bubba

    WTF did I just do?

    Geez, you guys are real rays of sunshine. 😂 I wasn't expecting parts to be available at Bike Bandit on a 1-day shipping basis, but figured there might still be some NOS sitting in dealers parts store. Given that I prolly won't be putting big miles per year on it or doing 2-week cross-country tours, I'm hoping I'll get a few years of fun before I start the grinding and gnashing of teeth.... @Tpoppa Thx for the link!
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