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  1. Bubba

    Fuel hookup problems

    From what I can see from your pics, you've got a twin cylinder with dual CV carbs. It also appears that your fuel petcock is vacuum operated, not manual. So, there should be a vacuum line that comes from somewhere on the intake manifold, which I believe is the tube you've got your fingers on in Pic#1 and #2. This vacuum hose is what operates the CV carb diaphragm(s) in the top of the carbs. There may be one hose (if there is a common rail vacuum for the dual carb set-up, or there may be an identical vacuum line on the second carb which should be joined and routed to a single vacuum source on the intake side of the engine. The fuel line is the one in Pic#2 at the far left (just left of the throttle cable) that feeds the central common rail gas feed to each carb, and this should be attached to the petcock feed. There will also be a small diameter vacuum hose that attaches to the small petcock nipple to operate the vacuum diaphragm. This also typically comes off the intake boots somewhere. Without any more info or clearer pics of the carbs and intake boots, I'm just guessing...
  2. Bubba

    Ear Plugs, What are you using?

  3. Bubba

    2017 Kawasaki Z900

    Possibly. I was under the impression that most of the new bikes speedos were driven off the tranny, thus the need to recalibrate the speedo with a gearing change.
  4. Bubba

    2017 Kawasaki Z900

    Beautiful bike and well set up. When you say it's not an ABS model, why is there an ABS sensor ring on the rear rotor? Do they all come that way, but just not incorporate the electronics and pump hardware for the non-ABS models? Interested to know if the left front rotor also has an ABS sensor ring...just for shits 'n' giggles. Out'a curiosity, what are "Spencer" mods?
  5. Bubba

    2015 Yamaha YZ250FXF -- $4495 OBO

  6. CLEAR OH STREET TITLE--PLATED!!! 49.8 hrs on hr meter, 100% stock motor, oil changed every 10 hrs. Installed extras include: Baja Designs Squadron Pro LED headlight w/hi/lo beam, Yamaha LED taillight w/complete wiring harness, FMF Powercore4 slip-on pipe, Cycra handguards, Enduro Engineering skid plate, GYTR fan kit, GYTR chain guide, GYTR billet clutch cover, Bulletproof Designs radiator guard. Newer chain and Yamaha sprockets 14/51 with under 3 hrs ride time. Good condition Dunlop AT81 tires with newer Bridgestone HD tubes. Includes OEM take-offs. Suspension set up by JDPmx.com, revalved and sprung for 195# woods rider, 46n fork springs, 58n shock spring, Ride Engineering lowering link for more YZF-like ride height. Additional parts include GYTR tuner, complete extra set of Yamaha plastic--frt/rr fender, radiator shroud--plus 2 new Twin Air air filters, 3 Yamaha oil filters, extra clutch perch, new throttle cable and clutch cable. If you're looking for a like-new MX/Enduro bike, this one's it! Ride it to the local play area, or throw it in your van with the box of extras and go racing! Short story for sale is upcoming knee surgery and 4 mos of rehab, so zero chance it'll get ridden this year.
  7. Bubba

    School me on travel trailers..

    I wasn't sure if you were referring to TTs or the brake controller, but if the latter, I can vouch for the Tekonsha Prodigy P3. It's a proportional controller so it sends increasing currents to the trailer the harder you brake. Mounts at just about any angle (doesn't need to be flat mounted), programmable voltage output for different weight loads, has menus for single axle/dual axle/tri-axle set-ups, all electric or electric-over-hydraulic systems, and a manual control. Been in my Ford F150 for at least 5-6 years and not a single glitch. https://www.etrailer.com/s.aspx?qry=p-3+brakecontroller&furl=-pg-Brake_Controller&msclkid=34e277881f2315a084282d43e56deb51&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Search - Brake Controller&utm_term=tekonsha prodigy p3&utm_content=P-3 - Brake Control
  8. Bubba

