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  1. Only those that have lived in Ohio understand that there is no better place on this planet. We are seeking equal intelligent life.
  2. I couldn't get into reading the books, but enjoy the show. I'm not counting out the Starks. At this point, most of the other families think they are dead or not a threat.
  3. According to the law he probably didn't do anything that broke the law. According to common sense, it probably could have been handled in a much better way by both sides.
  4. When is natural selection going to kick in and destroy this thread?
  5. Thanks. I checked them out and dropped my bike off today. Should be riding soon.
  6. Sorry if this is in the wrong area, but this seemed like the right one. I bought a bike not too long ago that has problems staying running and was wrecked at one point. I don't have time to work on it, so I'm looking for a good shop in or around Cincinnati that can help me out. Anyone have any good recommendations? Thanks
  7. Until google comes up with a way to search for images without knowing the exact search string, reposts are gonna happen.
  8. When I saw this, I just knew most of you would love it. http://news.motorbiker.org/blogs.nsf/dx/posters-your-posture-on-a-motorcycle-explained.htm
  9. 1988-1989 season. Until you asked and I went to go look it up, I never heard of an actual origin of Who Dey. But I think I found it and understand why I didn't know. It started in 1981 during the season that the Bengals weren't expected to do anything. They ended up winning 7 of their last 8 games to make it to the playoffs. In 1981 I was only 1 years old. I have been a fan of the Bengals ever since I can remember. But like many fans there wasn't much to celebrate during the 14 years of non-winning seasons. But even through that, I never sought out a different team to watch on Sundays.
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