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  1. Corbin or RDL can solve this problem.
  2. I am 6 1 with a 32 inseam. Legs are not an issue because your legs are more under you so you just end up with knees being a bit more bent. If you want, for 500 bucks you can have the seat modded to give you an extra inch of space to move back, it will not impact your passenger. Handlebars may need to be modded, but will depend on how far forward you like to sit...lean forward a bit...or lean back a bit or be more upright will impact that. They make a riser plate for that. The above seat mod will also impact handlebar reach of course. If you want to go all in, which I am doing this winter for 700 bucks, you can replace the handlebars with a set that are 100 percent adjustable. Forward, back, up, down and angle are pretty much fully adjustable.
  3. Does not matter where it was stored. There is no air flow so it would not get much dust, if any. Now, if it was stored up someones ass I would change it as it would be covered in shit.
  4. Previous owner replaced the really crappy tapered steering head bearings with last forever forget about it All Balls. (ironic isn't it). The windshield in the pic is a really nice recurve, that is the one you will want. Very nice long arm Kury highway pegs. Fork seals and so on were replaced at 60k, they are good for a long time. Can't believe the current owner didn't mention that it is ABS. Kaw's linked ABS is freaking awesome.
  5. Wish you had told me that sooner. I just spent today riding WV with him. I could have beat his ass or something if I had known.
  6. No, we wear masks because we want to help protect the weak. We care about others. You on the other hand are a piece of shit that only cares about themselves.
  7. You are in luck, one of the more recognized companies is in Florida. https://landingear.com/
  8. At least he didn't grab them by the pussy.
  9. We actually have a person in this thread that agrees with that bullshit.
  10. Covidiot is now basically an accepted scientific term to describe people with a low cognitive ability. Guessing they have been reading this thread. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8519169/Real-covidiots-People-refuse-wear-mask-lower-cognitive-ability-new-study-shows.html
  11. Correlation does not equal causation. The reopening, indoor gatherings and idiots not wearing masks caused it. The protests were outside, MUCH safer than what the freedom crowd is doing. Stop making excuses for dumbasses. https://www.google.com/search?biw=412&bih=645&tbm=nws&sxsrf=ALeKk01voEnJ7k9HKzWAYJoLnVDCz36_-Q%3A1593966773548&ei=tQACX5WUIe-uytMP0LO36Aw&q=did+protests+raise+covid+infection&oq=did+protests+raise+covid+infection&gs_l=mobile-gws-serp.3...32108.34160.0.34927.
  12. Yes until you or someone else brings Covid in from somewhere else. As to your original question "Am I an idiot". Sorry man, at this point I have to go with yes.
  13. Akron is doing it next week.
  14. Ok you patriotic freedom loving Covidiots. Are you better than Chile and Peru, or are you not. 'Merica!!
  15. Unless you have high quality hard bags some dampness is to be expected. Zip lock FTW.
  16. You know the rules, pics or it didn't happen.
  17. This is your chance @durk In one instant you can do what is right for your community and prove Pauly wrong.
  18. I intentionally sat on responding for an hour or two so I could tone it down. If that is not effective I would encourage you to take the next response.
  19. You regularly ride your bike to southern Ohio in areas where the infection rate is spiking pretty rapidly, stopping for gas, some snacks and lunch. And even though you are careful you are surrounded by idiots not wearing masks. Then you come back to your safe little county, and don't wear a mask when you are around other people. You are the poster child for why people should wear masks, as are most of us.
  20. It doesn't say "looking intimidating", it says while commiting a crime or while causing intimidation, so a mask while robbing a bank or a KKK hood while marching.
  21. I think it worse than that. These people are relying on their cognitive bias to make decisions instead of making evidence and data based decisions. They vote the same way too.
  22. I followed him on that trip. Those bags are fast as hell, would recommend.
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