    Aerostich Roadcrafter I-Pc Suit--$395 OBO

    Exactly the dilemma I was talking about. What the hell do you do with the damn thing when you get...ahhh...caught short on the road?
  9. Black with silver accents, Goretex and textile construction, size 44R, BOD 3/19/92 (yes, you read that right). I'm 5'11" (going on 5'10") and 205-210# (going on 215) and it fits perfectly in the legs, sleeves, and body, but I doubt I'd say that if I were 1" taller and 5# heavier. No crash damage, has armor in shoulders/elbows/knees. All zips, snaps and Velcro tabs are intact and functional, although a couple of the front Velcro closures are showing some minor fraying. Cleaned, albeit a bit dusty from hanging in the closet, from a smoke-free house (in the spirit of full disclosure, we have a dog, but she's never worn it to my knowledge). I bought this several years from the original owner in like-new condition, and it still is. I've worn it prolly half-dozen times on long day rides hoping to find joy in a onesie...and never came to love it. It's comfortable, warm and weather-proof (so far as I know), and perfectly functional, but I just strongly prefer a 2-pc riding suit. Some folks swear by this as the ultimate riding garment, and I'm not gonna debate that. I just bought a used Klim jacket/pant combo and it's time to let the 'Stich run free. Hoping to sell this locally, but if there's no interest I'll post it on ADVR for more to cover the hassle of jumping though the flaming hoops of shipping.
  10. Bubba

    California is at it again...

    This should bring @MeefZah back to OH from the great state of CA pretty quickly. What the hell are they thinking? https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/california-police-force-legislation_us_5ac3c013e4b00fa46f872c28
  11. Bubba

    New to Ohio

    Welcome. Not as many OR folk located in SW Ohio, but you're in the right location to have a short roll for some of the best twisties within a 3 hour ride: northern KY! Can't say there are many active Cincy forums for riders, but the first one comes to mind is Assfault Junkies. Many of the hardcore riders have transitioned to either 100% track or boring adulthood-with-wife-n-child. You could join some of FB groups if you haven't sworn off Zuckerberg yet: Cincinnati Café Racers is prolly the most active, and the folks you meet will drag you into other groups. Every Saturday morning 8-12 is an informal meet for cars and bikes at Fuel Coffee Riverside Dr in eastern Cinti. Good weather will make for a big crowd. Every Tuesday 5:30-??? is bike night at the Comet on Hamilton Ave in Northside. Eclectic mix of old guys and hipsters with a good craft beer selection, huge burritos and a surly waitstaff. Last Thursday of the month is Euro bike night in downtown Milford. More old guys, hipsters and posers. Will get going this month if weather is good. I won't bother outlining the QSL bike night info for the Colerain/Milford locations--get it online. Chrome, slash-cut pipes, leather tassels and get-back whips and tons of drunk guys who can't ride fer sheit. I'll keep you in mind if I post up a ride going into the KY boonies.
  12. Bubba

    Entry level construction help needed

    Ouch. Harsh, dude. I think the vast majority of them have actually grown up and become productive citizens. The only other target audience here on OR is old guys with a work ethic living on a fixed income, but I ain't driving to Akron for $12/hr....IJS
  13. Bubba

    2018 MotoGP Kickoff - March 18

    As an FYI for the SW OR folks, there's a Moto-GP viewing party at the Northside Yacht Club, 4227 Spring Grove Ave, Cinti OH 45223, every Sunday race day thru the season. Moto 3 at 12 PM, Moto 2 at 1 PM, MotoGP at 2 PM. Usually a core group of the CCR crew there. Supposed to be 50s and sunny!!!
  14. Bubba

    25 Feb 2018 First ride of year.

    Brian: 'Em ar sum purdy roads! I've got an '09 Weestrom sixfiddy that I do a lot of backroad bashing on; I've upgraded the forks with RT springs and Gold valves, and swapped the rear for a DL1000 shock that raises the rear about 1/2" over stock and is a bit less susceptible to getting 'flabby' when it gets hot. Yours looks like the ride is pretty settled and plush when the going gets bumpy. Just wondered what set-up you are running? I've got Shinko 804/805s mounted now--what tires are you using? Oh, and since this is OR and it's still winter, what oil do you recommend? ;o) Video from NKY last weekend. Not quite as rural as your route: