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  1. So my windshield was pretty scratched up and wouldn't polish out. So I tinted it to see how it works out. If that doesn't work, might try some of the VHT taillight tint spray paint. Better than paying for a new windshield.
  2. Haven't been on here in quite some time, opened this thread and I guess this is where I left off. I'm not going through nearly 7500 posts 🤣
  3. Hey all! Been a few years since I've been on here. Sold my FZR600 like 4 years ago, got my bachelor's and Master's degree, bought a house, and now just bought a '03 V Star 650. Thought I'd come back and check out ORDN and see if there is anyone I still know. Don't know how much I'll be on here as work and family keep me busy but we'll see.
  4. You want another? lol, thanks for the bump!
  5. I am selling the bike. I don't get much time to ride anymore and could use the money for some other stuff. Commuting to work and school on a sportbike just isn't fun or practical anymore but I am sad to sell her. Bike is def not a show bike but runs pretty good. Needs a new front tire but I have two used but in good shape tires I'll put in with the sale. Back tire doesn't have that many miles on it, still in good shape. Seat has a small rip in one spot. Someone hit my back turn signal and it currently held on with duct tape. Battery new last season, kept inside on tender all winter. Has just over 23,000 29,300 miles. I'm near Johnstown/Alexandria/Newark area. Asking $900 cash OBO. Shoot me a PM if interested. Edit: I put the wrong mileage.
  6. http://www.10tv.com/article/ohio-bans-sex-animals-violators-could-face-jail
  7. TWC is now Spectrum. My bill went down and my speed went up! Awesome!
  8. Gravedigger here...I didn't take this but found it.
  9. http://khon2.com/2016/03/20/girls-iphone-bursts-into-flames-on-hawaii-flight/
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