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  1. Tonik

    FFS Casper

    Are you saying @Casper has abandoned us and that @Casper doesn't care anymore? Fuck @Casper
  2. Tonik

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Your upper body is crossed up.
  3. Tonik

    FFS Casper

  4. Tonik

    2018 MT10(Guess the New Owner)

    IIRC Jamie scuffed up the back of his FJR trailering it too. So he won't mind too much.
  5. Tonik

    Sena 10s ?

    To update firmware you use a computer. https://www.sena.com/product/10s/downloads The phone app is for useless adjustments and group pairing on the newer units.
  6. Tonik

    Vote for Sunny! In the finals!

    He didn't win. Thanks @Casper
  7. Tonik

    2018 MT10(Guess the New Owner)

    Who bought it? Was it an OR member?
  8. Tonik

    I'm baaaaaaakkkkk!

    Fog lights installed, and learned I have a full on alternator.
  9. Tonik

    2018 MT10(Guess the New Owner)

    He is banned and it's unlocked. Let's see if he is smart enough to unban himself.
  10. Tonik

    2018 MT10(Guess the New Owner)

    I am going with @what
  11. Tonik

    2018 MT10(Guess the New Owner)

    @2talltim get @Pauly to get someone to lock this up please.
  12. Tonik

    2019 Gap Trip.

    No, it doesn't help. The quality of the group just went down dramatically.
  13. Tonik

    Mobile jump pack recommendations

    Many of them come with a battery tender style harness.
  14. Tonik

    CRG Arrow Bar End Mirror

    Those are cool and would fit the styling of an FZ6 perfectly.