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  1. Gooner

    walking dead

    Awesome show! Don't miss it!!!!!!!!
  2. hey mate. Just bought a house in Monterey with an extra bedroom! Just in case you fancy riding laguna seca etc! Door is always open Gooner brother!

    Hurley (No one calls me Ashley here, just Hurley)

  3. Hey, I was at the shooting range and was using the glock 22 (40 cal), cost around $575. my friend who is a deputy sheriff uses one, well they all do in California I quite liked the gun. Anyone have an idea for a starter gun that you would want to keep! Coming from England where you can't have a gun because the BIG GOVERNMENT say you can't!! I am still new to this and am interested in anyone's thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Gooner

    Wall St occupied by protestors

    I have been watching CNN and Foxnews I think the main reason no one is covering this is because when they interview the protestors none seem to have a clue about what the hell they are protesting against! It is quite funny to hear a bunch of these wasters get interviewed, they really are a bunch of muppets. I am all for the banks and wall street being investigated! I love the way some are protesting against the "rich" when they all use facebook, iPhones, software on computers so on and so forth that the "rich" people created that made them Rich!!!!!!!!! Lets go back to the stone age man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Gooner

    Michigan to cut off welfare Oct. 1

    I want to know why these worthless fucks are not doing the jobs Americans wont do! Kills 2 birds with 1 stone A citizen working, an illegal getting fired
  6. Gooner

    Sheriff Arpaio ..... American hero!

    And of course all you out there who have no arguement and want to call everyone Racist, or Haters. Try putting a reasonable solution to everyone and you might get support. Name calling means NO Argument avaliable and name calling is all you got
  7. Gooner

    Sheriff Arpaio ..... American hero!

    Look, Illegal is illegal. it should and must be dealt with. Why the borders are not secured is a joke. And no matter what specious argument you spin to say how much we benefit, we dont we lose, and Lose big. Seal the border, then figure out what to do with the rest. There should be NO path to citizenship EVER, and they cannot claim any benefits. And stop demanding Bi Lingual education, which is expensive and does not work. Also, instead of saying we demand this and that why not come to the American people and say "PLease, we want to become Amercans." Why do we have airport immigration and not border security, it makes no sense
  8. Gooner

    This guy will get my vote.

    Just pray Chris Christie jumps in. He is the only straight talking one out there who does not hide from a question and answers in a very direct manner. He also worked WITH democrats to solve issues in NJ and is stopping the spending madness there. We need him to do the same for the whole nation. Get everyone to work together to fix the issues NOW and stop the BULLSHIT. Plus he is funny as fuck when he puts people in there place, just check him out on you tube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Gooner


    brilliant, absolutely brilliant!!!!!!!!!!! I have always wondered what being tazed would be like
  10. Gooner

    Amy Winehouse dead at 27.

    She really went down hill fast once she hit the heroin. Her "husband" didnt help in the slightest, he was an addict too. Thats what happens when you play with the wrong things if you know what I mean
  11. Gooner

    How many miles on your bike?

