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  1. Ok, that is good news. I did consider marking this topic as spam so no one would see it.
  2. I am offended that you are offended. My cat is extremely offended with @Pauly because I used his favorite box to transport some extra Wing stuff I had to Pauly's place.
  3. Subject price lowered per OPs request. Personally I would have charged more for @MidgetTodd 's nut rub.
  4. Other than for the track or off road I don't understand why there are any other bikes being made besides the wing.
  5. How is the width. I have wide feet and struggle with these types of boots
  6. Tonik

    shoulder holster

    Most probably a spammer doing google searches.
  7. You might also want to contact your health care insurance company. Many/Most/Darn near all of them will provide weight loss assistance for free.
  8. Best helmet evar. Mods, lock all the other helmet threads.
  9. Rode the hell out of it. Same tomorrow.
  10. Do you think women have a "Happy husband....." saying? I think not.
  11. It is very much worth it, one of the better riding area's around. I would suggest you get to Marietta and pick up 16 just south of it in WV and follow 16 all the way down. The whole thing is very epic, one of mine and everyone else here's favorite routes. At the very least you MUST pick up 16 in Beckley and ride it down to Virginia. https://goo.gl/maps/YRMAp7Wb3sqsVjWF6 No idea how much time you have but from Marion VA it is a not too far hop South West to Shady Valley and 'The Snake'. Not as epic as Back of the Dragon but a good run and lots of nice roads that will get you there. Keep asking questions, there are a lot of us here that ride that area a lot.
  12. You have not lived until you have gone up 380 and 218 from Iowa City to Albert Lea with a 45 mph gusting crosswind. It's about 200 miles.
  13. The low mileage starter bikes are always worth 2 to 3k.
  14. Why is you user picture broke?
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