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  1. granda080

    Alpinestars Rc-1 2 Piece Suite

  2. granda080

    Alpinestars Rc-1 2 Piece Suite

    Nothing?...not even a looks beat to shit? Any feedback? Price? Anything? Lol damn.
  3. I need to get back into riding...We need to get together sometime. I wish it could be this, but I promised Hudson I would take her to Pole Day at Indy.
  4. granda080

    sold Alpinestars Rc-1 2 Piece Suite

    This suit is a few years old but in excellent condition. It has never been down...not even a knee. I've used it on several rides. The most damage it's taken has been some bugs hitting it. The suit is two pieces but it does zip together. The coat is a US 50 and the pants are a US 44. I'm a fairly big guy. I would guess this would probably fit someone who is roughly 5'10"-6'3" tall and depending on build 220-260lbs. You are certainly encouraged to try it on before you buy it. Again, it's in excellent condition. No smoking, crazy stains, or funky odors. I'm asking $475, I may also consider trades. I really don't get the chance to ride anymore and when I do this is certainly overkill. Thanks Read Less
  5. granda080

    Finally caught the Dragon by the tail

    Maybe we will get better weather next time.
  6. From the area originally, Huron, but in Dayton now. There are some riders up there.
  7. granda080

    Need opinions/experiences on a new daily driver

    I have a 2.0T VW Passat. It's my second one. I looked for a TDI, they do make them, but couldn't find one. Funnily, the thing that makes me happiest about my car is that the dash is symmetrical lol.
  8. granda080

    LG Stainless Dishwasher

    Ben, if it doesn't get picked up let me know.
  9. granda080

    I may have Space Herpies

    Foot hand and mouth disease. Super contagious and seems to be making the rounds.
  10. granda080

    Any MG enthusiasts out there?

    My dad had 2 MGC's. He is Mr. MG. he has fully restored several and repaired them for years. If you are looking for parts or anything let me know. He has a garage full of them.
  11. granda080

    Bike Night

    I personally love seeing the Jackass Flats, Dayton bar, bike nights. It's hundreds of bikes. Nothing says fun like tossing a leg over the bike, riding two miles. Drinking copious amounts of alcohol and talking about how bad ass your bike is. Only to toss a leg over again, with or without assistance, to ride back those two miles. Then be like, "Damn, I'm a Boss" and "I bet I looked ultra hot to those 55 year old, fake tan, worn out old hags". Nothing says satisfaction like when you finally make it home and are hanging up your vest with all those SoA patches and unlacing those brand new orange and black boots, to slip on those Sperrys and bust back out the Tommy H polo. Straight up hardcore. This is what I dream for kids. This right here.
  12. granda080

    Welcome home rumblebee

    How was Joe's? I haven't been in there for a long time.
  13. granda080

    Illegal to wear earplugs while riding?

    My exact thought as well.
  14. granda080

    Best college football game ever?

    The Michigan St. / Baylor game was pretty amazing.
  15. Just speaking from a school perspective. If this kid brought this gun into our school he would be expelled. Regardless of intent. Like it or hate it, that would be the outcome at ANY school.