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  1. Tonik


    You missed the genius of my post. I could have gotten the poster, but instead of one...I got you three. BTW, did you ever consider this dude might be one if your ex students?
  2. Tonik


    According to your profile you have a 2005 zzr 600. You can not bypass the bike by hot-wiring it. They have anti theft stuff in there for that. You need a bypass rig with a resistor in it, or a new ignition switch. These other posters think they are smart posting shit. They only did that because they are dumbasses and had no idea how to help you, so they were trying to hide their ignorance. Ignore them, we all do.
  3. Tonik

    Recommendation for a moto mechanic NEO

    Wheel off and all the other stuff in the area, socket as mentioned above but heat the area around where the bolt goes in. Don't need to get it red hot, and you shouldn't. But a decent amount of heat from a hand held blow torch should get it to move.
  4. Tonik

    First time for everything, right?

    On that bike either a stator, or the wiring harness/ connections to the regulator. They are kinda famous for both of this issues. But a meter on it while at idle, reved up and whole starting will tell a lot.
  5. Tonik

    Got me a bike.

    That's it, close this place down. We will never see another post as good as that.
  6. Tonik

    What did you do to your bike today?

    No, but it isn't pain any more. Just sore.
  7. Tonik

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Wife and I rode it for 390 miles. First big ride since the operation. It was great and I feel good.
  8. Tonik

    Ride 9/21

    Per @NinjaDoc 's request the thread has been moved.
  9. Tonik

    Ride 9/21

    In. We shall see if anyone else has the balls to show up.
  10. And I was trolling him, now go away.
  11. I thought this was a thread about open carry. Check the open carry laws in Florida and get back to us please.
  12. Tonik

    Check Ya Nuts

    Do you need a picture?
  13. Tonik

    Check Ya Nuts

    Excellent question. It was my right nut that was removed. I expected to kind of see a left nut where it used to be and an empty sac on the right. But what it looks like is kinda like one sac, and one nut...no empty sac and it kind of hangs mostly in the middle. A tad to the left but not much.
  14. Tonik


    Dang, that is a very impressive stable you have there.