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  1. I ain't been there in over a year. Full work from home. Next time let me know, would still let you by me lunch.
  2. Tonik

    Hey Guys!

    Welcome and stuff. A fair number of us will be near you Sunday morning for a get together and a few free pulls on the Dyno. https://ohioriders.net/index.php?/topic/114832-08012021-meet-and-greet-at-dynotune-motorsports/page/3/&tab=comments#comment-1587636
  3. I am a bit over the top with Wu-Tang. WU4EVER is my car plate. Then there is all of this: Got all the sigs except ODB. Tattoo: Hanging backstage with Redman. Method Man was next to us but not interested in doing pictures. He was a bit of a dick honestly.
  4. Found Stan's commercial!! He plays the baby in the beginning.
  5. It was hot as hell Friday and Saturday in Missouri. Was actually hoping for rain.
  6. If you have a Goldwing you don't need to lock it. It's too heavy to lift into a truck.
  7. No shit, I have him two routes on two different days to take him past it.
  8. @Pauly get Tim to lock this up.
  9. This should be a damn sticky.
  10. Storm fell apart as it got to us, then came back together as it passed. Not a drop fell on us.
  11. Parked in Fort Wayne for the night. The wolf encounter in Battle Ground IN was intense.
  12. Frank Lloyd Wright house downtown Springfield. Going inside in a few minutes. If you have never seen one hit Falling Waters in PA. Reserve well ahead of time.
  13. Weed store across from our hotel. Opens at 7. That too early to get lit?
  14. Not sure Abe should be watching but I guess that is up to him.
  15. Got a selfie with Lincoln. Not photoshopped, they didn't have photoshop in his time. Parked for the night, downtown Springfield IL.
  16. Dude, they have horses there whose only job is to bang the females.
  17. Only supporting members can edit. Just post it in reply this and I will edit it for you.
  18. I met Stan! He is famous from his Superbowl commercial.
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