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  1. This is worth the click, watch to the end. https://digg.com/video/driver-runs-red-light-narrowly-misses-pedestrian-and-ends-up-on-top-of-another-vehicle
  2. His is singular. Thiers would be plural.
  3. Best time is between half past a monkeys ass and a quarter to his balls.
  4. Tonik

    Stones tonight!

    Damn what a show.
  5. Tonik

    Stones tonight!

    Spent many a drunken night here. Shame it is gone.
  6. Made it to Detroit. Hit a recreational weed store and got some prerolled. Hotel is decent.
  7. Tonik

    Fuck winter.

    Soon as it snows I am done. Won't ride on the salt. It is snowing here this weekend.
  8. Tonik

    Fuck winter.

    I am working remote now. Wife and are are picking a winter home this winter. Some where in the southwest.
  9. If only you had been going 77 mph when you snapped that.
  10. Great timing, going to see them Monday in Detroit.
  11. Drugs won the war in drugs!!
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