    22500 got it summer of 09. 1 engine rebuild cover by kawasaki at 16000
  12. No matter what side of the fence you sit on, you have to look and this and say "what the F***". If you are going to start cutting back, start with what should not be going out in the first place! Why Is Cost of Illegal Immigration Ignored In Debt Ceiling Debate? By Bob Dane Published July 18, 2011 | FoxNews.com advertisement While the debt ceiling debate rages and Congress is busy haggling over who should be taxed and what programs should be slashed, they’ve promised to consider all options except…one. Lawmakers have chosen to forget that immigration is a discretionary social policy that by definition is designed to be adjusted to serve the nation’s broad national interest, particularly during difficult economic times. This discretionary policy is a powerful economic tool, but only if it is brought out and used. No comprehensive financial fix can be complete without Congress demanding increased enforcement against illegal immigration and reducing legal immigration to sustainable levels. Reforming immigration would tighten the labor market, open up jobs for legal U.S. residents, and reduce the overall fiscal strain that immigration imposes on health care, education and other social services. Doing so is an urgent mandate and a legitimate, justified use of policy. If not now, then when? Here are four ways that Congress could get to work… now! 1. Increase Enforcement and Reduce Costs American taxpayers spend $113 billion annually subsidizing illegal immigration and padding the pockets of businesses addicted to cheap labor. Taxpayers at the state and local levels bear the brunt, providing $84 billion in services annually while the federal government spends $29 billion. The latter figure is – incidentally -- almost exactly equal to the interest payment on the total federal debt this past April. Of course, the debt continues to grow uncontrollably because the government must borrow to keep up with, among other things, the growing cost of illegal immigration. In some states, reducing the fiscal burden of illegal immigration would represent nothing short of an economic miracle: - California’s budget deficit is $28 billion yet the state spends $21.8 billion subsidizing illegal immigration, or 75% of their total deficit. - Massachusetts could almost clear their books by ending illegal alien subsidies; the state’s deficit is $2 billion while their annual cost of illegal immigration is $1.86 billion. - Maryland and New York would enjoy much needed surpluses; those state’s expenditures on illegal immigration actually exceed their deficits! The savings can’t be realized overnight because much of the expense is mandated by law requiring the education of the children of illegal aliens, many of whom are U.S. born, and for emergency medical treatment. But it is a responsible step in the right direction. Reducing these costs requires the administration to actually enforce existing immigration laws, complete border fencing, allow states to participate in the enforcement process, and otherwise deny benefits and incentives to illegal aliens. 2. Pass E-Verify and Create Jobs for Americans Unemployment is at its highest level in 27 years, yet illegal aliens continue to stream in seeking jobs. While 25 million Americans are either looking for work, underemployed or have become discouraged and given up, 7 million jobs are occupied by illegal aliens. Passing H.R. 2164 would make E-Verify mandatory in all 50 states and would ensure that future workers are legal workers. Passing the Senate version (S.1196) would require that existing employees are also checked for legal status, thereby opening up many of the 7 million jobs held by illegal aliens. In an economy that added an anemic 18,000 jobs last months, allowing American workers to fill existing ones is essential. Moreover, when jobs are denied to illegal aliens, wages increase to attract legal workers and taxes are paid – not just by a few but by all and Uncle Sam is happy. 3. Reduce Legal Immigration – Time Out After more than 40 years of sustained high levels of immigration, America needs a time out on legal immigration while we formulate new policies that reflect the realities of the 21st century. Fewer than 6 percent of legal immigrants were admitted because they possessed skills deemed essential to the U.S. economy. Most are admitted because of family ties to earlier immigrants, many of whom are living in poverty or near poverty. As a result, immigration bloats an already-existing surplus of low-skilled workers, increasing job competition and driving down wages for American workers. 4. Immigration Policy Is Economic Policy What once was can no longer be. While the U.S. is exporting jobs overseas it continues to import millions of low-skilled and government-subsidized legal immigrants. Laws are not being enforced against the estimated 13 million illegal immigrants already here. In addition, hundreds of thousands of additional foreign guest workers are admitted each year to accommodate the demands of business interests that simply prefer to hire foreign workers over local legal U.S. residents. If lawmakers are sincere about putting all options on the table to fix our mounting fiscal crisis, they must acknowledge the need to reform immigration. Enforcing laws against illegal immigration, reducing flows of legal immigration to more sensible levels, and ending foreign guest worker programs would open up jobs for Americans, increase wages, and reduce taxpayer burdens by the billions at a time when we need it the most. Bob Dane is Communications Director for FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform. Kristen Williamson is Communications Assistant for FAIR. Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2011/07/18/why-is-cost-illegal-immigration-ignored-in-debt-ceiling-debate/#ixzz1SWIm8dwd
  13. Gooner

    Other than Ohio, what state......

    California hands down! Well I havent riden in too many states so what do I know but here in California you can a) ride ALL year round b) have plenty of twisty mountain and coastal roads, check out pashnit.com c) filter through traffic and Californians do keep an eye out for you d) plenty of tracks to use, I live right near Laguna Seca bad side most expensive state for gas better learn spanish, this is ground zero for illegal immigrants and they definatly are not trying to speak English in any way shape or form
  14. Gooner

    Man robs bank for $1 to get medical care in jail

    This does not surprise me at all. Nor does it surprise me that it comes back to a universal healthcare debate. I come from a country with universal healthcare and it is crap. I live in a country where I pay and get excellent care. I make the choice of putting my healthcare before my cigarettes and alcohol, latest fashion etc. Maybe if we taxed the rich a tiny bit more maybe if the 50% of the country that pay fuckall in taxes put something into the pot Maybe if we made the welfare spongers do some kind of work (I know a guy who had a motorcycle accident and will never walk again who went back to work, I also know a guy whos back hurts and claims he cant sit or stand for more than 20 mins, gets full disability and guess what?????? he sits in a cinema for 4 hours a day watching the latest movies) then we could divert extra money from there to healthcare Perhaps all those lovely illegal immigrants that love to march 500,000 strong in LA under a foreign flag were to stop recieving billions in benefits, stop taking jobs from Americans, and stop deflating wages we would have even more to put in. And what if everybody was to stop feeling so entitled and actually realize that hey, life aint free heres my bit! And what if the healthcare companies turned from gouging into a non profit leaner outfit!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure we could all find areas to divert the money from to pay for it, but then would it end up as crap as it is back in ol Blighty
  15. Gooner

    Isle of Man traffic police

    its great that more and more people are checking out the oldest and most dangerous motorcycle race in the world. the Isle of Man TT if you can check out TT3D closer to the edge the new movie about the isle of man TT and for a crazy crash just search "milky isle of man TT" you might need MrBret to translate cheers