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  1. Tonik

    Windows 10

    Working as intended. When windows 10 restarts and a program is open it puts in a persistent registry key in the Run Once hive with a label of Automatic Restart for that program. It then runs that program one time when it starts back up. Hence the hive name Run Once.
  2. Tonik

    Hillary Just a Thought.

    Oh my. https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/08/politics/ruth-bader-ginsburg-fractured-ribs-hospitalized/index.html
  3. Tonik

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    You'll just break it. I'll stop posting and save you the hassle.
  4. Tonik

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    We have all written some pretty fucked up shit here on OR. But you have taken it to a new level. You justify your gayness with "time constraints" then try and take issue with my plan to make a West coast trip work for my wife. Oh wait, you are making it work for your 'wife'.
  5. I know that corner, based on where the bike stopped he was well over ludicrous.
  6. Tonik

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    Great day. Warmed up by 10. Heated gear off by 11. Hit all 25 miles of 16/Back of the Dragon with zero cars. Next Mexican women and Margaritas.
  7. Tonik

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    You know, no way you racked up any real miles riding him. You were only going 3 inches at a time.
  8. Tonik

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    The miles you spent riding Justin don't count.
  9. There is another difference in Europe. They actually enforce their laws. We kind if suck at that. We don't have enough cops for it, not even close.
  10. Tonik

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    Since we are actually riding our bikes instead of hauling them around on a trailer we will probably be too tired for that. Guess that explains why you and Justin are using a trailer.
  11. Tonik

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    FFS man either put on some underwear or tie that robe shut.
  12. Tonik

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    Calling it a night in Marrietta. No need to ride around in the dark, plenty of time tomorrow.
  13. Tonik

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    Please, with my connections I can have root on your home security cameras before you read this.
  14. Tonik

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    Fuck it, tanking the long way around Akron. Rolling now, WV tonight. http://www.greenalp.com/RealtimeTracker/index.php?viewuser=tonik
  15. Tonik

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    Work blew up today big time. No way I am getting out of here until late, then I will be stuck between WV and Akron/Canton rush hour. I will not drive through that. So going to leave early in the morning. It's only 3.5 hours to the meet spot, I will be there np.