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  1. Entry level construction help needed

    Ouch. Harsh, dude. I think the vast majority of them have actually grown up and become productive citizens. The only other target audience here on OR is old guys with a work ethic living on a fixed income, but I ain't driving to Akron for $12/hr....IJS
  2. 2018 MotoGP Kickoff - March 18

    As an FYI for the SW OR folks, there's a Moto-GP viewing party at the Northside Yacht Club, 4227 Spring Grove Ave, Cinti OH 45223, every Sunday race day thru the season. Moto 3 at 12 PM, Moto 2 at 1 PM, MotoGP at 2 PM. Usually a core group of the CCR crew there. Supposed to be 50s and sunny!!!
  3. 25 Feb 2018 First ride of year.

    Brian: 'Em ar sum purdy roads! I've got an '09 Weestrom sixfiddy that I do a lot of backroad bashing on; I've upgraded the forks with RT springs and Gold valves, and swapped the rear for a DL1000 shock that raises the rear about 1/2" over stock and is a bit less susceptible to getting 'flabby' when it gets hot. Yours looks like the ride is pretty settled and plush when the going gets bumpy. Just wondered what set-up you are running? I've got Shinko 804/805s mounted now--what tires are you using? Oh, and since this is OR and it's still winter, what oil do you recommend? ;o) Video from NKY last weekend. Not quite as rural as your route:
  4. This shouldn't happen but, Florida

    OMG! Did NOT need to see those pics with my coffee this morning....never would'a guessed that could happen. 1 in a million...
  5. Are you ready to give up your 2nd amendment rights

    Folks love to bash H-D's, but they're no better or worse than any other motorcycle. They're big, heavy, expensive cruisers that do a credible job of doing what they were designed to do. I'd prolly have one in my bike stable if my wallet and my garage were up-sized.
  6. Meh. I'm old. I stopped dating and hanging out with felons a long time ago... I do have my license and plan on stopping in to the training center to ask this question.
  7. Basic Bro!

  8. Thanks. This is what I 'feared' when I recently went on a long 14-hour non-stop road trip and didn't want to have the firearm on my waistband with the complication of a seat belt. After I thought about it for a bit, I took the mag out of the Glock and stored it with extra in the trunk, but of course that makes carry for defensive purposes a moot point. I guess I'll have to look at other carry options for situations like this.
  9. I'm specifically interested in a clarification on what rules apply when carrying in a vehicle with other passengers, who may NOT be CC licensed. If I have it holstered on my body, I assume there is not an issue. Are there rules that address having it stored in the vehicle, say the center console, while driving or riding as a passenger when there are one or more persons in the vehicle? Presumably this would come into question if there is an issue where the firearm is perceived to be NOT under my control. Thanks, and I hope this doesn't sound stupid...
  10. Hey, pls don't judge us by our football team or our streetcar system. :<) The motorcycle community here is pretty chill...even in the summer! Great show and great beer, but yer right--prolly not worth driving 4 hours OW to see. There's a few OR folks that lurk in the SW Ohio region.
  11. Link: http://garagebrewed.com/
  12. Doin' it again this year! Custom and classic bikes 'n' brews from Rhinegeist. FREE ADMISSION!!! C'mon down and see what's happening in Cincinnati.
  13. part Buying: '08-11 CBR1k Race Fairings

    I'm not a racer so have no first hand experience, but I know the general consensus is to stay away from the inexpensive (cheap?) Chinese body panels. Thin plastic, poor fit and finish, and mis-located attachment points. I'd suggest trying to talk to Brandon Schweitzer or Eric Monger at the AFJ Race Shop in Cincinnati. They can certainly steer you in the right direction. No idea if they have a source for race plastics--probably?--but they can get you good info on what to buy vs what to avoid. http://www.afjraceshop.com/
  14. home buying tips

    Not gonna tell you to NOT buy a house since I've been a homeowner since 1972 and am on my 4th. However... Based on your intro to the above "story" and reading between the lines of "never bothered buying house without shame" and "no maint, no lawns to mow, etc" I have to posit the serious question as to why you simply don't move and find a different/better rental? Or for that matter, have a frank discussion about your concerns with your landlord(s) and point out that reliable stable, long-term renters are a precious commodity for any owner/landlord, and your move would necessitate an energy- and time- and money-consuming process for them to find a suitable replacement tenant. Even though mortgage rates aren't that bad currently, it is definitely a seller's market and you'll most likely pay top dollar for something nice on the market right now. A house CAN BE--and certainly has historically been--a decent ROI that keeps pace with or outpaces inflation, but they also require a serious time/energy commitment to maintain as well as the willingness to stay put and ride out market dips, possibly for a period of many years, in order to make a profit on the eventual sale. I'm not convinced that you'll see home values appreciating as rapidly over the next 10-20 years compared to historical values. There are MANY GOOD THINGS about home ownership that have value to the owner that aren't necessarily "quantifiable" in your financial net worth statement, but you will be forced to make certain sacrifices to enjoy those.