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  1. jporter12

    Not new, but haven’t been around in a while

    You at a bike dealership now? No more selling cars?
  2. jporter12


    A well developed ABS system can take care of most anything you could think of.
  3. jporter12

    FFS Casper

    It's been unfucked! Woohoo!
  4. jporter12

    FFS Casper

    It's busted, Jim. Just busted.
  5. jporter12

    Random Thoughts thread

    All that just to make sammiches? LOL Seriously though, well done!
  6. jporter12

    Mobile jump pack recommendations

    Damn, I've never had that kind of issue dealing with Anker! I thought they were much better than that, sending me free stuff, and a free replacement to ease a bad review. This was on $40 earbuds, though. @Steve Butters One thing I wonder about with having one of these on the bike in the AZ heat would be how would the Li-Ion batteries hold up to the heat? I wouldn't want to see it burn your ass (literally) if it doesn't like the heat.
  7. jporter12

    Weird Engine Break-in Protocol

    I'm not sure what the break-in recommendations are for a new motorcycle, but with cars there is none. The technology and tolerances we have today have made break-in obsolete. I'd bet new bikes that have a break-in period do so just a a CYA strategy for the manufacturer. As for the engine in the OP, it sounds as though someone built the engine for them, so I would get with the builder and do what they recommend, since they will be the one that has to stand behind their work.
  8. jporter12

    Goodbye OR

    That was an unnecessary comma...
  9. jporter12

    RIP wht_scorpion

    I met him at least a time or 2 on rides, interacted with him here and on Facebook, enough to know that he was a good guy. Man, this sucks.
  10. jporter12

    Anybody play Foosball?

    He plays there. I didn't know it was a weekly thing though.
  11. jporter12

    Anybody play Foosball?

    One of my co-workers plays some pretty serious foos. He was telling me the other day that he's taking a meek of in Feb, I believe, to go to a tournament in Texas. I never knew such a thing existed!
  12. How the fuck do they not look into stuff like this before putting something on the market?
  13. jporter12

    Need a new home for our cat

    Someone needs a visit from Jackson Galaxy... My wife watches that show "My Cat From Hell" all the time, and that dude could easily fix the problem. Seriously though, animals all seem to be intimidated by smaller versions of other animals. A new kitten is sometimes an issue for an adult cat, full-sized horses are scared of miniature horses, cats are scared of small humans.
  14. jporter12

    Snap on tools and misc stuff

    Hell, I FOUND 2 on vehicles I was working on a couple weeks ago, both in the same day! 10mm makes me too much money to lose one! LOL /threadjack LBTS, however, with lifetime warranty can be exchanged for brand new! GLWS. You will never regret buying quality tools, if you use them very much.
  15. jporter12

    Off all week, who wants to ride

    You done chased everybody off your lawn, so nobody wants to ride with you... LOL