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  1. I did something stupid

    Very nice. Was actually considering one for myself, but the models with the mid-controls are difficult to find and I'm not into the forward-control--or in that case, lack of control--style of riding. Congrats!
  2. Don't know Jerry, but damn sorry to hear this. Seems to be a spate of the Big C going around my friend base lately. Two good friends have recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 colo-rectal cancer with metastases to the liver/bone/lung. One is a guy a few years older than me that I worked with and rode MCs with for decades--been on chemo doses of increasing potency for about 2 1/2 years, first folfox, then folfiri, now receiving erbitux in combination with Avastin--whose weight is down from +200# to 140#. The other is the wife of my good riding bud, diagnosed with colon cancer about a 1 1/2 years ago in her very early 50s. Same treatment course as above but with much lower efficacy, weight dropped under 90#. Hate watching the progression of the disease and cumulative effects of the chemo-toxicity. In these cases, neither the disease nor the treatment are pretty.... My best wishes to your friend Jerry for a successful surgery and quick recovery. The chemo treatment course will be more prolonged, but hopefully he will respond in a positive manner to the drug(s) and see a slow-down of the progression of the disease. Sending prayers!
  3. Funny vids, post them up.

    'Murray thinks the bike’s steering locked up and caused him to lose control. “I love taking corners and I was only doing 40 mph and I went to lean into this turn and this bike would not let lean.”' LOL. Methinks it looked a whole lot like target fixation, panic braking, and inability to ride....all leading to one HELLUVA flight lesson!!!

    Good looking bike. Based on the stated mileage at last service interval, am I correct to assume that the belts and valves are due to be done in another 1500 miles or so? I'm not a Ducatisti and not familiar with the required maintenance on these monsters. Just lusting out loud....
  5. NP. I have heard some of the hard-core internet denizens complain about slow network. I'm an old guy who doesn't have a smartphone or tablet. I want a clean comfy bed to lie down in after a 12 hour riding day. If you're traveling with folks that "need" that kind of connectivity, maybe look elsewhere....
  6. Tim: I've led a group of between 5 and 10 folks from LocalRiders from Cinti to Abingdon on our first day's ride to the BRMC for the last three years. Always stayed at the Super 8 there (Exit 17 off I-81) and had zero problems. If you're looking for hot tubs, swimming pools, workout rooms, and a 4-course breakfast, fuggedaboudit. But it's always been cheap, clean, no bed bugs, staff was efficient and personal at check-in/-out, and there's a free continental breakfast available. Easy access to gas/fast food/highway, no parking lot issues with security, and a big box store (Food City) within walking distance to pick up beer/wine/snacks. Unless things have changed dramatically since last September, I see no issue with booking there.
  7. Wasn't suggesting that you do the entire length of 215 to Waynesville, although the north side is pretty where it wanders along Lake Logan. You can connect to the BRP at the top of 215 and just head east from there. Be about the same time as the original route. The other little side trip you can do is drop down 151 from the BRP just east of the 276 junction, run it to the bottom and then head right back up. Tricky little section know as Devil's Drop (I think). Guy rode it with our group a few years ago and boiled the rear brake on his Triumph Rocket 3 on the way down.
  8. Unless you're dead set on running the BRP for that many miles on Day 3 (not my idea of fun, given that it'll be populated with leaf peepers and clotted with RVs) I'd suggest taking 281/Canada Rd out of Tuckaseegee all the way to Lake Toxaway, then 64 over to 215 up to the BRP. Gets you off the crowded and boring sections of 107 and 74. Little diner at the corner of 107/281 to catch a lunch.
  9. The Hand of God

    Thor's Hammer, Mjolnir
  10. Ah, I love the good natured banter on this forum...even if y'all are assholes. My only hope is that if I do manage to make the trip, I'll become an overnight OR legend based strictly on my epic farting skills...
  11. Oh. So you're saying you've got this handled? Well, I'll just go back to surfing for internet porn then... Still might be able to make this, tho. Maybe y'all can learn me a thing or two about ridin'. 'Course, I might slow you down...IJS
  12. I know you guys love the Gap area, but it's so overdone....a lot like the 10/22 route in NKY. High enforcement area with artificially low speed limits to dampen the fun factor and increase revenue. Have you ever thought of staying a bit further south in the Franklin area? Not that much further, still close enough to the Gap and other roads in that vicinity to make a day ride out of it, and an easier run to the great roads in northern GA--28 south to Pine Mtn (even great into SC!) then east on Warwoman thru Clayton on 76 to 197 around Lake Burton, 356 over to 348/Richard B Russell Hwy. And if you never ridden the circle loop of 215-276 between Brevard and Waynesville, DO EET!!! The south side run on 215 from the BRP to 64/Rosman is one of the best race tracks in the area--good enough to run it down, then back up just for giggles--with no LEOs and very little traffic. Also sample 281/Canada Rd and 1001/Elijay/Tilley Creek Rd while you're in the area. Given the timing, I might actually try to make this one if the stars align.
  13. Sonik's maiden voyage. 7-22-17

    Since this thread has been successfully hijacked by midgets and street racing squids, I have to leave this here. Why do I think @Tonik when I see this? Well shit...that didn't work. Still an old techno-grouch, I guess...
  14. Please advise me on what bike to buy.

    You mean because you can't get low enough with standard bars and an upright riding position?
  15. Wow. Now, I feel really old. The earliest news stories I remember are all from the mid- to late-50s and early 60s. I remember my Dad and Mom being shocked at the Rosa Parks arrest (over refusing to give up her seat on the bus to a white person) and having long conversations about discrimination, segregation and the resulting bus boycott in Montgomery AL...but they were both Canadian so maybe not so surprising. I remember the desegregation of the public schools in Little Rock, AR, and the National Guard escorting the little bIack girls into the building. I remember reading about the push into supersonic flight by the X-2 program. I remember Gary Powers being shot down and captured by the Soviets. I remember both my parents discussing the political ramifications of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, and their fears about a nuclear war between the US and the Soviets during the blockade of Cuba in the early 60s. They were so concerned about what might happen, they seriously considered leaving the US and going back to their families in Vancouver, British Columbia.