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  1. Nothing?...not even a looks beat to shit? Any feedback? Price? Anything? Lol damn.
  2. This suit is a few years old but in excellent condition. It has never been down...not even a knee. I've used it on several rides. The most damage it's taken has been some bugs hitting it. The suit is two pieces but it does zip together. The coat is a US 50 and the pants are a US 44. I'm a fairly big guy. I would guess this would probably fit someone who is roughly 5'10"-6'3" tall and depending on build 220-260lbs. You are certainly encouraged to try it on before you buy it. Again, it's in excellent condition. No smoking, crazy stains, or funky odors. I'm asking $475, I may also consider trades. I really don't get the chance to ride anymore and when I do this is certainly overkill. Thanks Read Less
  3. From the area originally, Huron, but in Dayton now. There are some riders up there.
  4. I have a 2.0T VW Passat. It's my second one. I looked for a TDI, they do make them, but couldn't find one. Funnily, the thing that makes me happiest about my car is that the dash is symmetrical lol.
  5. Ben, if it doesn't get picked up let me know.
  6. Foot hand and mouth disease. Super contagious and seems to be making the rounds.
  7. My dad had 2 MGC's. He is Mr. MG. he has fully restored several and repaired them for years. If you are looking for parts or anything let me know. He has a garage full of them.
  8. How was Joe's? I haven't been in there for a long time.
  9. The Michigan St. / Baylor game was pretty amazing.
  10. Just speaking from a school perspective. If this kid brought this gun into our school he would be expelled. Regardless of intent. Like it or hate it, that would be the outcome at ANY school.
  11. Just an update: I had open carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand a month ago tomorrow. Thus far it hasn't been as terrible as I expected it to be. The surgery wasn't too terrible and the "pain" wasn't bad. I only took about 12 of the pain killers and was finished with them by the third day. The recovery thus far has been very odd. There are days that it is very swollen and feels bloated, but mostly it seems alright. At this point I can type easily with no issues. I can hold and write with a pen but it will start to get sore after a few lines. Recently I found that I can throw a dart, which is something that I was upset about not being able to do. Occasionally, it will spasm and have some minor pain. If I apply any type of bending of my wrist and pushing it is a more significant pain. The thought of riding is truly laughable. The decrease in my grip strength and stamina are severely depreciated. The doctor said don't expect to hold a gallon of milk by December. I can hold it now...I just can't move my wrist while doing it. The numbness, which was the major reason aside from the reduced strength issues, was why I decided to have the surgery. To this point my index finger is completely alleviated of the tingling sensation which has been great. My thumb goes through spells of being numb and tingling, to bloated feeling, to actually feeling like a "normal" digit. I haven't had any referral to OT as of yet. My doctor seems pleased with my progression thus far. I have seen our OT at work a few times to ask questions and get some exercises to try. Overall, I'm satisfied with my decision at this point. If it changes I'll certainly voice that. Again, it hasn't been terribly painful and a month into it I'm able to do most things without too much issues. Just being cognizant of it and making good choices. Cheers
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