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  1. Tonik

    2020 Cleveland IMS

    Part of me wants to see you rage post Sunday night after you find out Ducati isn't there. They are not on the exhibitor list and I do not believe they were there last year. I will post up Friday and let you know.
  2. Tonik

    Guess the new bike thread

    He doesn't sell bikes anymore. He just adds more.
  3. Tonik

    Guess the new bike thread

    I guess Goldwing!
  4. Tonik

    2020 Cleveland IMS

    I have to say, watching your transformation into @NinjaDoc has been a fun.
  5. Tonik

    2020 Cleveland IMS

    At my age, when you have 6 or 8 you have to toss a few back. Just the way it is man.
  6. Tonik

    2020 Cleveland IMS

    I will have 2, possibly 3 extra women with me.
  7. Tonik

    2020 Cleveland IMS

    I will be there Friday at 4pmish for a couple of hours. Yes, parts of it sucks. Yes, there will be pirates. Don't matter, it is still a good time.
  8. Tonik

    how far to work is too far...

    Steve, who is normally wrong is 100 percent correct. If your current drive is bothering you making it longer is a really bad idea.
  9. Tonik

    Returning Ohioan

    Wait, what did I miss. Is the Connie gone and you have joined the elites that have Wings?
  10. Tonik

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    Ok, they they are back in action. The Senate committee votes on us this coming Wednesday. No need to do anything, we will pass there. Next step is to get to the floor, I will let you know when the vast active OR membership needs to mobilize.
  11. Tonik

    What i did in guns.

    I have one of those. Excellent gun, it is our go to for home defense. Kick on the 45 is minimal. Deb can rapid fire it on center mass every time and she is not exactly strong or a gun nut. You are gonna love it.
  12. I brought a broke one back from Canada in the small box truck. Wheel against the nose, two 2 x 4 screwed into the floor on each side of the wheel and 4 tie downs. Big heavy bike, 600 miles or so it never moved. Packed the screw holes with dirt and turned it in.
  13. Not in January it doesn't.