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  1. Bubba

    Investing 2020 Election Year???

    Add: I don't have an issue with some exposure to precious metals, altho 10%--even 5%--is high for my taste. You hold essentially the same thing with treasury bonds or similar. Yes, there is the risk of inflationary loss, but you minimize the risk of devaluation and market volatility. Don't see huge risk of the US govt defaulting any time soon. Again, not saying it's a bad/dumb strategy....just two ways to get at a similar outcome.
  2. Bubba

    Investing 2020 Election Year???

    Yeah, I get it. I'm aware of the go-away-in-May strategy. My point was more about your query with regards to making "strategic" changes to your portfolio in anticipation of the 2020 election outcome. As far as the link above, the other way to look at that data is that IF you had stayed fully invested over the entire period from 1950 to present, you would have a gain of $2,836,350 - $5862 = $2,830,488 for a delta of 0.9979, or 0.0021% difference. Plus, I'm not a big fan of data harvesting using an arbitrary point in time to mine for results....IMHO. Not saying you shouldn't go forward with your strategy--just sharing another view.
  3. Bubba

    Pick my tattoo.

    It's upside-down.
  4. Bubba

    Investing 2020 Election Year???

    Add/FYI: I don't play any speculative investments like gold, silver, bitcoin, or pork bellies! I know--really boring old guy...
  5. Bubba

    Investing 2020 Election Year???

    Asking about changing around your asset allocation based on speculation related to politics is pretty much right up there with market timing. Almost no one can do it reliably and the VAST MAJORITY of investors who try end up realizing lower returns than simply following the broad market. I'm gonna be 70 next year and don't have a pension income, so my only income is from my investments. Even so, I'm invested 75:25 equities:bonds with about a 1-year pot of cash to weather market variables. I basically buy and hold and do a yearly rebalance in the fall and try to offset LTCG with any losses to minimize the tax bite. I know that's old and boring advice, but it's been proven over the course of many decades to be pretty accurate. Worst case scenario--in the event of an extended and profound bear market--I could prolly tighten the purse strings and live comfortably, albeit not extravagantly, on the dividend and interest income. Of course, once I hit the magic 70.5 age, RMDs will keep me pretty happy and well-fed and provide a nice cushion for "alternative" investments....like motorcycles! Wishing you luck in the market!!!
  6. Bubba

    Graves Cat Eliminator Slip-On Exhaust for Kawasaki ZX-10R

    Mike: Can you send me a DM with options for a slip-on that gives OEM fitment for a '13 ZX1000 Ninja? Purchased used with some V&H pipes that are obnoxiously L-O-U-D!!!
  7. Bubba

    Nerding out over new gear.

    Tim: I typically pack a set of both wicking layer for hot and an UA thermal layer for chilly. Both pack very tightly. https://www.cyclegear.com/heat-out
  8. Bubba

    Nerding out over new gear.

    Jim: Not as comfy as vented gear obviously, but the Klim jacket/pants have both front and rear vents that give you pretty good flow-thru ventiliation when moving. Jacket is well-vented, but I did resort to the use of a cooling towel around my neck when riding across TX. Even at 90+ MPH, it was like riding into a blast furnace. When touring, I carry a set of thermal liners for top/bottom and typically use 'em if I'm gonna be putting in many hours in the saddle at temps under 45-50. As Tim noted, the jacket is not quite as well lined as some other high end gear, but that also makes it more tolerable in hot conditions. Prior to picking up the Klim suit, I had an Aerostich Roadcrafter onesie that was both hotter and less comfortable. Wore it for several years but never came to love it the way some folks talk about it being the gold standard of touring gear. Whenever I stopped, I always wanted out of the 'Stich ASAP, whereas I wore the Klim pants full-time on my trips.
  9. Bubba

    Nerding out over new gear.

    Man, you scored a killer deal on that suit! I paid nearly that for a lightly used suit--the Latitude like yours--from ADVR several years ago. I've worn it for two trips out west to the CA border and several to the TN/NC/GA area with nothing wrong other than a failed snap which I fixed myself with a 99 cent kit from HF. Wind-proof, rain-proof, versatile enough to function as stand-alone touring clothing. Last May, I rode across west Texas with temps as high 108*, and in a light sleet and temps just above freezing near Bryce. While I can't say I was totally comfortable in both cases, the conditions were tolerable enough to be able to motor on without feeling unsafe. Congrats on the new gear!
  10. Bubba

    Mental Health Weekend

    That's the place I've always stayed on my way to Waynesville (taking the long, slow route) and never been disappointed. Yeah, it's not the Ritz-Carleton, but for $60 it's always been clean and well run.
  11. It would be hard to find a more attractive area for great roads--as well as pretty good weather--than picking a small-ish city within 150 miles of the "confluence" of the KY-VA-TN-NC state lines. There are some awesome roads out west, but there are also monstrous distances of boring roads that connect different locations. Having the mountains within easy reach would give you more than just riding as an option, tho...
  12. Bubba

    Not another DRZ 400!

    You guys ought'a know by now that 1) @Tonik is highly intelligent and thus, can both read and comprehend, and 2) that he has achieved the rank of Sarcasm Master.
  13. Bubba

    Funny picture thread.

    They had cell phones back then? 😲 Did. Not. Know.
  14. Bubba

    Viro brake disk lock

    Or...you could just ride a WeeStrom. Think of it as the Ford Taurus of motorcycles. No one is EVER gonna bother to steal one.
  15. Bubba

    Check Ya Nuts

    Don't know about the one in Detroit, but my father had this treatment done in Linda Loma when he was in his 80s. He picked that facility because he could spend 2 months out in CA in the sun. He scheduled all his daily appts in morning leaving the rest of the day for play. Think there is now one in Indy as well. He had a fairly aggressive form and his PSA was well up in the 20s. After treatment, it never went above 1. Fairly non-invasive, unlike other radiation treatments....unless of course you think that having a tech shove a probe up yo ass once a day "invasive"....