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  1. Tonik

    My mom

    Well this is bittersweet. Glad it is fixed, sad we are not going to beat his ass
  2. Tonik

    My mom

    If you need help beating his ass, I am in.
  3. Dumpster is where old crap posts go to die. Not something that rises to the level that a mod would remove it but not worth cluttering up the other areas with. Several sub forums were discontinued, so those posts are in there now. Probably should have been some sort of announcement. Consider this that announcement.
  4. Thanks man, you are all right despite what @Howabusa says.
  5. Why did this get moved to the dumpster?
  6. Struggling with the new streams. Prior to the update my stream would show me threads in order of last updated. Now it shows them broken down into individual posts. So one thread that got 4 new posts since my last visit is shown 4 times. Which seems pretty silly. Any ideas anyone?
  7. Can't edit my own posts. Moderator actions for the thread are there, but nothing on individual posts is available.
  8. When you click on a thread that has a new post it no longer goes to the first unread.
  9. I looked just before I posted that and didn't see it but there it is now. Damn old people.
  10. If there is a free easy to put in dark theme that would be cool too.
  11. Ok, I give up. You folks can have this thread.
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