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  1. JR's thoughts in the matter.t https://t.co/WXhwnOxn9I
  2. Tonik

    Anyone else looting?

    ....and the elected officials that keep re-signing those contracts....and the voters that keep electing them....who are the same people being killed by the police.
  3. Do not mess with JR Smith's truck. https://www.tmz.com/videos/053120-jr-smith-4793132-0-e124rgf7/
  4. Tonik

    Anyone else looting?

    Your name isn't Steve.
  5. Tonik

    Anyone else looting?

    There is a point Steve where it becomes self defense. A preemptive strike. I guarantee you that if I was being treated like this I would burn everything in sight and shoot anyone that got in my way. I think you would too.
  6. Tonik

    Anyone else looting?

    What do you two suggest they do to be treated like properly by the police?
  7. Tonik

    Anyone else looting?

    I'm gonna wash my bike, ride it downtown and loot some shit. Gonna get mine, f' it.
  8. Tonik

    Anyone else looting?

    Isn't it like 30 minutes from ingestion till when it hits your bloodstream? @NinjaDoc
  9. Tonik

    Anyone else looting?

    And I am tired of hearing that most cops are good. They know who the bad cops among them are. They cover for them, they don't report them and they elect union leaders that protect the bad cops.
  10. 06 and 07. They made them out of Nylon which does not do well with ethanol.
  11. Tonik

    Anyone else looting?

    Dude, you need to loot better stores.
  12. Got a lot of good shit so far.
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