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  1. Bubba

    Tritium Pro sights

    Noted. Won't be on my carry piece. This would be for the Glock in the night stand next to the bed.
  2. Bubba

    Tritium Pro sights

    Hopefully not off the topic enough to qualify as a thread-jack... Anyone have a reco for a reasonably priced laser sight for a G17 (Gen3) and/or G23 (Gen4)? I've never shot using a laser sight and wondered how effective they are for night home defense? How reliable (long lived?) are they over time? Does it make more/less sense to go with a laser sight vs the Tritium or Tru-glo?
  3. Bubba


    Doesn't matter. Might have been some locations where they threw salt down the last couple of below-32* days, but the 1"-plus of rain predicted for Saturday will wash it away. I'd be more aware of wet leaves and gravel wash from rural driveways.
  4. Yeah...no worries. Yes, that's the feeder right outside my kitchen window. Wasn't gonna hunt turkey this year, but thanks for the heads up. Need to thin the deer herd first!
  5. Nine hens and a young tom. When does season open?
  6. Bubba

    I think I lost my passion for riding

    Wowzers! You sure you heard your Doc correctly? That level of Vit D is considered pretty toxic. 4000 IU (6x RDA) is the max upper limit per day, so 28,000 per week. I'd do a touch-back with your MD or pharmacist to make sure. https://healthfully.com/298565-how-much-vitamin-d3-is-safe-to-take-to-prevent-toxicity.html
  7. Bubba

    New Hybrid Engine

    Man, I could blow some serious leaves with that baby!
  8. I always have a bit of an issue with the investigating officers and the news saying "Speed is thought to be a factor." By whose standards? Was he REALLY trying to navigate the ramp at "Ludicrous Speed" or was his inexperience the primary factor? No one will ever be able to definitively say whether he was already scraping the pegs and finally ran out of lean angle and started scraping the hard parts, or whether he panicked and target fixated on the looming guard rail and ran straight off the ramp, or grabbed a fistful of front brake and lowsided. Guess it doesn't matter in this case--result's the same.
  9. Damn! You guys are poets but you don't know it. Your feet show it; they're Longfellows.
  10. Bubba

    FTR1200 Released

    Or any of the KTM 9x0/1x90 motors. Had a '12 990 SMT and it was high-revving over-square v-twin. Not much low-end torque and pretty vibey/snatchy under 3500 RPM, but came alive at 4K and pulled like a freight train to redline. Peak torque at 6500 RPM and peak HP at 8500 RPM. Great bike for being a hooligan!
  11. Bubba

    I think I lost my passion for riding

    I'm in a similar pattern. Other than a 2 1/2 week 5800 mile trip out west in May, I haven't had my bike out this summer more than a handful of times. Part of it has to do with a blown out knee earlier this spring, but I think a lot of it is a result of the oppressive weather, since riding ATGATT in the combined temps and humidity we've experienced in July/August/September is pure misery! I really have to work at convincing myself to gear up and throw a leg over the bike vs grabbing the keys to the truck with AC....
  12. Bubba

    BMW SELF Driving MC

    I don't think it's working. Sumbitch ran right through the stop sign! BOOM!!! Yer dead.
  13. Aww, dude. See? You do like me...you REALLY DO like me!
  14. Salty's looks like it could be a fun place to sit and sip a few. Drink one for me, pls!
  15. Bubba

    Fuel hookup problems

    From what I can see from your pics, you've got a twin cylinder with dual CV carbs. It also appears that your fuel petcock is vacuum operated, not manual. So, there should be a vacuum line that comes from somewhere on the intake manifold, which I believe is the tube you've got your fingers on in Pic#1 and #2. This vacuum hose is what operates the CV carb diaphragm(s) in the top of the carbs. There may be one hose (if there is a common rail vacuum for the dual carb set-up, or there may be an identical vacuum line on the second carb which should be joined and routed to a single vacuum source on the intake side of the engine. The fuel line is the one in Pic#2 at the far left (just left of the throttle cable) that feeds the central common rail gas feed to each carb, and this should be attached to the petcock feed. There will also be a small diameter vacuum hose that attaches to the small petcock nipple to operate the vacuum diaphragm. This also typically comes off the intake boots somewhere. Without any more info or clearer pics of the carbs and intake boots, I'm just guessing...