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  1. You have not lived until you have gone up 380 and 218 from Iowa City to Albert Lea with a 45 mph gusting crosswind. It's about 200 miles.
  2. The low mileage starter bikes are always worth 2 to 3k.
  3. Pretty sure we all have the sport version and you have the old man version.
  4. Having a threesome with the infamous Scott sisters in high school. Having a cocktail with Cyndi Lauper. Smoking a blunt with Method Man and Redman. For the children of course. Peeing in Richard Nixons bathroom.
  5. The Cardo's seem to be popular with the Wing riders I know in the message boards but I don't see them saying anything that makes me think they are substantially better than the Senas. Boils down to what your riding buddies have if you want to pair with them.
  6. Interesting, I thought the only buddy I had here was @PoopyBritches76
  7. Repo Man (1984 version) The three Lord of the Rings movies.
  8. You folks need to get out more. Salumi Vino, Bourbon House, Doc Crows, Cafe Rel. Oh, it's fast food. I should read more.
  9. Actually might not be a troll. If it is they went to a fair amount of effort. The name is real and lives in the city listed. The IP address they posted from has never posted here before. That bit is beyond most peeps here. Pretty short list of people here that would think of and know how to do that. That said, looked at the IP again. I got a guess on who it is.
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