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  1. Need tires

    Give them to @what He is our tire logistics guy.
  2. 600cc or 1000cc for starter bikes?

    Buy one of the 250s. It serves your current needs well and you can sell it later for pretty much what you paid.
  3. Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2017

    Ok, I am ready. On the left is Apple Pie and on the right is a Rye and George Washington's recipe for whiskey. That is interesting, it smells horrendous because it has hops in it but it is really good.
  4. Certified Frank Rd 11AM 5/29/17

    11am in the title.
  5. Sr83 south of Cumberland construction

    Damn them all to hell.
  6. Locking. OP has redone the idea... linked below...with more clear instructions on what he wanted.
  7. Win my Apple Pie Moonshine!!!

    Thats pretty good, you are in the running. I think it went right over Caspers head.
  8. Win my Apple Pie Moonshine!!!

    You do stand to come out ahead this...if she wins you get shine. But I should warn you, this insult is pretty brutal.
  9. Win my Apple Pie Moonshine!!!

    If I had @CbrGirl 's number I could text her the insult that would win, no questions asked.
  10. What did you do to your bike today?

    Need to attach them to the post, or get a direct link to the full image. That link will end with the image type. Jpg, gif or so on. Like pics/pic.jpg
  11. Win my Apple Pie Moonshine!!!

    Up for grabs is one jar of my famous Apple Pie Moonshine. Just finishing up a new batch for the gap trip. The contest is simple. Whoever insults @Casper the best in this thread wins!! 1. You must be going to the Gap trip so I can deliver it. Or be reasonably local to Cleveland. 2. You may insult/enter as many times as you wish. 3. You must 'tag' Casper in your insult. For example:. @Casper is so slow even Harleys pass him. 4. Casper is not eligible to win. Winner will be announced shortly before the Gap trip.
  12. Persistent logins broken.

    Yes I'm a trained professional. Wouldn't worry about it, it's a known issue with a fix being tested.
  13. Persistent logins broken.

    So either IP made a bug report and patch just for me, or you're a dumbass.
  14. Persistent logins broken.

    He has it broke so bad now the max number is one. Don't log out of anyrhing man, you could very well be screwed